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To be lost is merely finding a new path you may not have otherwise taken.

The colors saturate my senses, with each reflection of light a memory, a smell, a sound, a taste, a feeling. It's amazing how one does not exist without the rest.

When I'm lost, my mind incapable of understanding the hate and greed, and the world is breaking my heart. I disconnect, I let my feet guide me. It never fails that I end up somewhere that makes me forget all that. If only for a second, the upside down and backwards of this world seems just as simple as it is complex.

He moves at his own speed, in his own direction, and won't take shit from anyone. I was excited to meet this cool dude and help get him out of harms way. Until he came at me like a wild cat. Never judge a book by its cover, or a turtle by its reputation.

This little one turned 19 last weekend. It's crazy to think that 18.5 years ago I was changing her diapers and teaching her to swim. To watch someone grow up and begin to find herself and what makes her happy is the most amazing thing I could think of. You are one genuinely beautiful human @astridgalitzine, I am so proud of you and I love you more than you may ever know.

I try to turn it off, the noise, my brain. The millions of thoughts constantly whizzing by at any given moment, testing the capabilities of my consciousness as if it were the autobahn. No matter how hard I try to breath and slow the traffic to a crawl, I have little to no success. There is always a before, an after, a what if and a what's to come fighting for what little space I have left. I am learning to embrace this ability to be in constant motion in a healthy way. I seek out activities and people that help me focus. My projects always begin and never end. Over the years, I have come to realize that this high speed race of ideas and inspiration is the way I like it, and there is nothing wrong with that. Here's to all my fellow project starters, motivation givers, movers, explorers and those who keep me in the moment when my brain tries so hard to take me somewhere else. I love you all!

Some days, well, most days. I wake up feeling like the weight of the world has found its resting place on my chest. No matter how deep I inhale the oxygen doesn't satisfy my lungs. With every breath they scream for more! I tell myself to move, get up, do my best to make the world a better place and maybe this pain will subside. But it's always there, it never leaves. So I smile harder and love deeper. I live with anxiety and depression, it's a real thing that for too many years I buried under bottles of medication. Our society needs to stop treating the symptoms with opioids and alcohol and start looking at the cause. The best medicine I have found is open discussion and connection with those who suffer the same, self love and letting others know how to help me when I'm down. To those of you I know personally and those I have yet to meet but see this. I am here, I will listen, I will love and I will never judge. Reach out whenever, wherever, for whatever. I love you!

I am so honored and humbled by the amazing people I have the privilege to call friends. Their ability to remain connected and grounded, to strive to learn from others, honor and grow with those they meet, to respect the world around them and all the living things within it. It's these things that remind me that we are the light, we can illuminate those around us if we only choose to burn just a little bit brighter. ❤️ @jamieanderson

The wind whipped our faces, filling our eyes with tears and covering our faces with grains of salt. I lick my lips, the salt sends my tounge into retreat at the back of my mouth. This is an amazing planet, I cannot get enough!

My best friend.

This planet. How could someone ever look at her and think, let's tear her up, rape her resources and make some money. We need to realize that to be truly rich all you have to do is breathe, soak in her gifts and beauty. (The boys look like tiny specs on the top left)

Our only neighbor is a buffalo, the only sound, the white wind whipping across our ears. The odors it carries with it make me question my ability to distinguish between that of a pleasant or unpleasant smell. This is a Great Lake.

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