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Kari Rowe  LAKOTA | OJIBWE | IRISH | MOMENT CREATOR | ROAD TRIPPER | All photos are my own unless otherwise credited.


The wind whipped our faces, filling our eyes with tears and covering our faces with grains of salt. I lick my lips, the salt sends my tounge into retreat at the back of my mouth. This is an amazing planet, I cannot get enough!

My best friend.

This planet. How could someone ever look at her and think, let's tear her up, rape her resources and make some money. We need to realize that to be truly rich all you have to do is breathe, soak in her gifts and beauty. (The boys look like tiny specs on the top left)

Our only neighbor is a buffalo, the only sound, the white wind whipping across our ears. The odors it carries with it make me question my ability to distinguish between that of a pleasant or unpleasant smell. This is a Great Lake.

The road is long and winding, we know we will never reach the end. But it's moments like this that make our paths on this earth that much easier to treck.

The air is heavy and stale, the smoke holding the heat begins to squeeze my lungs tighter with every breath. The midday sunlight looks as if it is moments before sunset, covering the landscape with an eerie and unpleasant warmth.
I wipe the sweat from my forehead and bend down to pickup another pile of cut branches. Dust circling my feet and the beads of sweat burning into the cuts on my arms.
I fight back tears, welling from a pain much deeper than the cuts on my arms, from a place of darkness and sorrow we all share. From that place of loss. It's been a year today, a year since we lost an amazing man. A year since I lost someone that gave me so much hope, inspiration and joy. Someone who never failed to make me believe him when he said "it's ok, I got you". A year since I last heard him giggle as he roasted me. It feels like just yesterday we were flying down the highway, I miss you, everyday. I wish I could tell you how much you inspired me to follow my heart and fight for what I believe in. Thank you for all you did during the short time we got to call each other friends...
Another blackberry bush grabs hold of me, suddenly the beat of the music from my headphones matches the throbbing of the spots on my hands where my gloves gave way to the spines of the bush. My drifting mind shifts back to the smoke filled sky, burning trees to the north, my throbbing hands and the ominous future of the planet.
Love you forever and ever my friend.

The canyon walls looked as if they were bleeding. Tears of red, telling stories of the past, warning us of the future to come. We drive for hours, the beauty of the landscape leaving us in awe. Only to be outdone by the next corner turned. The excitement filling my body, this is mylife, this is the planet we get to care for. The oversized bag of bricks left by this mornings news from the White House, begins slowly lifting its weight from my chest. I smile as we take one last turn to the campsite. The sight of them sends that ton of bricks crashing back onto my chest with such force I think it might break me. Oil wells, followed by signs warning of the oil filled snakes running beneath our feet. Invisible, like the reaper, like cancer, their greed creeping into every vein our mother has.

He holds it in his hand, it's breathing slowing, it's big eyes open and close one last time. He strokes it's barely formed feathers and holds it close as its head comes to its final resting place on his thumb. He lays it's limp body on the warmth of a nearby rock as the cool breeze floats down the gorge, lifting the smell of the remaining water and the wild horses that live here to my watering eyes. I keep imagining the little guy jumping up and taking off, "he was just in shock" I would squeal with glee as he flys back to his family. But it does not move, Aaron turns to me, we say our prayers and lay tobacco for our departed winged baby brother. Turning back the way we came, the smell of warm sage dancing on the heat waves infront of us. I step forward and look back one last time, his little body still laying where we left him, soaking up the warmth of the sun. Fly free little one. 💔

The rain eased for a moment, the fog began to lift and we could see beyond the cliff to our right. The breath of the forest floating up to meet the low hanging clouds. The road ahead scattered with broken branches, untouched since the winter storm. A cool, wet air, hanging silently around us; silence broken by the drops of kept rain from the branches above. We moved forwards into the unknown, the beauty of its endless potential filling our bodies. #standupformotherearrh #mniwichoni

Breakfast with a view. Nature never has to think, she just exists, in perfect harmony. Everything has its place and there is a place for everything. It's time for us to reclaim ours. #waterprotectors #mniwiconi

Letting the wind take me, and the road lay itself infront of me. Quiet your mind, listen to your soul, it knows what you need; your body will follow. To each and every wonderful relative I have met so far, thank you. Thank you for teaching me what you have and I look forward to embracing those of you I will meet on the road ahead. 📸 @_spiritwarrior_

If you walk your truth, follow your spirit in kindness and love. You will always find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be.

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