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karlycerrone  It’s not that serious 🖌 Suite Caroline 📍NYC

Consider this picture a (neon)sign

One night only, folks

The best took care of the mane 🦁

Color: @emalyb_color
Cut: @shelbysamariahair

This cup of hot chocolate was not worth going outside for

Sweet and pungent

We’re not a cute couple. Not even a couple at all. I actually just met him, the picture just escalated quickly.

Not my clothes

To say I’m happy to have my roommate back is an understatement

Double the fun

Thank you for being born on December 9th

You’ve already seen it but I hope you still like my Michael Jackson shirt

Another birthroom pic because it’s Luke’s birthday. Happy birthday brother, love you. And god bless my mother on this day because Luke had one big ass head. So prayers up mom, you’re a rockstar.

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