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Karli Bosler Welch  Wife and mommy ❤️

I am so happy that Zeke loves his stroller! He didn’t make a peep the entire run! However he is by far the most challenging running partner I’ve ever had, especially while running those Provo hills. #strongmoms

Our favorite time!

10 months already?! This sweet boy has been developing such a fun personality. He loves to crawl, “get” daddy, growl, get chased and tickled; he loves to make fart noises with his mouth (great, the fart jokes start already), copy Mom and Dad, and follow us everywhere! He also loves the swing, outdoors, and of course the crossfit gym. Always. Thanks to all my lovely friends and family who help watch him when times aren’t as pleasant! It’s definitely a combined effort of maaaany people who make Zeke happy and healthy.

Proud of these two. They were finalists for BYU’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year for Provo CrossFit! Thanks @brazilianjuice for making Provo CrossFit grow so that we could dress up all fancy last night 😘 #provocrossfit #blacktie

I got to go see my best friend with my best cousin. I’m a lucky girl to have such incredible women in my life! #glennmillerorchestra #gmo

My sweet Mr. Curiosity is 8 months old. He loves looking out the window and watching the cars drive by, and loves sitting in the grocery cart so he can flirt with every. Single. Person. That walks by! He also goes to bed at 7pm and, besides 1 or 2 quick feedings in the middle of the night, doesn’t get up until 7:30/8am. If you give him bananas, you’ll become his best friend. LOVE HIM.

This past year, I’ve seen a lot of incredible growth in my man (and some growth I don’t want to see, as in that creepy mustache), and I couldn’t be prouder of him. I love being his wife! Happy Valentine’s Day to my spontaneous, funny, and ripped husband!

He has my jeans. ❤️

Two years with the man of my dreams has been filled of incredible things I never even dreamt of happening! So of course, tonight we decided to do something neither of us have ever done before: a painting class! And we had it all to ourselves! I love this man. You’re my favorite person. 😍😘 #2years #Jan23

“I smell snow.” -Lorelei Gilmore. First time💕

@emilyrichardson.24 this one’s for you 😘 #zekemode

Sooo excited to add another sister to the Welch fam!! My brother-in-law Matt married his high school sweetheart and I couldn’t be happier for them!! They’re meant to be ❤️

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