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Karolina Biskup  Dublin IE • creative • skincare passionate < skin: combination -> normal, acne prone > • basic photography • color • light karolinaskincare@gmail.com

👌 great skincare discoveries 👌
/skin regimen/ urban shield SPF 30 / anti-pollution UV fluid
Still relatively new to me, but I want to share it already as I'm totally obsessed.
I came across this SPF by pure chance, at work, never heard about this product or even brand before. It's described as tone-perfecting, illuminating, anti-pollution fluid with UVB/UVA filters, dandelion extract and Longevity Complex, which I'm pretty sure brand uses in all their products. It's a blend of organic superfood extracts and a high-tech molecule counteracting the effects of stress and aging accelerators. Dandelion extract protects skin from pollution and preserves its luminosity. These all sound great, however I'm not too much into claims in general (it's great when product does what it promises to do though 😊), I'm more about how it feels on the skin (especially with SPFs), what it does within time, if it's pleasant to use and what it does/doesn't contain. You might know that I'm not fan of fragrance, silicones and essential oils in my skincare anymore. I do use some containing them (only if I really like the product!) but I'm generally happier without them. This one doesn't contain any of these above, also it's free from parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors and animal derivatives. Feeling on the skin?? I didn't use a sunscreen feeling that good for a long time. Spreads perfectly, it's not tinted but evens out tone a bit, I confirm that, it's enough for me on top of serums, without a need for additional morning moisturiser. It's the only one which comes close to my beloved Zelens daily defence. I'd use it on daily basics, but on Summer holidays I would layer it or swap with something with SPF 50. It's a great introduction to the brand for me, I'm tempted to try more, especially the retinol serum....😊
/skin regimen/ SPF comes in air tight, dark glass 40ml pump bottle, cost - 60€
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Sunday morning skincare with all my great friends. Nothing new to report 😊 I've been doing similar routine everyday for a while now and it seems to be working great for me. After cleansing (today LRP toleriane, gentle, effective cleansing milk) -> JSS hydrate the mist, somehow I'm below the half of this bottle and wasn't talking too much about it yet, but I do like it a lot! It's soothing and refreshing at the same time, beautiful ingredients, if you have this step in your routines - I'd recommend trying this one 😍 my next 3 steps are the same daily: BR elastine pure around eyes, mouth, forehead lines; followed by PC 10% niacinamide booster, kind of all over but not too close to the eyes; next comes something hydrating, today JSS hydrate serum 💧 the only product I usually use on the top is SPF - this skin regimen one is a great find for me. I really like when SPF isn't just SPF but a good moisturiser in general 😊
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Friday night skincare:
🦍 double cleanse ALKIMI cleansing melt 🐺 tone JSS hydrate the mist
🦍 AFS hydration booster serum*
🐺 BENTON fermentation eye cream
🦍 VERSO night cream with retinol 8 complex
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👌 great skincare discoveries 👌 series
I've had a few of these products recently so will probably talk about them in short separate posts 🖤 Benton fermentation eye cream 🖤
This one is a big surprise for me. I wanted to try it for a long time but somehow didn't expect much from it. Texture of a whipped butter or something like that 😂 literally melts into the skin. So, what looks like a heavy product immediately turns into super lightweight cream. It's definitely hydrating and moisturising enough. It makes around the eye area really smooth to the touch. In terms of helping with fine lines I gave up long time ago on believing that any skincare product can get rid of them. A tiny, little improvement is all I wish for 😉 I think with eye creams it's a long term relationship. By starting to use them relatively early maybe my wrinkles won't be as bad in 20 years time 😂 who knows? I feel better by using them so will definitely continue. Another great thing to point out is the price - around €30 for 30g eye cream of this quality is very affordable in my opinion. Ingredients are also right up my street (no fragrance, essential oils or silicones), some nice ones that I already know like peptides, ceramides, sodium hyaluronate and aloe; and first one being galactomyces ferment filtrate which wasn't very familiar to me but I read today that it's a nutrient dense yeast, and byproduct of fermented sake, moisturising and antioxidant rich. Hmm, interesting 😊
Overall I'm very happy with this eye cream so far and I think it's going to be a definite repurchase in the future 👌
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Tuesday night skincare:
🥚double cleanse ALKIMI cleansing melt. I like this cleanser a lot!
