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KarmaChodenDorji  Became a medical student just so that i can inject naughty kids 👩🏻‍⚕️.Also let’s just say I tend to eat my troubles away 🐷✌🏻

No rain
No flower.


Happy Birthday my dearest zangmo 🎂🎈
The ideal “chota packet ba-da damaka”,my little minion,my happy pill for the past 12 years (sigh we growing old,woman!).I cannot imagine surviving lmss (and now life) without you 👯‍♀️ For always being there,Thank you 💕💐
Also imma spoil your first born hehe (just saying..I want a niece btw jobha jobha bae..before that I want your marriage treat also,laesha 😅)



Phases of me trying to take a picture 😅

Rihanna’s song “Work” perfectly describes my life!
Work,work,work and the rest of it I can’t really understand

I have to upload atleast 3 pictures from the 20-sth I took from last night right? 🤣

Always avoided t-shirts with graphics on it but had to wear this one!
🧜🏻‍♀️ off duty ☺️

She’s hardworking and very dedicated to her job.how do I know? Well she was hammered af when she was giving the “You should floss” speech 🤣.To my bumchu chimi who never seems to age,I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday 🎈🎂.Thank you for always being there for me(because of you I never felt the void of an elder sister in my life),for supporting me blindly in everything I did and for the endless nice things you had to say about me (you have no idea how it helped in my self esteem),for taking me on food dates a lot of times and for being that little happy pill in my life.
I love you ❤️

Study leave: Day 1
-Thoroughly cleaned my house.-Made myself a heartwarming meal. -Caught up on my sleep.-Decluttered my thoughts while sipping masala tea and enjoyed the rain
Did everything except study 😬
#MumJustkidding 🤣

About today ❣️ Tooth temple,Dechenphug lhakhang of Kandy..Why? Because we make it a point to visit it before every exam 😅 #guilty

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