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Karmagawa  An innovative charity community with apparel where 80% gets donated to 30+ amazing charities, see our website to shop and learn more! #karmagawa

Humans and animals alike get cancer, but we are also resilient so we fight back like this dog that won its cancer battle! We at Karmagawa are proud to have donated $100,000 to the great cancer charity @cwficebu so far and we’re excited to visit them and give them another big check in 2019 too! Repost @tanksgoodnews #beatcancer #cancerwarrior #karmagawa

Humans and animals are more alike than we realize and only when we start treating both our fellow animals and humans better can we make our world into something we can be proud of...instead of what it is now with too many animals on the brink of extinction and also too many suffering humans around the world! Great photo @jpkrajewski truly incredible #snowmonkey #animallovers #karmagawa

Sheep shows gratitude to the dog that saved them after a wolf attack! Animals are SO much smarter than we give them credit for and dogs rule! Repost: @tanksgoodnews #animallove #dogsofinstagram #dogsrule #karmagawa

Here’s another amazing video from @namib_naude who is saving seals that get stuck in fishing line and if we each take the time to help clean up our Earth, humans and animals alike will be able to live better lives! Also, social media allows us to spread important messages like this faster and more far-reaching than ever before so please tag someone who needs to see this and share this video, and our other videos and pictures too, with your followers so we can keep growing the Karmagawa community bigger and better as we all work together to make this a better planet for ourselves, the world’s animals and our children too! #bethechange #seals #teamwork #karmagawa

This amazing video is a great reminder of how beautiful these animals are in the wild and why we must do everything we can to #savetherhino and fight the illegal poachers before rhinos become extinct and spreading awareness about the problem is the first step! Please share this video with your followers and tag some #animallovers who need to see this, @antoinejans this is a truly great video! #rhinolove #babyrhino #karmagawa

Here’s another sad but real #10yearchallenge as we’ve already lost roughly 30% of coral reefs around the world in just the past few decades and we’ll lose another 20-40% in the next decade unless we start doing things differently ASAP! Please share this post with your followers as spreading awareness about the problem is the first step so we can begin working together to make any impactful change. We will soon reveal our plan to #savethereef as without reefs, billions of sea life species will die, 500 million people depend on these reefs for work and food, and what too few people realize is that these reefs are critical in protecting the world’s shorelines, canceling out 97% of a wave’s strength and protecting 200+ million people who live on the shorelines...so we MUST save the reefs! #helpusspreadtheword #coralreef #corallivesmatter #karmagawa

Here’s another sadly real #10yearchallenge for polar bears as sea ice has been shrinking 14% per decade and could disappear completely in the next few decades thus giving these animals less time to hunt and leading to starvation. Polar bears aren’t an #endangeredspecies just yet, but they serve as an apex predator at the top of the food web so they are first to signal that there are significant problems in the Arctic marine ecosystem #bigproblem #globalwarming #polarbear #karmagawa

Sadly this is the real #10yearchallenge as 3 rhinos are killed each day leaving just a few thousand left in the world and if this continues they will be extinct within 10 years! We MUST fight to save them before it’s too late, please share this post and learn more at TheWarAgainstPoaching.com and join the battle ASAP! #savetherhino #antipoaching #vetpaw #nspca #karmagawa

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ 300 pangolins are brutally killed like this every day, an estimated 1 million pangolins have been killed in the last decade alone and now they have become the world’s most heavily trafficked animal and an endangered species too. This is an undercover graphic video we need you to watch and share with your followers so people can see how these innocent animals are brutally killed for their scales to be used in traditional Asian medicine (despite having ZERO medicinal value whatsoever because just like our fingernails and rhino horn, their scales are simply made of Keratin), and to be eaten too as their meat is considered a delicacy despite being banned worldwide since 2016! We cannot just sit by and allow this to keep happening as these animals deserve better so the first step in saving these animals before they go extinct is to share this video with your followers, repost it, tag animal lovers in the comments below and know that the key to lessening the killings of pangolins is by working together to educate the world and spread awareness of this horrific issue! We’ll post much more soon on how exactly we intend to save the pangolins since we are in discussions with several organizations as to the most effective measures we can put in place, but for now please help us get the word out as not enough people know about these senseless killings and 1 million pangolins have paid the ultimate price in just the last 10 years alone...so let’s use our platforms to help these animals before it’s too late! #karmagawa

This is a pangolin which is the world’s most heavily trafficked animal and tomorrow we’re releasing an important undercover video that we need you and your followers to share to help save this species from extinction so please like and share this post and type YES in the comments section below if you promise to also share tomorrow’s video and help us spread awareness before it’s too late! Like the rhino, these animals are being killed for the wrong reasons as their highly coveted scales are made out of Keratin, just like rhino horn, and too many Asian cultures mistakenly believe them to have medicinal properties which is 100% false! We refuse to allow misinformation and illegal animal poaching to continue without fighting back and together as a community we can win this war by spreading HONEST information and important videos that can educate the world and spread like wildfire as our recent video on Rhinos proved! So please join us and be ready tomorrow to share another hugely important video that will go a long way in saving these precious animals from extinction! #savethepangolin #togetherwerise #endangeredspecies #savetherhino #teamwork #karmagawa

Remember these rhino only have a few years left on this planet if the current poaching issues aren’t dealt with swiftly so we are determined to be the voice for these precious animals that are now so few in number due to illegal poachers who need to be stopped ASAP! Please visit http://thewaragainstpoaching.com and see our documentary filmed at @vetpaw headquarters in #southafrica so you can better understand just how urgent the problem is and you can help by spreading awareness and sharing our photos and videos with your followers so more people get involved and join the battle before it’s too late! #savetherhino #endangeredspecies #rhino #karmagawa

We’re proud to announce that last week South African authorities seized 256 pounds of illegal #rhinohorn that was being smuggled out of the country...these 36 horns and horn fragments worth $1.3 million were sniffed out by Lizzy, a detector dog despite the horns being tightly packed and hidden among everyday items such as deodorants and doormats in boxes on their way to Dubai. Great job Lizzy and everybody else involved in this seizure, now we just have to work on disrupting the smuggler’s operations sooner before they poach the rhinos for their valuable horns! #antipoaching #winforthegoodguys #savetherhino #vetpaw #karmagawa

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