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Chinese new year. Still broke af #whatsnew #pleaseignorethebadlighting #itried

I dont always post a selfie but when i do its with my lovely poop bread
#socuteok #hiduptaik #christmasisnotcompletewithoutpoop #hellyeahpoop #padahalcumarotibiasa

Last post dedicated to my brother aka koko tercinta #najisbangetsumpah

Thanks for being a kind brother that never fail to treat me when i was jobless ( altho ga tau ikhlas apa ga im guessing its the latter πŸ€”) and managed to MIRACULOUSLY wake up in time for my departure this morning to help drag my shit #bcwearefamily #maugamauharusbantu #gabisakaburdaritakdir

Farewell shot with the nuasters trio. Im gonna miss our lepak movie sessions or cycling or K-ing (and dont judge me for singing naruto op every single time HAHAHA )
U guys had also taught me a life-changing lesson aka cycling #muchdrama #stillanoobatitthough
Remember to visit me so that i can spam u guys with good food HOHOH
And in the end brie's donut is not used πŸ˜‚
#reverseoreoclub #farewellagain

Spent my last day with this bunch. And as usual, I am given another random surprise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or just plainly useless HAHAH but its ok guys being creative is good. So gonna miss our arisan times that always ended with shops blacklisting us whenever we go as we cant control our voices and the random topics including long-ass 'lawyer club' discussion bahahahah (or even the free science 'lecture& #39; )
I do hope you guys are all ok after consuming all of the snacks I gave πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
So yeah, take care everyoneee ;-; ( note :
Virtual tears as my tears are too precious HAHA JK )
Anyway I still have another thing prepared for u guys so the cards are actually just a preview 😜 ditunggu yah wkakakak
#oricouldbejustbeingphpbutehwhatever #persatuanibuibumacho #isuckatwritingalongessaysothisisthelimit

So much things going on in this picture ahahahaha how does snapchat even detect the poke go bag icon as a face idk
#pokemongo #whatisgoingon #whyyoueatingthatdude #faceswap #whenyougotnothingbettertodo

Yesterday's @jubilantowl birthday bash. So much pepe in one day. #pepethefrog #lol #happyduckbuttday

Graduated as a proud Slytherin member 😏 #lul

Check out NAFA grad show from today to 15june if any of you are around dhoby area! 😊

Another wonderful day #butitscoldaf #dyingfromthecold

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