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Karlie Kloss  Six foot two giraffe from the Lou🦒❤️ 👇🏻Trailblazers of STEAM👇🏾

Feeling like summer with this June 2018 @voguespain cover! ❤️🇪🇸🌸

Devastating. On average every day in America 96 people are shot and killed. My thoughts are with the families of #SantaFe, but we need to start paying attention to the every day gun violence plaguing our communities throughout the country.

For when your day is never ending. Green @liptonicetea. #RestoreYourself #ad

Cannes Cannes Cannes #tbt


Women make up nearly HALF of the gaming community, but there aren’t nearly enough women behind the creation of these video games... and then there’s Dayo. Dayo is a senior technical artist who’s love for art and code intersects at @Activision, the company responsible for some of the most popular video games ever (a few of @iJustine favorites!)

Lina and Brooke are trailblazers taking on the huge task of re-engineering our favorite foods in a way that is better for our bodies and our planet 🍔💜🌏

@astro_cady and Powtache’s roles are vital @NASA. While Cady’s passion for astrophysics has launched her into orbit, Powtache is back on earth as a navigation engineer -- a sort of deep space human GPS. They are on a quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe and explain that what happens up there affects us down here 🌎

So proud to present the Trailblazers of STEAM, Episode 1️⃣ #ad @torischein is a 25-year-old engineer @Ford and already holds 30+ patents. Along with Alexandra Ford English, these ladies are leading the charge for mobility solutions. What is that? You know when you park your car and your phone remembers where you left it? (So helpful.) Yea, they do that—and so much more. I went to the Ford Hub, an innovation lab where they put their brains to work to disrupt the auto industry and improve the way you get to your destination safely and responsibly. Full vid in the link in bio.

Typical Monday

Today and every day I appreciate how blessed I am to have this woman in my life. Not just because she is the most loving, thoughtful, creative and selfless human on the planet. But because I know how fragile life is and how important and special every day is. One of the earliest memories I have of my mom is when she was battling aggressive breast cancer at the age of 35, and being the resilient and stubborn woman she is, she survived.
My entire life, my mom has always been our super hero, not just because she is the most graceful and kind human on 🌏 , and can effortlessly do a million things at once, or because she can tactfully solve any problem or sisterly fight, or because she always makes the magic happen, but because she has taught my sisters and I what it means to live a life full of love and passion. I am grateful for my super hero mom and I don’t take a single day for granted. Happy Mother’s Day today and everyday❤️

🕶 twinning with Gma

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