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Give me a melon lemonade and I'm happy 🍉🍉

Oh yup, the cast is still on. It has been an interesting time for me so far. I thought I'd be miserable, I thought it would be hard and I thought I'd miss movement so so much. But the truth is I don't. Because I modify. Yup, I cannot climb, I cannot do inversions and I cannot do full on yoga. But I can hang on some of the stones in a climbing hall, I can train my core and my arms to support my future handstands and I can modify my yoga practice to fit my needs. Actually, there's not much that changed. The struggle happens only if you allow it to happen. ✨💪

Leg in a cast means going through old pictures and finding gems like this ❤️

the soul is its own body.
it too, needs undressing.
it too, craves bareness.
- isra al-thibeh

Tělo. Součást jednoho velkého přírodního celku. Fakt, že se příroda kolem nás mění ze dne na den vidíme, chápeme a dokážeme přijmout. To, že se spolu s ní mění i naše tělo? To už je větší oříšek. Že jsme se na zimu trochu obalily tukem, nebo že nám na čele přibyla další vráska, neoslavujeme. Stejně tak ty dolíčky na stehnech a fakt, že se nám vlasy nelesknou jako dřív. Bojujeme a nerespektujeme. Sami sebe a tím pádem i řád věcí kolem.
Bojem se ale nikdy nic nevyřeší. A bojovat se sebou samým? Uh, tak to hodně štěstí.

I am a brutally soft woman. | Don't hide your vulnerability, celebrate it. It's what makes you human, it's what makes you woman and it's what makes you beautiful.

I've been told numerous times already that my ankle will never be the same. That it will take years to heal again. That I will be scared to go back to climbing or bouldering. If I believed all of this, then for sure, all of that would be true. But I don't. And I believe in the power of the mind. ❤️

Do not skip the struggle. | Such a short sentence but filled with words that carry such an importance! I believe that trying to avoid or skip the struggle is usually the beginning of our suffering. By not acknowledging and not feeling what's happening, we cannot heal and are only postponing the process that needs to happen.

Food minimalism at its best👌It's all about simple these days. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

We are all just trying to flow through life to the best of our abilities. Based on our past experience and what we know. Me practicing even with an injured foot doesn't seem dangerous to me in any way. It might be. But I'm letting my inner compass guide me here because I don't know any other way. All that while dropping the ego as that is the necessity to recover. But! Truth is, the fact that I can lift my butt AND the cast makes me really happy 😄🙏

Beginning of my super gentle practice today. It's so hot I was sweaty after 10 minutes of just slow movements! By the way, the video is sped up 6x 😉

There are parts of you
that want the sadness.
Find them out. Ask them why. | Yrsa Daley-Ward

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