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Every day is a new opportunity, a different experience. Stay curious, my friends. #morelife #karmajonezknows

Y'all. Whole Foods KNOW they wrong! I'm TIED of giving them my money. I'm on strike! I just paid fifty leven dollars for some shrimp because I didn't want to drive across town, and I am SICK.

I'm not even supposed to be eating meat after watching #whatthehealth on Netflix so I guess this is my punishment. 😩😩😩 #wholefoods #healthyfood #healthyeating #karmajonezknows

“When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.” The late, great Maya Angelou had lived a long enough life to know that people ain’t sh*t. This was the legendary wordsmith’s way of telling us to “stay woke” before that was even a thing. And all we did was use the quote on Facebook when we wanted to be fake inspirational. We’re sorry Maya. Little did we know this quote would come back to bite us in the ass when it comes to Mr. Robert IDontSeeNothinWrong Kelly, legendary R&B singer. How did we miss all the signs?

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So guys. Some people asked me about the cave we swam in. I never posted the pic. It's in a Mayan village. (Indigenous people) It's called Dos Ojos Misterio Maya. So yes, we swam the length of two football fields deep into that dark cave. We had flashlights attached to our vests. There were small fish, bats and what I think was a catfish in there. 😂
Went in with my cousin @n3llz_cutz my aunt @jess_purvis and @donaldjumper
I was scared. But I did it!

Def suggest doing this if you ever visit Mexico!
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Very proud to announce that my best friend @donaldjumper along with his good friend @king.kardio have created an interactive app that's just been released in the Apple Store! 📱

As we know, reading bedtime stories to our children creates a bond that our kids will never forget. The purpose of Read to Me is to connect children with their parents, grandparents, distant relatives, military parents and even teachers. We want you to be able to connect with your children even when you're not at home. This app is for the parent running a small business, the parent serving our country in the Armed Forces, or a parent who simply values the importance of learning to read at an early age. 📚

With cool filters, interactive video, and music, Read to Me makes reading with your little one fun, easy, and memorable, as it should be.
Download and subscribe today to share the experience with your baby genius! Search Read to Me in the App Store! (For those of you asking about the Android version, it's coming soon!)
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Nos vemos mas tarde Mexico! 🇮🇹Had a great time with the fam. Turns out my Spanish classes paid off! Where to next? I'm thinking South Africa 🇿🇦 or Japan 🇯🇵 #travel #puertoadventuras #tulum #playadelcarmen #summer #mexico #beach #poolside #tequila #happy #relax #vacation #spa #travelphoto

We won Karaoke last night. No, it wasn't a contest, but still.

Worshipping God and the Sun. 🙏🏾

Went snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea today, just FYI. 😳 Our amazing/crazy guide is there in front of us. Saw turtles, fish, corral and a STING RAY, chile! Just to take it over the edge, we ate fresh, raw conch straight out the sea! Nature is amazing (and scary). #mexico #puertoadventuras #tulum #travel #travelpost #goodtimes

Drink. Chill. It's the motto.


Oh, Frida. I got the bottom right. I just love how the artist merged the two worlds. ❤

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