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KARISSA ABBOTT  I love my husband, my Jovi, doodle pup, traveling and eating pizza. OC🍊 ✉️karissakp@yahoo.com

I’ll be wrapped around that tiny little finger for life✨ #JoviKay

I remember praying for the things I have now❤️

Went to Italy last night for date night❤️ Just the two of us...actually the three of us👶🏻✨

🎅🏻: Yo, tell me what you want what you really really want🎶Jovi: MOM!!!!! #santafail #merrychristmas #betterlucknextyear

At home in our cozy’s eating cookies is our happy place⭐️🍪❤️

Patrick talking to Harley:
If I knew I was going to be surrounded by all girls you would have been a boy 🐕 #girldad Sidenote: I swear this furball knows I’m pregnant! She’s so protective over me! Anyone else feel like your dog just knows?! Use code KARISSA20 for a discount on your order from @vicidolls

Oh, baby Jo❤️ This photo gives me alllll the feels! I can’t believe next Christmas I’ll have two baby girls to love on, spoil and wear matching beanies with✨ Patrick and I can’t agree on a name for babygirl for the life of us! Hellllp! Can you guys give me some cute name ideas?! 📸: @everglow.photo

Grow babygirl, grow🤰🏻Taking that little Barney lover in the back to the doctor right now because she hasn’t been feeling too hot😞 Hoping she gets better soon🤞🏼KARISSA20 for a discount on your purchase @vicidolls 🖤

I’ve been catching myself talking about the future and saying things like “the girls” and I’m just so excited...and so is she👆🏼! JK she has no clue but maybe she’ll start to understand more once my belly pops?! Did you mamas start showing sooner your second time around? Also, dying over Jovi in this Juicy tracksuit😩💗 #kidzfashion #fashionkids #justbaby #babyblogger

OMG SISTERS!!! 💗🙈🙌🏻 We were seriously both so surprised and totally expecting blue confetti to come flying! To be honest, I was in shock but this morning I woke up so freaking excited!!! Two little girls to dress up, two little girls that will have each other forever and two little girls to completely melt our hearts! I’ve told Patrick from the start that he was destined to be a GIRL DAD💕 June 1st can’t come soon enough!!! #genderreveal #sisters #inspirepregnancy #thebump #stylishbump #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement


BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS✨ Okay guys! Tomorrow we’re doing the gender reveal! What do you think! BOY OR GIRL?! 💙💗 #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #genderreveal

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