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Karuna Ezara Parikh  Buri nazar waale, tera bhi bhala ho. // @ezarawrites // @blueskinblueprint // Resident Firefly at @TheBurlapPeople

"Though my soul may set in darkness,
it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night." ~Sarah Williams
Finally launching this much much awaited campaign. Say hello to @SilverlineJewellery. Shot by my sister @NayantaraParikh this campaign has been months in the making. So proud to finally reveal it. All jewellery shown is available from Silverline.

Spot her.

Wearing beautiful sustainable label @dhuri_ by Madhurima Singh this rainy Tuesday. Madhurima works hard to create clothing from sustainable fibres like eucalyptus, soya protein, bamboo, banana and corn. She takes the trouble to R+D organic dying processes using pigments from flowers, fruits, vegetables and barks while still offering you a designer product. Absolute love. ❀️ Image by @theordinaryclicker.

Let's face it ladies, periods are hard. From the physical discomfort to the social stigma, women deal with a lot when it comes to something that should be a time of comfort. It barely then leaves us room to be selfless enough to think about the bigger picture and the issue of what happens to all the waste we generate each time we have our period. How every month, as we bleed, the Earth bleeds too. Some of us have tried more sustainable options like cloth pads and the menstrual cup but not everyone finds these comfortable. Enter: @MyCarmesi. A homegrown brand offering sanitary napkins/pads made of completely natural materials, and even packaged in biodegradable bags. I was THRILLED when I heard about them because it's time to make the change. Because it matters, period. .
So proud to be associated with this campaign and be part of the @mycarmesi story. Please follow them, use their products and tell everyone about them. It's time. .
Video directed by @theordinaryclicker
Edited and with input from @rineet_paul - thank you for saving Rubai and me 😊
#mycarmesi #carmesi #biodegradable #natural

Sundays with you, foo 🧑🐾
#adoptdontshop #frenchbulldog

"Is it worth it? Let me work it.
I put my thing down flip it and reverse it."

Over a month of intensive aerial or anti-gravity yoga culminating in learning how to vampire it. πŸ˜‹πŸ§›πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #aerialyoga #antigravity #yoga

I absolutely love yellow.
But also, see you at The Festive Soiree
Tomorrow at @WearSasya, Kolkata
This beautiful designer - @prathyushagarimella and many others for one day only.
Thank you for creating this super fun shoot @styleographbychikkygoenka 😘 Shot by @pixelamalgam πŸ’›

My third (and favourite!) video for the @jockeywoman #KnowsMe campaign! It's been a lot of things making these but nothing makes me happier than creating something that is honest, authentic and empowering. It's time more brands cared about that. Thanks to the most patient director @upaharbiswas and her team @shayakchakraborty, @diptobratabhattacharjee and @aakashsarkar for working on this campaign tirelessly. Biggest thanks to @shulighosh for letting us use the beautiful #YourSpaceKolkata πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’— #Jockey #yoga #movement #happiness #comfort #ease

Waiting for the rain like πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ with @styleographbychikkygoenka 🐣🐣 On me - the perfect Punjabi kudi wedding gear by @jbyjannat and on Chikky this fairy tale lehenga from @mrunaliniraodesign. All available at the Festive Soiree at @WearSasya on the 12th of July 🌻 I don't usually dress this way but after a day in these threads I am seriously considering draping myself in glitter and pearls constantly. (Wasnt joking @nayantaraparikh 😁) Image by @pixelamalgam. #SHINE #DesiGirls #pearls

Woke to this - @the.pink.journal created this using my poetry. It was a conscious decision to shift my poetry and writing to a separate page on Instagram - @ezarawrites - simply because I felt the scribbles were often lost here in the noise and colour of shoots and other aspects of my life. And I felt it unfair for the people who only wanted to read my poems, to be bombarded constantly by images of me in odd outfits and odder poses. If you're one of them please feel free to unfollow this account and follow @ezarawrites instead. Or both, if you so wish. πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

Smooth Sundays in Sasya πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… Come through Calcutta! The Festive Soiree at @WearSasya only on July 12th πŸ’ƒπŸ½ (Image by @pixelamalgam)

I grew up coming to Kolkata over the summer and being whisked off to @WearSasya for fancy clothes. It was a lovely moment then when they asked @StyleOGraphByChikkyGoenka and myself to style their Festive Soiree shoot. She chose to wear @Sozenkari and I picked out the cherry red jumpsuit by @JulieByJulieShah β€οΈπŸ’ Find these looks and more yummy shaadi season clothing at Sasya on the 12th of July. See you there! πŸ€— (image by @pixelamalgam)

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