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Karli Ingersoll  Co-owner of @bartlettspokane, musician/songwriter @windoemusic @cathedralpearls @supersparkletheband, designer.

Do not be discouraged. Touch something real. Kiss a cheek, hug a dog, eat ice cream. It’s always “and”. Never “or”. (Thank you @amylynnhen for a real crazy perspective on that) Be sad and concerned. Freak out so that things can change. AND cherish the blessings you’ve been given. Let them motivate you to lift someone else up. A friend lost their dad last week but I have to still feel happy that I have a dad I love and that feels really weird and almost offensive. Duality is so hard it feels impossible. But if we are going to make it out of all of this alive daily we have got to learn how to be better at it and not be overcome. We can’t let the bad make the good feel trivial. For me, taking breaks to paint pointless signs for my garden so I remember what type of onion I planted helps. But hello, I feel a lot of ouch over being born an American right now.

Love you dad! 💙

The word is officially out. We signed a lease two months ago on a space for a 2nd venue. All sorts of feelings running wild over here and a lot of work to do. 👷🏼‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️ 🚧🏗

Thanks for the portrait @youngblackmale. @supersparkletheband makes me smile inside and out. ✨

I wasn’t going to write a gushy post about #volume2018 but I really can’t not. 😬 I’ve had a lot of realizations lately about Spokane. A lot. And a big core thing I keep feeling is that it’s finally the place I’ve always wanted to live. For so many years my dreams of Spokane were frustratingly aspirational. Knowing the potential was there but feeling like everyone and everything was behind. Like the talent has always been there but the scale on which is could operate what so much lower than what I thought possible. But the truth is we all just needed a little time and we needed to put in the hard work. @volumespokane to me is a crazy awesome harvest of a lot of that hard work. And it’s only possible because a lot of people have been committed for a LONG time to what they believe in and what they have set out to invest in long term. It was such a fun weekend (duh) but it was also such an important moment for me as a person that takes up space in this music scene. I feel safe here and supported here as an organizer/musician/designer BUT not only that, I feel insanely inspired by the people around me and that truly makes me feel at home. 💜💜💜💜 Photo by @erickdoxey of @sarahberentson and I singing together. #involume #volume509


A fast and fabulous day at Sasquatch. Feeling very lucky.

Light of my life.

A daydream. 💙

My flight was delayed tonight and I had to sit on the plane for an hour so I listened to the new Leon Bridges for the millionth time and counted my blessings. And forgave myself for forgetting what’s important because I’m too busy striving to do everything I have to do and everything I want to do. I’m grateful for the people in my life who don’t care about what I accomplish but are just really good at being around.

I count it a blessing daily that I get to be this woman’s daughter. Motherhood for my mom has been a lot of things and she has exuded unwavering love and compassion in them all. She is pure of heart, dedicated, resolved, kind, gracious and always seeking to do better and love others more. I’m so grateful for you mom!

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