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Karlo Baker  📕 Men's Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel Blog 💻 Entrepreneur|PublicSpeaker|Writer 🗣 Face of #Nero in #devilmaycry5 ❤️ Health & Fitness ✝ Christian 🏠

I absolutely LOVE what I do! Why? Because exactly 7 and a half years ago I woke up one day and decided to follow my own dreams rather than just follow and build someone else's and be miserable, complacent and demotivated for the rest of my life! Guess what, I haven't looked back since! 🙏👌 .

Even though I'm FAR away from perfect, successful or being at a place where I can retire for the rest of my life; I am at a place of gratefulness, contentment and peace, knowing that what I do is making a difference to my own world and to those around me! Waking up daily without regret and with joy, a clear vision and conviction to make a difference in this dying and broken world is worth more than gold! Hand on heart! 🖐️❤️ .

With that being said, it's one of the reasons I love public speaking and am pursuing it more and especially love speaking on topics that have the power to transform people's lives. .

This recent one hour talk was on the topic of "Belief and Value Driven Leadership Success". The funniest thing is that often very simple principles are the ones most often forgotten and not implemented. I have learnt that knowing something in your head compared to BELIEVING SOMETHING IN YOUR HEART are two VERY different things. .

Knowing that you are loved, skilled, are healthy and will succeed in life in your head is very different to believing those things in your heart. .

You can't teach your head what your heart doesn't believe FIRST. .

My simple dream is to inspire those around me to follow their dreams, fight their fears and NEVER take no for an answer. .

Remember this one thing: It's never to late, you are never to old or have never messed up too much to start making a difference and following your dreams TODAY! So what are you waiting for?! The time is NOW! .

Happy Thursday friends! 😊🙏❤️

Forgive yourself for the times you didn't have foresight to know and understand things that now seem so obvious in hindsight. .

Remember but don't regret, learn and don't forget! #lifelessons .

Happy Tuesday friends ❤️🙏 X

To make a difference in this world you don't need to start a million £ business. You just have to CARE. Care about things that really matter, the things that help others love, grow and live life better - longer! 😊❤️ Care is ultimately shown by your actions not just by your words. #wordsarecheap #actionsarestronger .

Feeding the hungry is part of caring, so I've partnered up with my friends @feed_apparel today to raise awareness for their AMAZING cause! .

They are a conscious fashion brand that fuse quality clothing and a social cause together by feeding people in need for EVERY item sold. 😍👍 .

As part of this I'm excited to announce TODAY'S special one-off PRIZE GIVEAWAY! .

YES, that's right I'm giving away 3 amazing, brand new prizes which include the following: .

a) 3rd Prize: FEED 100% Cotton Original T-shirt (colour of your choice) .

b) 2nd Prize: Limited Edition FEED Hoodie. (colour of your choice) .

c) 1st Prize: Full FEED Matching Tracksuit. (As seen in picture - pick any colour of your choice) .

All you need to do for a chance to win is:

1. Click on the link in my bio above and submit your name and email to be considered for one of these 3 amazing prizes so that we can email you, the winners. .

2. Tag two of your friends who need to hear about this in the comment section below. (Unlimited Entries) .

3. Hit like below and follow FEED @feed_apparel .

The retail value for the T-shirt is £22, for the Limited Edition Hoodie it's £40 & £73 for the Full Tracksuit + FREE shipping!! #worldwide 🌍 .

I will personally email the winners to say thank you and also give every single person who signs up a unique 25% discount code to use for anything you like on the website! 😊🙌🔥 . .

Winners will be announced and picked at random - Monday night, 16th April 2019 @ 12am! . .

Really looking forward to giving these away! Who wants to win some FREE stuff?!! 😍😬🤞🎁

Did anyone say it's casual dress Friday?! Well thought I'd redefine "casual" and bring some colour to the party tonight! Think I needed a change from suits and ties! 😜 .

Btw can anyone guess what character I am?! Also anyone who says I never dress up is lying!! Here's the evidence! 😙😏😬 .

Wishing you all a colourful weekend friends!! 😉❤️ X

What is your normal?! .

You base your normal on things that you have observed all your life, things that people have told you, things you experienced and things you have lived. We base our life on what we experience but is your "normal" the normal that is TRUE?! .

Disfunctional behaviour comes from a place of accepting non normal, damaging behaviour as your new "normal". Is living a life of loneliness, depression, fear, worry, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger your new normal? .

Can I ask - what are you comparing your "normal" to or should I say what are you comparing your TRUTH to?! .

Are you comparing your truth - your future to your past disfunction, pain and disappointment? To your family's past abuse, your last unhealthy relationship, your lost career, dreams and hopes? Are you living in your past and creating your future based on your past brokeness? Are they becoming your truths NOW? Don't settle for anything less than GREATNESS! .

When you know who you are you will know who you are not! If you don't know who you are you will morph into any identity that people or society around you label you with! You will not change into someone you were meant to be nor into someone who is destined for greatness but into someone who has been fashioned to conform, fit in and shut up! You will start putting on masks and adapting to various personality types depending on who you are with, and once they are all gone you will be left feeling confused, ending up not accepting your true self. YOU. .

