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Such a happy weekend with my family together for Jason and Christie's wedding! I'm grateful my brother chose such an amazing woman to be my sister! :) however my highlight was that we got to contribute for the first time in the grandkid photo 😉😘 #valentimetobeBosler #mawiage

I have to admit.... being pregnant isn't my most favorite thing in the world. However, it does amaze me how incredible God made women to be. Our bodies make miracles, our bodies are miracles. I'm also hugely grateful to have a husband who stands by me daily, supports me, and helps me stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. If it weren't for him, I probably still wouldn't be doing yoga! Although this sequence isn't much, I've learned to mindfully listen to my body as I work out. I've learned (as silly as it sounds) how to breathe! It makes me feel empowered and forget that my body is "limited" right now. Because in reality, my body is working harder and in more complex ways than it ever has before! Truly amazed by the many gifts of God❤️ Oh, and this shirt fit 2 weeks ago. 🤰 enjoy the bump! Haha.

It's funny how much closer a mother & daughter get once she moves away and realizes what a wreck she is without her mother! Thanks Mom for all the healthy recipes, dried beans, encouraging words, and oil massages you've given me! You're the most encouraging and loving friend and mother ❤️

I should've taken the eye pillow and cold water my yoga instructor also offered me during savasana (corpse pose)... #pregnancyperks #queenspose #savasana

The Ohio people look at me and say "you're having a boy!!" Haha, wonder what makes them think that... #31weekspregnant #bigbaby #welchwedo

Just found my letters from Hong Kong and am feeling extremely grateful for those 18months. Proud of all the women out there serving missions / preparing to serve! #2014 #ChinaHongKongMission #中國香港

My boy and I celebrating hitting the 3rd Tri! 💙
#henna #JennaScow #pregnantbelly #bellyart

#25weeks, Baby is the size of a cauliflower! It's feeling (and looking) real ☺

He's lucky he's so dang hot... he's forgiven for not teaching me how to fill out a bracket for March Madness ❤ #loveofmylife #fathertobe #3moremonths ❤

I'll always trust you when it comes to picking out Nike swag. Thanks Sugar Daddy!😏 @brazilianjuice #NikeRosheOneLX #Nikeshoes

Anyone want some fried rice? How about CAULIFLOWER rice? 👏😏 I think I like it more than normal fried rice :) plus it's all #veggies.

Proud of my hubby and all that he does for the gym and family. #ProvoCrossFit #crossfit #WOD @saltlakejake_

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