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love with no boundaries 🌈  @travelwithkarsin 🗺 -

Never have I thought I would see a wild #pangolin and #rustyspottedcat in real life, not captive in a zoo or a hurt/dying one from accident or trafficking, but a happy healthy animal living at its native environment 🌳🌲🌴
This is how we should live with animals, roaming free and sharing the land in harmony. If we truly want to learn about these animals, lets visit their homes with respect and let the learning start from there 💚
#SriLanka #wildlife #traumatisedbyleeches #instagramvsreality

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. #AudreyHepburn
📷: @iris_feminart & the girls
🌹: @vintage1961

- about beauty standard🌹
Do you accept that your nose will always be a little crooked
Legs always a little too thick
Always a little too short
Looking a little too old
Smiling a little too wide
Cheeks a little too round

Do you accept that, with all these imperfections, it only makes you more human and real
That you are supposed to be a person because you aren't manufactured with molded plastic

I have been shamed time after time, for always being a little too out there, too me. I was scared to show my true self because of fear of judgements. But I realised, no matter how much I changed to fit their definitions of good/beautiful, someone will always find something to say about it. It could be those "harmless jokes" from your friends, comments from strangers who felt entitled, family who gets too used to being "blunt" but "meant well". They want me to believe that I am #nevergoodenough that I should be ashamed of believing myself, for liking myself.

It has never been a straight path, but I am learning to accept who I am as I am, to own my own body. I don't give a damn what you think about my appearance. I am as beautiful as every other human being, and I am not afraid or shameful to admit it. #IamminebeforeIamanyoneelses And afterall, why bother with others' approval when the only thing that should matter is to enjoy life? You will never relive this moment. So why not have as much fun as you can, be the fullest version of yourself, try new things and make mistakes, feel every emotion and keep learning. A flower blooms not to please others but simply to be.🌹
I invite you to #speakupforyourself from now on. Refuse to give in to hurtful comments. Never ever believe that you are those labels they put on you.
I could never have arrived here without the unwavering faith, unconditional love and support from the important people in my life. Thank you for reminding me what I need to hear time after time when I crumble in self doubts. In everything I have and do there is a little bit of you 💖

Girls just wanna have fun 💋
👗 inspired by #AudreyHepburn and designed by @Vintage1961
I love these pearl chokers so much! Thank you Milki for the thoughtful styling 📿
🎞️ Thank you @iris_feminart for this awesome #tbt photoshooting event
Never imagined myself looking so glam with red lips 💖 thanks to Moon my amazing make up artist, and Alpha for my floral hair bun! .
📷 all photos taken by my 408 roommie 👯 @stellaluihy so much fun girlie time!! Thank you for making me look so tall and elegant on camera 😘😘
#thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway #danceintherain #vintagefashion #pimpleonmynose #buddyboy

What got you started doing yoga?🙏🏽✨
For me it was fun - I first got interested in doing aerial, but very soon I learnt my body's limitations in flexibility and strength. I began to practice on a more regular basis, and the results were rewarding. My fitness in general has improved, it helps me with carrying heavy weights during diving without injury and perhaps it is also why I feel lighter when I go hiking now! Indeed it is a combined effort with my 100% plant based diet 🌿 #poweredbyplants
Its been a year now practicing with @m_iracle_vie 💜 thanks for bringing the good vibes into my life! A great instructor is one of the main reasons I can keep this up. #sograteful #namaste #yogagirls #Vpower
📷: @shan.studios

上大東山搏日出看大霧🌄 #BeforeSunrise
我的第一次野外露宿 山上好凍濕度100%吹緊6級風 本身天氣預報說會下雨好在沒有 鼻敏感到溫溫燉燉 說好的芒草未黃 大霧埋沒左星星同太陽 但我食左好多鳥冬同餃子仲有充滿愛的avocado spread on pita bread😚🤤 通左頂個人好攰 但鼻敏感出奇地好番
第一張相就係10小時後既我地 vs 第二張出發前 除左我大家都返完全日工/完左活動直接出發 有兩個行完山即日仲要番工 唔知點解我地可以咁瘋狂 原來還有青春可以揮霍:3
搵到會同你一齊癲既人真係好幸福啊 多謝你地 💖

Christmas' in the air! 🎅🎄🎁🦌💖
Greetings from #Ngsisters

💛 I am a proud #Hufflepuff 🖤
had way too much fun with my #Ngsisters after watching #Fantasticbeasts 🦁
Couldnt resist and got myself this beautiful #QueenieGoldstein 🐚 wand
Get yourselves sorted into houses and try your robes on at @museumcontext @lcxhk ❤️💛💚💙
p.s. #salamander

踩板真係好開心啊 🧡
連單車都唔太識踩 好驚速度感既我 上次係南山邨問人借penny board踩左一次 雖然唔太成功但一直好想再玩
今次有 @thom_hlss 教我同 @sher.over.landandsea 試玩 #longboard 發現穩定性高啲 仲有好多款可以試 長啲彈啲高身啲易轉彎啲 超好玩!!! 🎬 多謝 @kakitsaelow 幫我地兩個小廢廢拍片 有呢啲朋友真好😍 又學到新野挑戰下comfort zone (我怕跌著左超厚pad防撞legging LOL)
🇭🇰 @sbdwlongboardshop 定期會搞試板活動 唔識踩都可以去學下野~~
又咁岩遇上靚女Kiwi換皮🕷️ 摸落毛絨絨 手仔啲paddings好平滑(用泥爬玻璃)有iridescence 仲清楚見到佢八隻眼睛 換完皮既身體紫色靚到癲左💜 以後我見到蜘蛛又會多左心心眼喇

I will always be your top and biggest fan 🤗 @gomenwl 📷🐠🦀🐡🐙🦈
記得佢影左呢隻毛仔勁耐(as always) 影完之後話好唔中意呢張 但我超中意佢藍與橙 毛毛漂漂下 步行中好動感勁cute!!! 之後同佢一齊揀相報比賽 我即刻諗起毛毛蟹同埋blennies 嗱 證明我不是盲粉盲撐你嫁 💖
I hope you grow to believe in yourself and your talents. You and your passion for wildlife are one of a kind 💕
#heisthetrueinfluencer 如果不是你(and @nyagolily) 我都唔會留意香港水底係幾多樣幾靚 亦可能唔會學潛水 咁就沒有執鬼網啊 多謝你係我們認識之前影響左我 :D
#香港潛攝大賽 @afcdgovhk

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