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•🏍✨🔥• Rippin Runs•

Been reminiscing about the last couple of years of travel. Crazy to think that tomorrow, I’ll have lived a quarter of a century.
I’m going to be spending the first couple hours of my birthday tomorrow chasing the aurora up in the arctic circle.
Fingers crossed the skies open up and give me a birthday gift.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🏔☁️🚤• Space Sailing •

Found this boat cutting through the glassy morning reflection of this completely random fjord out here in Norway.
Crazy what the road side views look like out here.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🌇✨☁️• Light Latch •
Reminiscing about running around Hong Kong looking for the best views the city has to offer.
Caught these amazing colors overlooking the city just as the sun came up.
@Kowloonshangrila Thanks for being such excellent hosts and showing us this amazing view.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🏔🕴🏾❄️• White Walker •

For some reason views like this always seem more satisfying when you work to get them.
Spent yesterday hiking in the rain and chasing good light with @alliemtaylor @giuligartner and @bendevine. Looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful place over the next couple of days.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•✨🛣✨• Highway to Heaven •

For @instagram’s #whpuptome challenge, I went around looking for aesthetically pleasing roads up in the Finnish Lapland. Found this highway winding into the morning light just as the sun came up. These little moments are my favorite thing about being on the road. #whproadtrip

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•❄️🏠🏔•Viking Village •

The feedback from the reindeer post a couple of days ago has been so important. I have a duty to perpetuate responsible and positive outdoor behavior especially if I’m consistently encouraging people to stay adventurous.
If you missed it, I posted a photo and video flying my drone too close to a family of reindeer.

I realize now that appreciating wild life is best done when your subjects have no idea you’re in the area. Posting images and video like the one I did could motivate another creative to strive after something like that. The last thing I want to do is prompt another creator to put animals in danger.

I’ve made a promise to myself to never compromise the safety of other animals and people for the purpose of telling a more invigorating story.
Looking forward to growing even more over the next couple.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•❄️🌲🔥• Frigid Fire •

A couple of days ago @ryanresatka stumbled upon this perfectly framed snow tunnel pointing towards this weirdly shaped Dr. Seuss looking tree.

When the light got perfect, @evolumina, @braybraywoowoo and I scurried right back to the hole to watch the light pour through.

The fog you see in the photo is actually not fog but a failed hot water spray attempt that ended up turning out very aesthetically pleasing.

Safe to say I’ve found my new favorite winter location.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🌲❄️🏠• Winter Wonderland •

Yesterday evening, @evolumina and I spent the very last bit of sunlight running around this neighborhood in search of winterY scenes.
It’s crazy to think that people live in this arctic marvel all year long and get to call these views their backyard.

Swipe right to see a video of what this frozen winter wonderland looks like.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•❄️🕴🏾✨• Snow Seeker •

What happens when you throw up boiling hot tea into the air when it’s below freezing? Magic that’s what.
Because the water in the air is super energetic, it freezes instantly and dances in the light creating this super cool effect. Easy to see why everyone loves doing this when it gets cold outside.

I couldn’t decide on what frame I loved best, so I posted a couple of my favorite angles of this interesting phenomenon. Let me know what angle is your favorite ?
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🐶❄️💂🏾‍♀️• Friendly Frost •

I don’t always post these in between moments during my travels but I couldn’t resist sharing this cute little fella with you guys.
Swipe to see me stuff him into my jacket in an attempt to secretly take him back home.
Thanks for the unbearably cute times @lammintupa
Tune in tomorrow for your regular sizzler programming.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•🌲🕴🏾🌲• Walking Wonders •

Sometimes the gear I have isn’t sufficient to capture the magnitude of the scene I’m experiencing. I usually have to get creative to turn the experience into a photograph.
This single frame is made up of 6 separate photos stitched together to better show the magnitude of these absolutely ginormous trees.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

•⛰🕴🏾✨• Dirt Drives •

Currently out here in Finland wading in neck deep snow. I’m confident I’ll never feel my toes again. At least it’s beautiful out here.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

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