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Karmagawa  A new and innovative charity community #karmagawa

We LOVE when new friends join our community, here’s the amazing @chelseakauai and @alyssalynch attending their 1st new school opening in #bali a few weeks ago! This was our 11th school to open there, and our 45th overall, but this one was extra-special since it was to honor our co-founder @badboi for all his behind-the-scenes hard work...and while not everyone can join us at these events in person you can also now support great charities like @balichildrensproject by grabbing your own limited edition Karmagawa shirts available on our website! #wbw #waybackwednesday #newschool #newfriends #balichildrensproject #karmagawa

We are SO grateful to the awesome Karmagawa community as we celebrate every new donation, every new school, every new animal helped TOGETHER and we also read every DM too, so keep messaging us if you want to join our movement and help out! Remember to click the link in our bio and grab our new limited edition apparel! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #newschool #selfiequeen #balichildrensproject #karmagawa

Click the link in our bio and check our the new limited edition Karmagawa apparel that helps support great charities like @vetpaw @pencilsofpromise and @balichildrensproject too! #merch #givingback #charity #karmagawa

It’s time to celebrate as our new website http://www.karmagawa.com is now live, click the link in our bio, so you can learn more about our mission, team and the truly amazing charities like @balichildrensproject @vetpaw & @pencilsofpromise that we are SO proud to support! You can also now grab some badass limited edition apparel designed by Karmagawa co-founder @badboi that goes to supporting these great charities too so definitely do wear our new shirts, hoodies and hats with pride as each sale helps a community in need. Unlike some other #charity apparel brands that aren’t as crazy/sincere as us, we’re not just donating 5-10% of profits to charity, we’re donating 80% to charity as we want to build as many schools and help as many kids and animals as we can and the remaining profits are being invested into future projects with some big brands that we can’t wait to tell you about! This is why our great friends @elisha__h @reneeherbert_ and @ayla_woodruff are so happy in this classic picture...not to mention this was at our latest school opening in Bali where the whole community came out celebrate as their children now have much brighter futures thanks to their new school! #weloveourjob #newschool #balichildrensproject #apparelwithapurpose #karmagawa

We’re so glad you like the http://tim.ly/sam video and we’re proud to announce another $50,000 donation from @karmagawa to @vetpaw to help in the fight against poachers, bringing us to $250,000 in donations so far and this is just the start as we’ll have the @karmagawa online store up tomorrow so you can buy apparel designed by @badboi that will go to helping charities like @vetpaw and @pencilsofpromise and @balichildrensproject help more children and animals and so many more worthy causes too! When http://karmagawa.com finally goes live tomorrow you’ll see we intend on donating hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years as our goal is to build 1,000+ schools so we #dreambig and with our awesome community behind us, we’re going to make it happen! #karmagawa #vetpaw #givingback #charity #donation #samkolder #urgent #savetheelephants #veterans #tia #savetherhino #animallover #protectandserve

Check out the link in our bio to watch a video 8-months in the making about our trip to the great charity @vetpaw as both #rhinos and #elephants are facing extinction in the next 10 years if we don’t act now and do a better job protecting them from #poachers and thank God for @sam_kolder who put this incredible short film together in a way that REALLY helps you understand how urgent the situation is! We cannot thank @timothysykes @badboi along with @jbxcreative @elisha__h and @reneeherbert_ for coming all the way to #southafrica for a trip, and a mission, of a lifetime and @ryan_vetpaw @sethjahn_ix and @vetpaw for being such great hosts and for all the incredible work they do...please click the link in our bio and watch the video and share it too using the hashtag #rhinonow to help us spread awareness of this URGENT battle before it’s too late and we lose these beautiful animals forever! #urgent #samkolder #protectandserve #rhinolove #savetheanimals #animallovers #givingback #endangeredspecies #vetpaw #tia #veterans #karmagawa

TOMORROW is the big day as we’re now less than 24 hours away from the world premiere of the new @sam_kolder @vetpaw @karmagawa short film that will be posted on YouTube and we’re SO excited that we’re changing our name to Koldergawa for the day and we hope that once you see this project that we’ve been working on the past 7 months you’ll want to share it online with everyone you know! Please be sure to tag @vetpaw and @karmagawa too so we can both repost your posts and spread even more awareness about this urgent war against animal poachers before #elephants and #rhino both go extinct and it’s too late! Stay tuned for the link tomorrow for this literally potentially world-changing video!! #bigday #samkolder #protectandserve #givingback #endangeredspecies #vetpaw #animallovers #koldergawa #karmagawa

We are now roughly 40 hours away from the worldwide premiere of the @sam_kolder @vetpaw @karmagawa video project that has the power to save these beautiful animals that are facing extinction IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS! That’s not an exaggeration, that’s what happens if the same number of #elephants and #rhinos keep getting poached as they have been each of the past few years! We cannot stress how urgent this issue is right NOW and this video that’s about to be posted on YouTube is the single best chance the world has for giving much needed exposure to this critical issue and we’re so honored to be a part of it so please get ready to watch it and share it with as many people as possible...we really can win this battle together and play a large part in saving these incredible creatures from extinction! #vetpaw #savetheelephants #samkolder #southafrica #endangeredspecies #savethedate #savetherhino #karmagawa

We’re t-minus 60 hours away from the worldwide premiere of our @sam_kolder @vetpaw video on YouTube and we could not be more excited as our trip to #southafrica was TRULY insane and we cannot wait to show you ALL very soon!!! #vetpaw #tia #samkolder #elephant #karmagawa

At long last, this coming week is the official world premiere of the latest @sam_kolder short film and after such incredible receptions at both the #indonesia and #unitedstates premieres, get ready to be inspired, be angry, and maybe even cry a little too, but by the end of it we hope you’ll be as passionate about saving #endangeredspecies like #elephants and #rhinos as we are! And while we love building schools and truly believe #education is the key to changing our world for the better, and there are also so many more great charities that we are proud to support, the #poaching that the great charity @vetpaw is fighting daily is such an URGENT problem you have no idea...but this coming week you will much more than just an idea. So stay tuned as we’ll tell you when it’s online, grab a box of tissues and afterwards please let us know what you think as conversation and action are what’s going to help win this important battles can’t afford to lose! #antipoaching #veterans #protectandserve #tia #protectanimals #southafrica #savetheelephants #vetpaw #savetherhino #karmagawa

It’s the weekend now so we’re going to relax and pretend we’re like our friend @sam_kolder playing with a baby #cheetah back in #southafrica which we actually will be just a few weeks from now! But we have a lot of #hardwork to do before then as next week we will FINALLY unveil our @vetpaw trip video to the world while also launching http://karmagawa.com that will outline several ways you can get more involved with Karmagawa and all the great charities we support! #fbf #flashbackfriday #relaxtothemax #charitylife #cheerstotheweekend #cheetahlife #samkolder #karmagawa

Today is #worldanimalday and we’re proud to share this funny video of our “communicating” with a baby #hippopotamus during our #southafrica trip a few months ago...we didn’t have a very deep conversation, but she did seem to like us blowing in her face and she even blew back too! It’s crazy to think that #hippos are also some of the most dangerous animals in the world as they’re surprisingly fast and their jaws are VERY powerful so we were happy to stay on this one’s good side :) #hippolove #endangeredspecies #babylove #protectanimals #karmagawa

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