🍳Verso enzyme peel. My recent favorite exfoliant 😊
🥚AFS hydration booster serum*
🍳Benton fermentation eye cream
🥚Avene tolerance extreme emulsion mixed with a pump of yesterday's delivery - PC Omega+ Complex #reunited I'm so happy to have this product back! (Super fast delivery from @cloud10beauty as always) *gifted
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Monday morning skincare featuring lots of my current favorites 😊 LRP toleriane dermo-cleanser - such a great, basic cleanser which simply does what it's supposed to do, my skin loves it! JSS hydrate the mist - I keep saying to myself 'you don't need a toner!' But somehow I cannot stop using them 😂 this one is a very enjoyable step in my skincare, so I might as well just give up on trying to give them up 😉 if you enjoy doing something and it's good for you, just keep doing it ❔ BR elastine pure, question mark with this one as I'm not sure what to think about it and if it's necessary product for me, also something I didn't notice at the beginning (or maybe it wasn't there yet) is the smell, I don't like it. I'll finish the bottle but I don't think I'd repurchase ♾ I have very positive impression about this PC niacinamide booster, I feel like I need to get to know it a bit more, but so far so good (btw, it doesn't even compare to The O. niacinamide+zinc, they are two completely different products) Benton fermentation eye cream is a huge surprise for me, absolutely love this eye cream! And it's so affordable comparing to usual price range of eye producst! AFS hydration booster serum, kindly gifted, very nice to use, definitely hydrating enough, I want to keep using it ☀️ skin regimen SPF another recent discovery and what a great one! It's so hard to find SPF you like to use, this one I more than like 😊
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Rainy Saturday Morning. Feels good being able to stay indoors for the day 😊 Wardrobe transition planned for today, as autumn is definitely in the air...
Skincare - minimal and basic = one of my favourite 🙂 CeraVe hydrating cleanser gently massaged on damp face, splashed off with lukwarm water 🧖‍♀️ PC 10% niacinamide booster - straight from the dropper on face, all over 🙃 BR elastine pure around eyes followed by Benton eye cream 😶 mix of Avene tolerance extreme emulsion and JSS the performance cream, thin layer all over 🤗 no makeup, no SPF 👄 Nuxe reve de miel on lips
Have a great day everyone!
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Wednesday night skincare:
🗒 double cleanse Clinique TTDO balm
🗒 enzyme peel Verso, sample. It's my third use and I'm fascinated about this product 😍 it's gentle but very effective! I noticed my skin being a lot smoother after only two applications! I use it twice a week, first time left on cleansed, dry face for about a minute, second time for two minutes, tonight will do the same
🗒 soothing hydration JSS hydrate serum
🗒 Benton fermentation eye cream
🗒 PC resist barrier repair moisturiser with retinol
Love this routine 😁 would recommend it to everyone! Gentle but effective!
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Tuesday morning skincare:
🦎 Cosrx good morning cleanser
🐃 JSS hydrate the mist
🐯 BR elastine pure
🐺 PC niacinamide booster
🐇 P&M RECOVER the ultimate eye cream. Sample. Very lightweight, absorbs fast.
🐬 SR urban shield SPF 30
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This is a special shout-out for anyone from Dublin or who will be in Dublin this coming Thursday 6th of September:
@cliniquearnotts are extending their Even Better foundation range so they will be able to match 99.9% of skin tones. To celebrate that Clinique is having a special event in Arnotts Dublin this Thursday from 11 AM - proffesional training on how to correctly cover up any pigmentation or skin imprefections, one-to-one service including 10-day custom fit foundation, glass of mimosa on arrival and gift with purchase. I think it's a fantastic event to attend! Feel free to ask any questions down below. I'm sure @cliniquearnotts will answer them with pleasure 🙂
This isn't sponsored post, I respect Clinique as a brand I've been using for many years with great success. Although I'm definitely not a makeup person (expert) I hear everyday from other women how hard it is to correctly match foundation to skin tone. It will be great opportunity to get proffesional advise in this regard!
#clinique #cliniquearnotts #dublinbeauty #dublinevents #6thseptember #evenbetterfoundation #indublin #supportforgoodcause #cliniquedublin

Sunday morning skincare:
♦️ cleanse Cosrx good morning cleanser
🔺️ tone JSS hydrate the mist
🔻 hydration/antioxidants mix of Clinique hydrating jelly and AFS hydration booster serum*, let that sink in for a while
♦️ Benton fermentation eye cream
🔺️ moisture/SPF skin regiment urban shield SPF 30. I bought it straight away after trying a little sample, it's that good! I didn't use such a pleasant feeling sunscreen for a long time! #obsessed it's definitely way more than just an SPF 😍
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Two august empties:
🌺 Paula's Choice resist Omega + Complex came as a complete surprise because the bottle itself is quite heavy + not clear, I thought there is a lot of product still there until one day when the pump didn't want to give me more of it. It will be a definite repurchase for me, really really liked this product. A moisturiser for my skin, serum per name, it definitely felt enough on top of something hydrating with lighter consistency. I like the ingredients it has and what it doesn't have (fragrance, essential oils, silicones,drying alcohol). It feels very nourishing on the skin but never too much. It works great on its own or mixed with my other favourite - JSS the performance cream or Avene tolerance extreme emulsion. I definitely want to continue using it throughout the winter. Great product with good price tag for what you get in my opinion. I can't say anything negative about it, apart of this unexpected finish but that's a great sign that I'm annoyed about not having it right now 😉
🌺 La roche posay cicaplast barrier repair hand cream - also a great buy! It's definitely more on the balmy/heavy side but surprisingly absorbs very fast and doesn't feel too heavy on skin. I don't like hand creams to be to rich, this one despite consistency works great for me. Like the non-fragranced part as well. I can imagine repurchasing it as well as it will be great product to take care of my hands throughout the winter
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