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Karuna Ezara Parikh  Buri nazar waale, tera bhi bhala ho. // @ezarawrites // @blueskinblueprint // Resident Firefly at @TheBurlapPeople


Channel your geisha.🎋 (Image by @upaharbiswas for @livingfreekolkata)

Browsing a record store in Calcutta this weekend I found
• my starlet name • my wrestler name
• my SUPERHERO name
and obviously • my “if I were an 80s pop star” name.
HAPPY MONDAY! 💣⚡️📀🚦🚀 #bappida

Was in Delhi for all of two days and got to spend one of them at the beautiful @Cafe.Dori in Chattarpur. What a ridiculously special space and WHAT FOOD. I clearly enjoyed myself as you can see in this image @IshaanNair7 managed to take of me dousing chilli limon french fries in baked Brie and consuming shamelessly. (I highly recommend both things and the beet salad is to die for.) Thanks @ishaannair7 :) and take a bow @NappaDori 🤗🥗🍟 (And YOU @kainazc for creating this glorious menu.) xxx

The Kalaasa Campaign shot by @UpaharBiswas at dawn in The City Of Joy. #kalaasa #kolkata #calcutta

I don’t usually do the “fashion blogger” thing, but @Aldo_Shoes hit me up to say they’re doing this insane thing where the entire store (I’m not kidding) goes on buy one get one free sale from today till Sunday (7th to 10th). Everything. Brand new shoes and bags, earrings, socks, sunglasses. So go get your Christmas shopping done. Also I asked if I should buy those wicked red heels (and break my sneaker rules for Xmas) and y’all voted YES almost unanimously so I did! 👠👠 Hugs xx #aldoshoes you just rocked my world.

See how sunny we look at @theburlappeople? That’s because we’re in Calcutta. Meanwhile in Delhi where I just arrived, the air is still ridiculous and the sunshine a faraway dream. It’s time to take action. Join us as we ask Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan to stop giving such a long leash to industry polluters. In 2015, the Environment Ministry put in place healthy air standards that all coal power plants were meant to implement- these standards would control the emissions, thus reducing air pollution levels. The deadline for this was 7 December 2017- not only have the standards not been implemented- but the deadline may be extended. More than 300 power plants are continuing to flout laws! At a time when over 10 lakh Indians are dying each year from air pollution-related illnesses. We are asking Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan to cancel this extension and ensure that power plants are held accountable. Join us to ask for #MyRightToBreathe, today! #ClimateChange is real, and action must be taken #today. #StopPollutionCrimes #changepolicy. #Delhi

I was recently asked by a production company to write a song for a “Bollywood” actress, which she could sing as a badass retort to her trolls on social media. That didn’t work out because she couldn’t identify...but it left me thinking that I could! I also thought, ‘I’ve never done anything like this...why don’t I rap it out the way I imagined her doing it?’ In essence, this is just poetry, the one thing I really believe in, being performed differently to how I usually do. I’m not a rapper, but I hope you like my little attempt 😬✌🏽🤗 and I hope the strong women and men I know are out there hear it, have a laugh and maybe sing a line or two to themselves later. Big hugs y’all. I was scared putting this up but then decided to be #brave. ❤️ Lyrics below:

I’m a size 12 girl
with firecracker blood,
I’m used to getting pushed
right down to the mud.

You call me bimbette
Cause I lack etiquette
if I believed the shit you talk
I’d never have self respect.
So I pave my way
through your sex starved gaze
your abuse and disgust
when a woman feels lust;
I’m a hot blooded lady
with my finger on the pulse
I don’t owe you perfection
I don’t care if you’re repulsed
by my quit wit answer
to your dipshit self,
I won’t sleep with you my friend,
nor with anybody else.
I’m a big girl now
got a mind of my own
got a wardrobe full of clothes
that your papa won’t approve.
I wear my jeans up high
keep my expectations low
cuz I rarely met a man here
who didn’t turn out to be a troll. 🎤 #poetry #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #trynewthings #feministasfuck #trollthetroll @sodonechilling xxx #ezarawrites

And people said I would be bored by Calcutta. 💜💙💚💛❤️🧡 #Calcutta #Kolkata #CityOfUnendingJoy

What up cute stuff? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINKALICIOUS!! ☺️🌻🤗❤️ My favourite Yogini my inventor of deep house and mommy of Arthur bear. Stay lovely stay happy stay free. 👠🤸🏾‍♀️

🌿👳🏽‍♀️ 🧡🌲🔸🌵 Under A Winter Sun, Dec 2nd-9th
Campaign for @LivingFreeKolkata
Shot by @UpaharBiswas

Winter is for velvet. The @ixbykartikeya campaign. 🖤 #ixbykartikeya #kartikeyaindia

Today I am trying to remember the miracle of the lotus. I am trying to remember that old lesson we were taught on exiting the womb - breathe in breathe out. I am trying to forgive those who trespass against me...I am trying to remember the many layered lotus that grows from filth. I am trying to make still these churning waters, so that the lotus may grow. 🙏🏼🌸💫 #lotuseater

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