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Karuna Ezara Parikh  Buri nazar waale, tera bhi bhala ho. // @ezarawrites // @blueskinblueprint // Resident Firefly at @TheBurlapPeople

To us who normalised the solo selfie, the mirror selfie, the bathroom selfie, the bed selfie, filters, photoshop, and fake captions. Well done. Perhaps one day we will wake up...and wonder when we forgot how to climb mountains, just because they were there...💔 #mygeneration #ezarawrites #sundaysermons

Such a pleasure shooting this collection for @peeli.dori. The entire collection borrowed from Ladakh, and gave back to it too. Log on to their website to find out how in an age of cultural appropriation, this brand chose to actually #giveback to the community they borrowed from stylistically. This sari with its Tibetan prayer flag embellishment fluttering, a border in the breeze, is my favourite. Shot by @nealbhaumik 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #ladakh #peelidori #sari #saree #india

I haven’t shot saris for some time because I feared my work becoming repetitive, but when I saw the new @peeli.dori collection I said yes, yes, yes I want to shoot this because the entire thing was Ladakh-inspired and immediately stole my heart. To shoot I called @nealbhaumik up one windy morning. He rarely shoots sarees but when he does, magic happens. Here’s a sneak peek to the new shoot. Until I release more images, you can view the collection at @peeli.dori 💛 #peelidori #sari #saree #india #ladakh

Monday • in the Live-Love-Laugh earrings from @lai_designs 💚🌿
Photo by @theordinaryclicker

A second look at the Cheshire Swing Dress from @NoNasties - the organic, sustainable, fair trade, ethical fashion label I love, and the @skip.whimsy summer sandals that I wear every single day. HOMEGROWN BRANDS FTW 🙌🏾 #SustainableSundays 🌿💚📗♻️ (Shot by @nealbhaumik) x

Nothing but God’s filter 🙌🏾 #summer #calcutta #sky

This company! 🙌🏾 If you haven’t been following the @NoNasties journey, please get out from under that rock and do so right away. One of India’s first completely sustainable labels they make organic clothing often out of limited amounts of discarded material, plant trees every single day and for every single product sold, and send you your wares in gorgeous, conscious packaging. 🌿 Oh and they also have a men’s wear line!! Please go take a look at one my favourites. And before you ask, those lovely sandals are a local Calcutta brand - @skip.whimsy.
Image by the uber talented @nealbhaumik
#sustainablefashion #nonasties #greenliving #greenerfutures

Happiest these days when hanging like a bat 🧡🕉🙏🏽 #aerialyoga #antigravity #yoga

What the T Shirt says! This World Environment Day I haven’t been feeling so positive about the planet. The way I continue to see people treat the environment is atrocious, with many still asking me why I push so much when it comes to plastic. Big brands and grocery stores don’t care, and consumers want to do one thing only - consume. It’s disheartening to say the least. When I made a comprehensive list of things one can actually DO to make a difference to the environment, altering the way we see fashion was one of the biggest ones. Fashion is a bullshit industry, we all know that. But this year for Environment Day I saw something amazing. I saw a big, designer fashion label say that out loud. And I heard them say, “It’s better to repair than buy something new. It’s better to mend something. It’s better to think twice before buying another thing that will cause more harm to the environment.” Thank you @doodlageofficial for constantly calling out the bullshit, and for actively trying to change the industry you’re a part of. I love my repair kit and my ‘Mend To Be Queen’ tee which as you can see, Ive already customised with patches I’ve been saving for years, for something special. 🦄♻️🌎 Make the effort guys. It’s not that difficult. #WorldEnvironmentDay #Earth #environment #planet #doodlage #MendToBeQueen

#Calcutta this morning 🕊

This is love. Thank you so much @ilabose8 and @amankumaa for all your help in making this happen. #cloverbear (Thanks for the photo @amiteshray ❤️) 🐇 #frenchbully #adoptdontshop

The windows of my soul
are made of one way glass,
don't bother looking into my eyes
if there's something you want to know, just ask.

I got a dead bolt stroll
and where I'm going is clear,
I won't wait for you to wonder
I'll just tell you why I'm here.
Cause I know the biggest crime
is to just throw up your hands.
Say “This has nothing to do with me,
I just want to live as comfortably as I can”.
You gotta look outside your eyes,
you gotta think outside your brain,
you gotta walk outside your life
to where the neighborhood changes.

Tell me who’s your boogieman?
That's who I will be.
You don't have to like me for who I am
but we'll see what you're made of
by what you make of me.

And I think that it's absurd
that you think I’m the derelict daughter,
just because I fight fire with words -
Words are hotter than flames
words are wetter than water.

I got friends all over this country...
I got friends in other countries too.
I got friends I haven't met yet,
I got friends I never knew.
I got lovers whose eyes
I've only seen at a glance,
I got strangers for great grandchildren,
I got strangers for ancestors.

I was a long time coming
I'll be a long time gone,
you've got your whole life to do something,
and that's not very long.

So why don't you give me a call
when you're willing to fight?
For what you think is real
for what you think is right. ~@AniDiFranco (Hands down my favourite artist for fifteen years straight now.) Image by the talented @anjalikanakia.

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