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karla diaz cano  ✏️ artist 🌈 i believe in color + magic 📷 creator behind @tiklari + @rawmona ⭐️ making creative concepts come to life👇🏻

estoy pensando en ofrecer un download gratis (y eventualmente algun curso online) en mi website de como hacer que tu marca sea visualmente consistente, el uso de color, como hacer tu website en squarespace, etc. no me decido si deberia hacerlo en español o ingles. siento que hay mas informacion en ingles y mas necesidad en español. en que idioma sienten que seria mas util para ustedes? /// feeling into the idea on offering a free download (an eventually some online course?) on my website - how to make your brand visually consistent, photo styling, the use of color, advice for making your own sites on squarespace, and such. i am wondering, should i offer it in english, or spanish?. i feel there is so much more information in english than in spanish. what do you guys feel there is more of a need for? which language would you prefer?

i just launched my newest @tiklari collection with a new + improved website yesterday. doing your own thing is highly rewarding and equally scary. even when i am confident that i love my creations, i still feel fearful when i put my work out there sometimes. what if i don’t make sales? what if people don’t like it? what if this, what if that? i know it comes back to trusting that whatever happens, all is good, but sometimes it’s so hard to stay in that positive mindset! 🤦🏻‍♀️ #stars #star #ilovestars #balloon #balloons #livethelittlethings

⭐️ what do you wish existed? ⭐️

baby grapes + baby blueberries + strawberries + raspberries: treasures found today for making @rawmona #illustrations

sometimes, we don’t aim for the stars because we believe we won’t be able to reach them. and most of the time, it is a story made up by our minds and the stars are, in reality, much closer than we think... ⭐️ #pastelsquares #pastel #pastels #stars #star #ilovestars #balloon #balloons

🍍are pinecones related to pineapples? 🤔🍍

since i started exploring the lechtin-free diet, this is my go-to breakfast: romaine + spinach + whatever greens i have in my fridge + parsley + mint + fresh ginger + 1/2 avocado + 2-3 tbsp hemp seeds + fresh turmeric + juice from 1 lime + stevia (drops) + collagen (sometimes) >> blended with ice and water. i would not have thought i would love a smoothie without any fruit in it... but i do 💚

🍌🍌banana yellow🍌🍌

i wish i could just make pretty things all day long. who else is with me? ⭐️

those beach days without to-do lists or responsibilities... i love what i do. i am grateful to be able to live off of making things: jewelry, websites, photos. however, there are the administrative + accounting days that are not my absolute favorite and i would much rather be there ☝🏻🤷🏻‍♀️🌴☀️🙏🏼💕✨ #costarica #iseelifeincolor

when a flower petal looks like a bird, you can make #magic ✨🌿 #pastel #pastels #pastelsquares

“if you look the right way, you will see the whole world is a garden” 🌸🌼🌿🌸🌼🌿 - the secret garden #pastel #pastels #pastelsquares

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