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Baby I went to commercial on em!!! 😂😂😂 This was back in the day when we had GOOD shows like Video Soul with Donnie Simpson. I wanted to be like THAT. Shout to Ananda Lewis too!

Y’all tag @4everbrandy & @snoopdogg Maybe I’ll get a chance to interview them before I die. 😩 @4evervaughn

So I’ve ALWAYS been intrigued by pop culture. Since I was VERY small. As an only child, I often made home videos of me “performing” and talking to my favorite celebs. I tore this poster out of a Word Up magazine, I’m sure. This is back in the day when we had VHS tapes, OK?? Since this tape, I’ve been able to interview Kevin Hart, Tyrese, Musiq Soulchild, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Will Packer, Clifton Powell, the President of Tyler Perry Studios, Bravo/VH1 reality stars and more. Some foreshadowing here? 😂 Please enjoy. Another video to follow. #karmajonezknows

Ya know, I haven’t said anything about the crisis happening in our country because to be honest, I needed time to process. And what I’ve decided is, I’m not surprised that it’s happening at all. This is who we’ve proved ourselves to be for the last few centuries-a nation who does not value the lives/families of people of color.
As adults from places like Mexico and Honduras seek asylum in our country, often running from violence, abuse and poverty, the leaders of this nation see it fit to take their children away from them. Recently a man took his life when his daughter was ripped away from him.
Journalists have received audio of children ages 4-10 crying out for their parents and loved ones-from cages. One of Donald Trump’s sons, along with right wing nutcase Ann Coulter has accused the children of being “crisis actors.” Patrol agents have been instructed not to pick the children up or comfort them from crying. They are not to touch the children. Who is changing diapers? How are these children being put to sleep?
It is estimated that by the time the Summer is over, the Trump administration will have separated 30,000 children from their parents.
When these children grow up, they will be traumatized. This is TRAUMATIC. They will hate this country, they will be bitter, they will need help that they won’t be able to get.
Interesting that men (and women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirsten Nielsen) who quote the Bible every chance they get, can always find the will to be evil, immoral and inhumane when it comes to people of color. Treating PEOPLE like animals, with smug looks on their faces. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a racist who is clearly getting his life throughout this process.
I’d like to say that this isn’t America, but I know better. As a Black woman, I know better. This is who we are. We’ve learned nothing. Instead of saying this isn’t who we are, let’s acknowledge that this is us, and CHANGE. One of the things I notice about people is that we never care until it directly affects US. We don’t care because it’s not OUR people and not OUR family. That’s no way to live your life. That’s no way to be a decent human.

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I take all my vacation days, because if I die today, they’re gonna replace me tomorrow. 🌞 #worktolivedontlivetowork (Custom fit from Abuja, Nigeria 🇳🇬 @zizibespoke)

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy. Army veteran, PhD, HBCU grad, Kappa man, giver, mentor, professor, legend. One of the best things he’s ever taught me was the importance of working HARD, and having integrity. We’re at his favorite little country spot. He’s happy as hell. LMAO Happy Father’s Day to all the men who make a difference in our lives. You’re appreciated! ❤️

Do you know the kind of cultural influence you have to have to shut down the Louvre?? Chile, these people are so damn rich and influential, now they’re just doing sh*t for fun. While T.I. is making posts about why men shouldn’t get married, this couple is showing us how to level up in all kinds of ways. Take notes. Team work really does make a dream work, ESPECIALLY when you’re strategic. Black love is powerful. And let’s not forget it’s Juneteenth. “Summer” is the mood for the next 3 months. Okuuuurrt?

Golden time of day. 🌞

Issa 17 year friendship. Good to be home. 🏠

Easy. Breezy. 🌊

New book on my shelf! Barracoon is the story of Cudjo Lewis, a survivor of the Clotilda, the last slaver known to have made the transatlantic journey. Illegally brought to the U.S., Cudjo was enslaved fifty years after the slave trade was outlawed. At the time, Cudjo was the only person alive who could recount the brutal experience. Zora Neale Hurston facilitates the story of Cudjo’s childhood in Africa, and the horrors of being captured, which would of course, change his life forever. 📚#whatsonmyshelf #karmajonezknowsbooks

We just had a great, open and honest convo on anxiety, depression and suicide. Can’t wait to share the video! @nikiapope_ @therealdiamonde @forevertgrant

And no we didn’t plan these outfits 😩

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