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I'm officially a S A U R D I F F. 🎉 Thank you @hmzabka for this cute hanger! ❤ #adventureswiththesaurdiffs #adventuresofAandK2016 #marriedlife #photocred :@jadie.jo

Happy Birthday to our best friend @dik68 🎉🎈 We have so much love for you Dik. You are not just our best friend, you're family; you are our brother. All our big and little moments in life have been with you there and we wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you for being an amazing friend to us and we love you. Happy Birthday and 26 sure looks good on you! ❤ photo 📷: @jadie.jo

Afraid of heights but we did it. ❤ #seattle #spaceneedle

My favorite thing about this wall is how colorful it is. #gumwall #colorful #pikemarket #seattle #adventures

Nothing stops us from traveling ✈️ - not even a cold or an ear infection. #adventureswithaustinms #adventureswiththesaurdiffs #pikemarket #seattle

Two years ago today, Austin and I made the decision to get Milo a little sister. It was a bit impulsive at the time. When we first saw her, she came up running to us and just crashed into my lap. I fell in love, she was the cutest little thing.😍 She loves to play fetch for hours and loves to cuddle up to Milo. She has made our lives full of crazy adventures, joy, and love. ❤️ #lunalovegolden #goldenretriever #snowpup #inlove #myfurbaby🐾 #somuchlove

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