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Karly Almon  👩🏼‍💼B.S. Exercise Science CSCS 🏋🏼Owner & Coach-Karda Labs 🏀S&C Coach@YakimaSunkings 🏆NQ NPC Figure Competitor 👙Published Fitness Model


You’ll never be stabbed in the back if you keep the enemy in your sights. ........................................................................ PC:@robsimsphotography
Makeup: @meghannhairstylist

What would #tbt be to 3 min ago?
5x5 w/ 185. Slow n steady, right?
The plan:
+2-5gF /week
No cardio
Protein steady at 1.06g/lb
Until prep starts 10 weeks out.
Bring on the size.... as a wise man once said: I ain’t skurred 😉. @doug.sarver - still got some work to do but damn, feels better!

Stop writing your book with someone else’s vocabulary.
Judge me for who I am, not for who you think I should be.
I find myself living in what I think others want me to be. A female strength coach? Can’t know what she’s doing,right? . I’ve put myself into the stereotype and frankly, fuck that. It’s not easy to break through gender roles; or breaking through the mold of what others think the bodybuilding female ought to look like in or out of any season.
Fact is: we know what the hell we’re doing; not looking like the stereotype means jack shit. We have to stop giving so many unnecessary fucks to the weak boxes we put ourselves in.

Currently loving this VERY basic modification to a DB Row. The plate allows a more fluid movement past the thigh. I tend to hit my thigh often, no big deal but: waaaaaa 😫
Only issue with this is to find a progression, since 45lb is the heaviest. So, I’ll include a band, or hook two together with my @versagripps - fuckin genius right!?
Side note: Karly’s gettin a little thick around the middle! 😂
19 weeks out I think, 7 more weeks of #reversediet with #iifym. Currently: 295C/170P/85F. No cardio. Cause it’s hardio- YO! Workouts are minimal, heavy as I can safely and just a few chosen exercise- always with at least squats or deadlift (maybe a variation here if needed). This will be another shit show week, despite the team being gone. But I will be shooting for the July show... whether or not it comes to fruition, Imma still set my sights.

Two things:
. 1. I ran across a post the other day from a well followed personality, I’m talking like 130K followers “well followed”. She was demonstrating a squat variation that she CLAIMED worked that famous “glute-ham tie in muscle”. PISSED ME OFF.
My comment was sarcastic and frankly, maybe a little jerk-ish. But I didn’t care, still don’t. Know why?
There is No such thing as a “glute-ham tie in MUSCLE”. Her cohort chimes in and admitted, after telling me what I jerk I am (😂👍🏼) that there is, in fact, no “glute-ham tie in muscle” but rather they are referring to the glute-ham tie in AREA. Ummmmmmmmm, TF didn’t you just say that?
So now there’s a group who think they can actually train that muscle. Thanks for lying to the peeps, IGFit model, yet again, doing our industry a dis-service. Might seem small but seriously, if you don’t even know the correct anatomy and can’t explain that to your people, please don’t.... just don’t ❌❌❌. . ........ and please don’t believe everything you see on IG- like anything! Do your own research, test, retest, ask, always ask!
2. I didn’t want to come out here tonight. 8 hrs in a class, 2.5 hr drive home, almost hitting the guard rail due to slush and ice.
But remembering how I’ve felt being this way.... I miss 18 weeks ago. So I brought my ass out here and I’m glad I did. Ain’t got time to waste on being “not it”. Plus, Ula is fucking adorbs! 🤷🏼‍♀️😍

Sitting here between sets of deadlifts on a #humpday thinking:  FUCK ME!  225 used to be child’s play!
I keep thinking that my strength is going to somehow just reappear one day and I’ll be back to getting that 315 pull by spring.  Like my body is just going to wake up and holla at its girl… HEYO - I’m reeeeeeeaaaaaady Mother F*cker!
Alas - that’s only in Disney movies.
So, either my body is just not willing to do what it used to (nah - can’t be that), or my mind has told me I’m too old to do what I used to do (3 months ago, I wasn’t too old, yet now I am?  How the hell does that work!?) I’ve forgotten that amount of mental toughness I had.  I also have forgotten that I can actually do that again, because I convinced myself I couldn’t…. 225 is going to be my little red headed step child for a while, and that’s ok, but I’m not going to let it discourage me.
Time to buck up, put on those big girl panties and do the work that might earn me that pro card…. (I just wanna look good naked😂😂😂 for realz tho)

So..... this tank, 😍. Got some gear at the game on Friday, and this I wasn’t too sure of, but my oh my! Absolutely my fave tank now. @yakimasunkings you done good! Real good with this. Yakima Ladies- get one at the Dome at the next game 3/4 @511p. Promise you, you will be in love. I’m getting a second so I have a spare- that does not happen often! . .
Oh and a girl stopped me at the hospital today to tell me she has a pair of these @bombshellsportswear leggings and we both agreed... #clutch #ootd #gymgear

•exercise after #implants - loss of strength, yes to some degree, but muscle memory is a wonderful thing.
You won’t lose as much as you think. -pain at incision. The only pain is at the site of incision, and it’s not actually pain, just a feeling of stretching, or breaking up scar tissues not bad at all - I’m about 3 months post op, back to lifting like before and no problems. Everyone is different, but be aware of complications and talk with your dr! ..
•Squat -playing with #hiphinge. I felt like this squat was Incredibly dramatic as far as hip hinges go. But they were smooth. This is about set 12, I finished up with 3 more sets after this at 185.
Felt good, no pain, was able to feel
the glutes working more than I have in a while. -lightening the load.
. •Will keep pounding this into you guys: There is nothing wrong with lightening the load if it increases future performance. Don’t decrease
because you don’t feel like going heavier. Decrease because you have to fix something or recover from something.

Looking back should only be done when moving forward.
PC: @robsimsphotography

I’m going to make a full on confession with this post, about my last post... you know, the squat post.
I refilmed that squat set because the angle was gross. My ass looked awful. Not gonna lie about it. I feel awful with my physique right now, but changing the camera angle isn’t going to change it. Doing the work, no matter how tired, grumpy, hungry or any other excuse will.
At this point I can’t blame surgery, injuries, schedule shift or anything else. It’s all on me.
So I’m going to put in my time until my original camera angle is my best angle 😉

Might be getting shittier at squats 🤷🏼‍♀️
BUT- this is easier than it was 10 weeks ago. 165, 5x5.
I change up my shoes, I change up wearing a belt, I change up the music list.... whatever it takes to feel good and get the job done. .
That’s how you stay consistent. Figure out what doesn’t work for you and work around it. Play with the program, play with routine, but still do the routine!

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