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KarmaJonez  Creator of @almost30something Howard U Alum. Taste Maker. Visionary. Pop Culture. Politics. Published writer. Content Creator. ATL. 📍#ColorComm


Ravens and Jaguars kneel during the National Anthem in London. MAJOR.
I've found that "patriots" rarely abide by the Constitution, (or the Bible) two documents they heavily rely on when attempting to justify their oppression of Black and Brown people. However, when Black folk use that same constitution in our own defense, suddenly, the rules change. "Stick to sports," they say. "Be grateful," they insist. I want to say thank you to these men who are brave enough to say no more. Bold enough to dissent. We thank you for using your platform for good. We thank you for not letting money override your integrity. We also thank the coaches and owners for standing in solidarity. Most of all, we thank Colin for sparking the movement. You inspire us all. ✊🏾
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It's all about the Smize. @tmichellerose 🌹

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Just kill em with your presence, don't even address it. 🖤

No matter how busy I get, I try to make time for what's reeaaally important. Been a mentor for 12 years. I've seen some of my mentees go from middle school, to high school, to college, and on to graduation. (Damn, I'm old) I don't plan on stopping now! First game at the new stadium! #braves #ATL

"Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value." @diddy
My mentor in my head. 👏🏾

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Never been a Monday person. I'd sit on my couch on Sunday evening, dreading the next day. But as I continue to work in my purpose, I look forward to new weeks filled with new opportunities. I had a lot of goals for 2017. I've accomplished most of them, including starting my own company, @almost30something which you'll see a lot more from in the near future.

But the last thing I want to accomplish is by far the one I'm most excited about. I've done a lot of growing over the years. Finally going to add one of my childhood dreams to the list! Only 3 months left! So from me, to you-Happy Monday! 💪🏾
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To women of color, when you watch Blossom, we want you to feel validated, celebrated and valued. 🌹We'll always listen when you speak. You matter. WE matter. ✨💫 #watchblossom

Floyd Mayweather is the greatest fighter we’ve seen in the last few decades-about 5 decades to be exact. When we talk about greatness in the context of boxing, it’s easy to call upon Floyd’s 50-0 record, but what makes someone “great” in this sport goes far beyond the stats. Mayweather’s flamboyant demeanor, his ability to captivate, his dedication to his craft-these factors make the athlete stand out among his competitors. And while these traits are admirable, there’s something about Mayweather that overshadows his accomplishments.

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Whitney is literally my mood every day. I'm always like, "Soooo don't nobody else see this sh*t?" Everybody else is applauding and I'm just like 🤔2017. The world is a mess. Donald Trump is President and CashMeOusside girl got signed to Atlantic Records. What. Is. Going. ON. #karmajonezknows #whitney #whitneyhouston #mariahcarey

Queen Cardi B, Duchess of the Bronx, first of her name, Ruler of all things poppin, heir to the Hip Hop throne, makes her way to the red carpet at Rihanna's #DiamondBall. 10's across the board. 💎#karmajonezknows

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Somebody caught me doing what I do best-GRIND.

I got off one job and been working since I got in the door. Took a quick run, had a phone call for another project, talked to a manager up in NY, and sent out a trillion emails. The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately! This is the kind of work I love because I'm only in competition with myself. Failing isn't an option for me, but when I do fail, I make sure I figure out how not to do that sh*t again! #karmajonezknows

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