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KARL LAGERFELD  ‘Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously.’ 🕶 Welcome to the world of #KARLLAGERFELD. Shop the feed at

Sending lots of love to Choupette today as she celebrates her 7th birthday! 🎉 #KARLLAGERFELD

#KARLLAGERFELDKIDS are getting ready to head back to school … with a whole new wardrobe! Click the link in the bio to discover more. #KARLLAGERFELD


When you can’t decide if your style is more classic or rocky … strike a blend between the two. #KARLLAGERFELD

Glimpse behind-the-scenes as @kaiagerber and #KARLLAGERFELD prepare for an exclusive collaboration. Sign up for the newsletter by clicking the link in the bio to learn more. #KARLXKAIA

Coming soon: the ultimate fashion collaboration with @kaiagerber. Click the link in the bio to sign up and be the first to know more! #KARLXKAIA

The carry-everywhere K/Klassik! #KARLLAGERFELD

Playing hide-and-seek with Choupette! 👀 #KARLLAGERFELD

Rocket launch complete! Karl and Choupette go planet-hopping in the new “Karl in Space” collection 🚀 Click the link in the bio for more. #KARLLAGERFELD

Summer vibes 🌴 #KARLXKAIA

Get to know @kaiagerber , the newest member of #TeamKarl, as she talks about fashion, jetlag and her bucket list. Click the link in the bio to read the complete interview with her! #KARLLAGERFELD

Black, white and a touch of glitter. Step into the new season with these slip-on sneakers. 😎 #KARLLAGERFELD

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