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Karuna Ezara Parikh  Buri nazar waale, tera bhi bhala ho. // @ezarawrites // @blueskinblueprint // Resident Firefly at @TheBurlapPeople


I wrote a blog post on how I stumbled across a gorgeous $4000 antique, just lying in the dirt in a side street in Kolkata. Click on the link in my bio to read “The Antique City” on www.thecalcuttachromosome.com 💚 #ezarawrites #thecalcuttachromosome #blog #prose #antique #kolkata #calcutta

The best trousers in the world. Thanks to @three.clothing. And thank god it’s getting warm so I can wear them every damn day. (Just wish you did them in every colour Three!) 💜 Shot by @theordinaryclicker xx

So this is happening ☺️☺️☺️ If you’re in Calcutta on the 20th, please make your way to @LivingFreeKolkata (The Lawn) where I will be in conversation with the wonderful Aanchal Malhotra. Many of you probably follow her at @aanch_m and know of her incredible book Remnants Of A Separation, so this is your chance to interact with the author, hear her read from her book, and learn the stories behind it. For those who haven’t heard of it - I’m so jealous, what an adventure awaits you. 🙏🏼❤️ #Livingfreekolkata #calcutta #kolkata #aanchalmalhotra #remnantsofaseparation

New year new gear. Me n @diya_rc, wearing all @adidasoriginals + some sisterlove. 🌸⚡️🌷🥋(Shot by @theordinaryclicker)

In keeping with the plan, I’m speaking today at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival. It’s the first time I’ll be speaking at a festival as a panellist as opposed to a moderator, and if you’re in Calcutta, do come by. I’ll be in conversation with @novoneelchakraborty, Aritra Sarkar and the incredible Rashmi Bansal about the future of Indian writing. St. Paul’s Cathedral, 3:30pm ❤️ also, if you like this please follow my writing account - @ezarawrites, thanks. #poetryisnotdead #booksneedpeople #writer #poet #literature #aklf2018 .
#Repost @ezarawrites

Please please click on the link in my bio and read my piece on leaving behind homes, cities, and lives. On heritage and handing it down over generations. Thank you @swatiandsunaina for the chance to feel and fathom all those things. Thank you @nayantaraparikh for shooting the story the way only you could have. #swatiandsunaina #sari #benarasiweaves #heritage #benarasi #kolkata

When we were children, Calcutta was the city of our grandparents. We would come spend summer days under the heavy swish of the fans, eat unimaginably delicious food and look out the grilled windows to the street below where the world took its own pace.

It had been a long standing dream of mine to come back to that house of our childhood summers and to create some sort of artistic ode to that time, and to the memory of my grandparents.
In 2017, @SwatiAndSunaina finally gave me and my sister @NayantaraParikh that chance. Please click on the link in my bio to view the entire story. Presenting SWATI AND SUNAINA: A LIVING HERITAGE. With immense thanks and gratitude to @AnahitaKayan, @TheSpaceAt9By2, and @GrapevineMediaSolutions. 🙏🏼 A labour of love finally comes together. We hope you enjoy it... (https://www.thecalcuttachromosome.com/blog-1/swatiandsunaina - LINK IN BIO)

2018 feels peaceful. Coming soon...more of this mini campaign for @gulabo_jaipur 🌸🖤🌸🖤🌸🖤🌸 (Shot by @theordinaryclicker)

Wearing this beautiful little brand - @Whispering_Yarns. Over the years it has given me more and more pleasure to work with smaller brands, with brands that care about the consumer as well as the planet. That make lasting fashion choices and that haven’t lost their creativity in a mess of trying to sell the most pieces. Them. And the few big brands that constantly strive to get better. Respect. X (Shot by @theordinaryclicker)

Portrait by @SwatiSinghChauhan whom serendipity brought my way. X (Wearing all @zariinjewelry.)

My little company @TheBurlapPeople just tied up with @PenguinBooks to create the most beautiful book bags ever, featuring Pakistani authors for the #BooksNotBorders campaign. One of those moments when so many things you love come together ❤️ #penguinbooks #penguinindia #mohsinhamid #nadeemaslam #osamasiddique

Swirl & Drape. (Or what is my favourite image from the @LivingFreeKolkata shoot. Wearing favouritest designer House Of @WanderingSilk.) #livingfreekolkata #wanderingsilk #kantha #silk (Image by @bijaya_datta)

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