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Karla Reed  Mother of 👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼 If you think my feed is messy you should see my house🙈 🌴Orange County, CA 🌴 Karla.reed@me.com Snapchat-->karlarreed

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sneaks in after they fall asleep to take a million pictures?! #momarazzi 📸📸

The motherhood diet- willingly giving up your portion for the baby who spits it out while asking your toddler for her leftovers and getting rejected🙃

It's not always matching bliss with this one👯🙃 Swipe left to see why I think she may have a career on stage☹️😠😩😟 #VBxTarget

Charlotte and I decided to collect pink rocks at the beach today. It's amazing what you find when you really start looking for it💕

I know I usually try to tell you a "behind the scenes of what's going on in this picture so you know our day wasn't perfect and as easy as this photo makes it look" in my captions...but the truth is... today was PERFECT...and that's worth documenting too❤️❤️❤️ #motherhoodisarollercoaster #imalongfortheride🎢🙌🏼

During Lucy's nap Charlotte and I have been heading out to the back yard for a little one on one time, doing things we can't do when sissy is around 🚼🚫. Her activity of choice this week has been painting and everyday she asks if we can make sparkly rainbows 🌈 . I'm bias but I think hers is a work of art😍. This week we've also been snacking on goodies from @puregrowthorganic! My favs have been the strawberry breakfast biscuits and these spicy veggie chips😋😋. Charlotte is loving the Chocolate cookies in the shape of Mickey and the popcorn! We'll be making a trip to Walmart this weekend to grab more! Finding good snacks to have on hand SAVES me most days... If not for their sake but for hangry mama's sake🙈🙈 #puregrowthorganic #sponsor

Big sis tax😜 #charlottelucystyle

Rolling into the weekend hot! #TGIF🙌🏼

Someone is almost 15 months and shows no interest in walking on her own but shows much interest in climbing up everything in sight and giving her mom a heart attack 😯😲😵😰 || bonded leather play mat by @gathre👌🏼#ryleeandcruxgathre

I hope they always let their mama in on their girl gang🙏🏼🤗 #squadgoals

These two drove me absolutely nuts today....but now they're in bed and I have an overwhelming urge to go wake them up to kiss their faces and hear their giggles and tell them one more time how much I love them❤️❤️❤️

Anyone else have kids who constant try to snatch your tooth brush??😑🙅🏼 #eww. As I've shared before Charlotte has pretty bad teeth (something she gets from me unfortunately🙈). I'm trying to teach her from a young age about proper dental hygiene so we started brushing our teeth in the mornings together and I let her use my new Elite Sonic Toothbrush from Vanity Planet😁. It's perfect because it comes with 3 interchangeable heads that you sanitize after each use under the UV light in the back of the charging base. So I don't have to worry about sharing bacteria and germs (I love my kid but sharing a tooth brush is🤢). It also has a two minute timer built in with a pause every 30 seconds to make sure you focus evenly on all areas of your mouth! I can't say enough good things about it! And right now you can use code BRUSH45 at vpwow.com/brush45 for 75% off🙌🏼 This would make a great mother's or father's day gift! #vanityplanet #elitesonictoothbrush #sponsor

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