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All in all, a good end to a week “vacay”. Squats finally feeling good despite back pain (135lb warm up... been a while!).
And back day.
Don’t film much when I’m in a box gym, usually just focused and getting it done.
Even with eating like an asshole/not tracking #macros, am still feeling a head of the game. A little softer today, but a week of solid tracking AND training and things will be 👌🏼
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A few things about today:
I have squat’d every day for probably close to 2 months. Maybe 4 days off. I like it. I feel good about it and my strength is slowly but surely increasing.
Today, 5x5 @ 205 (haven’t done that in probably a year). It’s called consistency, and faith in the process.
Deads, not so much.
Today was the first day in a very long time that I pulled 225. It wasn’t perfect, but it was nice to do it again.
On that note: when @chrisgreene526 does the walk by camera things 😂

Also, I don’t know why I still have vascularity after the last 4 days of food, champagne and hormones acting up; but I’m not going to complain.
But I’m definitely ready to get lean. My new goal: vacation without overindulging. Let’s do this! 🙌🏼

A couple notes about today.
First of all, a before picture, because normal clothing.
After, because my comfort level screams workout clothing, sweat and shakey hands.

Last year, while prepping for the Night of Champions in Spokane, I remember driving down the road, thinking to myself how with abs, and very low body fat (I think I was somewhere around 8%), I didn’t FEEL like I was lean. I felt ‘normal’. I think that’s something many of us forget. No matter how lean you are, you don’t feel this crazy euphoric feeling like being lean, having a six pack or being ‘hot’ should feel (so you think). No matter how you look, you’ll have to deal with how you feel you look. How you feel you feel. How you feel you SHOULD be.

While driving today, I felt this way. I have incredible vascularity in my abdomen right now, (though abs are slowly fading with vacay decisions…. I ain’t even mad about it!), but I feel like my abdomen feels and looks the same as it did 7 months ago. Yet it doesn’t.
Just an interesting observation. No vids today or yesterday, because frankly, I’m workin’ too much to take vids. I got shit to do so I can eat all the naughties.

****************************************************** *
I may be in love with this gym’s lighting.

I also may be in love with potential: 🦋To change. 🌱To grow.
To be uncomfortable.
To be free of my past and of my binders. ☺️Happiness.
Potential to be nervousness, for all the right reasons.
✌🏼To be calmly unsure.
I turned 35 yesterday. WTF!? Just hit me that probably a good chunk of my life has passed. Not depressed by any stretch of the imagination by being older. In fact, I’m quite excited.
I’ve played those 35 years so fucking safe and gotten literally no closer to any goal I’ve had. So, why spend the next 35 playing it safe? Time to do some shit…. and not basic shit. ⏱Time to act. Not react.
This gym - hit 225 consistently the times I’ve squat here. So, clearly, I’ll be back 😃

Possible show in the fall with @kayla_chauvin @ribic_productions
Maybe a change of federation... We shall see what life holds. Right now, I’m loving what I’m doing and the results. No end goal, is my jam.
Have been really tired of the ups and downs of showing. I’m over it. If I can’t prep for a show in 2-4 weeks, I may not be interested. Give me preparedness, readiness and complete spontaneity.

I had to dig deep today.
Really fucking deep.
But after the first 3 sets of squats (10x10 w/30s between sets for EVERYTHING) I was glad I was digging.
Feeling depleted, and ok with it. I have some goals and am not pressured by a timeline, or date.
You won’t feel it some days. Other days you’ll be so damn pumped, you can’t stop thinking about it.
You have to master discipline.
Motivation comes and goes. Even the most elite athletes will have non motivated days.
You MUST master discipline. Doing the work, regardless of the feels.
Knowing that what you want to achieve is bigger than the momentary desires you are experiencing right now.

Give yourself grace....
but kick your own ass.

#Repost @kardalabs with @get_repost
Can we take a time out and discuss the seated row? Or actually what some of y’all are calling the seated row.
Yes, there are variations and modifications to every exercise / lift we do in the gym and out. We can damn near make anything DO anything to do something different than what we’re doing…. #amiright?! BUT - this. The seated row. Cmon! Let’s get back to the basics here. What is this lift for? Anyone?
I heard it somewhere in the back…. yes! The back! (Going to keep this pretty simple here, guys…. so, the back!) This is not a hamstring, glute, upper trap - although you’ll work ‘em a lil - or an active low back movement.
Stop hinging at the hips and leaning back so far… you ain’t limbo’ing.
Try to maintain a somewhat comfortable trunk angle/upright posture, and let the arms/back stretch a little on the eccentric phase, but no need to let the cable pull you til you’re kissing your knees, y’know?! Think about pulling the, insert attachment used here________, to your lower rib cage or crest of the hip. Remember your hands are only holding the attachment, not actively pulling it. Keep your elbows down, and pull with them.
Remember to brace your abdominal wall, like you’re going to get punched, keep your knees soft - no locking out.
Time to clean it up, folks.
***Do work, make it count.***

Just a few clips from today.
Was tough to get into things today. Felt weak… 5x5 squats yesterday were the same as 6x2 today, 185lb. UGH!
But, I am feeling good with how things are looking. Lean and keeping some size.
Had to remind myself today that I’m not in prep. I needed to give myself a little grace today, eat without getting too uptight and plan for tomorrow.
Do I have to do this? No.
Do I want to? Yes.
Should I stress a little less? Maybe.
Should I also stay committed? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY!

Goals can change, but when you set your sights, set your sights. Be flexible with your strategies, not your desires. *****Abandon Logic!*****

****************************************************** Do you remember a time you focused and received?
Do that again….and again….and again….✨💯. @wanderthroughthepnw 📷@pacnorwest_photography

A few bullet points about todays lifting. * Squats. Every day leg day, huh? That bag of chips I ate yesterday? Yea, I moved on, then moved some weight. 6x2 @ 225#. Felt good, smooth, just a little struggle. But, clap for yourself right?!
* Unilateral Cable Lat Pull. Love these, still trying to figure out exactly how to feel where I want to, but moving out of your comfort zone will create new growth. 4x12
****************************************************** Abandon Logic. Fuck I love this! Everything you think you know, everything you think is right, wrong, good, bad. GTFO!
That logic is holding you captive… in yourself. Imagine what you would be doing right now, if logic wasn’t your warden.
Logic has its place…. clearly not in the lines of Costco, but I digress. It keeps us safe. Secure. But I doubt you’ll find many who lived the life you dream of by being logical.
Abandon Logic. Make magic!

****************************************************** Started the day in the pool shooting photos that I’m stoked to see! ******************************************************
Ended the day with Volume Training. 10x10 squats, deads and standing B.B. OH Press, only 30 seconds rest between sets.
Pendlays off the rack, were the only video and damn, tough. Good grief that belt took forever to adjust.... crop tops may not be ma thang! 105#5x8. ****************************************************** Unintentional cheat day, so back on tomorrow full swing, one week til San Diego! 🙌🏼. ****************************************************** If ya fuck up, get back on track. Stop wallowing in the self pity that does you and no one else any good.
It happened. It’s over. Move on. 😀.

Break the habits.
Live the life.
.***************************************************** PC: @robsimsphotography
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