So is that your current normal? Are you letting the world predict your worth, who you are, what you are capable of - your normal? .

I am ugly, unskilled, tired, hurting, lost, unworthy, old, fragile, a pushover, just a number... STOP right there! .

Let me tell you about who you really are and about the normal you deserve:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are unique, skilled, talented and beautiful just the way you are, full of potential and life! Fact. Remind yourself DAILY, write it down, say it out loud - whatever it takes! .

Never settle for less! You were made for greatness - always align your normal with truth not feelings! .

Happy Tuesday! 😊❤️

First off: No I didn't colour my hair WHITE! I was tempted but decided to go for highlights and a trim instead for now! I'm sorry to disappoint all of you DMC5 fans out there! 😬😉❤️ .

More importantly I am excited to announce TODAY'S special DevilMayCry5 PRIZE GIVEAWAY! YES, that's right I'm giving away 3 amazing, brand new prizes which include the following: .

a) 3rd Prize: DMC5 Limited Edition Signed T-shirt .

b) 2nd Prize: Limited Edition Signed Snapback .

c) 1st Prize: Limited Edition Signed DMC5 PlayStation Video Game .

All you need to do for a chance to win is:
1. Follow the link below and submit your name and email to be considered for one of 3 prizes! .

http://karlobaker.com/devilmaycry5-prize-give-away .

2. Tag two of your friends in the comment section below! .

The retail value is nearly $200 for the Limited Edition Video Game, $80 for the Limited Edition T-shirt and $60 for the Limited Edition Snapback! .

For the winners I will personally email you and sign and write ANY message you want on the prizes! You tell me and I'll customise them for you! 😊🙏 .

Winners will be announced and picked at random - tomorrow Monday, 8th April @ 12am! .

Look forward to giving these away! Who wants to win some FREE stuff?!! 😍 .

One last thing - my latest interview with the "Russian DMC Gaming Community" will be released shortly! 😊 I'll let you know once it's out and you can head over and read up on me answering some of the unanswered questions DMC5 fans have been asking me and the team for over 9 months now! 😜 .

Thanks again so much for all the love and support you guys are showing! Bigger and even greater things ahead!! 🙃 .

Karlo ❤️🙏 X

That awkward moment when you were meant to briefly pop out to the shop to buy milk for the office but instead find yourself sitting at @bluetitlondon having Oatmilk Lattes and getting your hair cut and coloured white for an hour and a half... .

Upps, well that's life I guess...it's called #beingspontaneous .

Happy Friday 🌍 !! 😬😉❤️ X

How's everyones week going?! 🙂 Don't know about you guys but I love exploring new restaurants and bars especially in a great city like London! 🏙️👣🥙🥃 .

Saying that, after a manic workday I equally enjoy winding down over some delicious food & wine at a restaurant I know will be good. Anyone the same? Like that place you always go to?! 😋 This is probably one of those days - playing it safe today... 😉 .

If you haven't yet been you definitely need to check out - The Fish! Borough Market restaurant, located right in the 💓 of London inside Borough Market. The food (especially the fresh fish) & wine is close to non and ALWAYS delicious every time I go! 😊🤤 .

A MASSIVE thank you to Rebeka and her team for being so super sweet and taking care of us so well! 😌🙏🙌💯 .

On the topic of quality restaurants, what kind of food do you love? Any cuisine or restaurant recommendations in London you can share with me?! Always on the look out for new places to go! Any advice send my way please. 🙂🙏 .

Have a great night everyone! 😊❤️ X

Throwback to the DevilMayCry5 release weekend! Wanted to give a massive shout-out to all the DMC5 fans that have been supporting me and the team over the past year. .

You guys have been absolutely amazing! ☺️❤️ Also wanting to give a SPECIAL thanks to those who travelled from far and wide to hang out with us at the meet and greet shows, with some of you even travelling from other countries including: Australia, Iceland, Norway, South Korea, Ghana, China and even South Africa! You know who you are!! We have been absolutely blown away by all of you, so THANK YOU!
😍😚🙏 .

Mentioning all this, I want to genuinely say that I have really appreciated and enjoyed getting to know so many of you beautiful people over the past year and look forward to many more exciting years ahead! I truly value ALL of your continued support and love! 🤗 .

This is only the beginning so stay tuned for more!! .

Enjoy your Sunday friends. 😊🙏🙌 X

The issue is not saying something wrong, the issue is saying NOTHING AT ALL! .

Stand up against the things that are wrong in this world. Poverty, injustice, hate, violence, inequality - you name it! Regardless, one thing I do know is that YOUR voice counts! So use it. ✊🙏

What are the things you are passionate about to change for the better? ❤️🗣️✌️ .

Happy Sunday friends! 🙂 X

When everything seems to be going against you and you feel like quitting, HOLD TIGHT and remember WHY you started! 🙏✊💥❤️ .

Happy Thursday Friends! 😊 X

Never be afraid of raising your voice and making a stand for truth, honesty, compassion and justice! 🗣️🖐️✌️ .

Things like this are worth standing up for without compromise! No matter who tells it or who it is for or against if even if you stand alone! It's a human right and we should all deserve these things! .

If everyone would do that the world would be changed forever! #changemakers .

What do you choose? 🙏✋❤️

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