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I don’t get all the controversy when I post boomerangs like this...🤷🏼‍♀️
All female bodies are shaped differently. Just because I’m a curvy girl doesn’t mean I’ve gone out and mutated my body🤦🏼‍♀️
#freethebutthip 😆

Exciting goss!
So, you all know how much I love @goodamerican and sharing their products.
Well, I’m officially a part of their new Style Squad, which means you can now shop all my fav looks and receive 20% off!
To get your sneaky discount you need shop though my personal link (in bio).
Awww so excited to be a part of such an amazing clothing brand supporting women of all shapes and sizes!
Thank you @khloekardashian and @emmagrede for having me❤️

Depending on how long you’ve followed me for you may already know how much I LOVE skin care products!
Skin care is my total weakness and when I find I brand or product I genuinely love I HAVE to share it!
While I was sunburnt to a crisp in Hawaii I’ve been using this moisture mask by @esmiskinminerals.
They are an Aussie company that have an amazing range of vegan products!
So from one dry skin sufferer to another; this mask is one of my go-tos!

Who wants a 6 pack when you can have an entire keg!?
Ladies! This ones for you!
Feeling crappy and bloated?
You’re not alone and your not any different to the girl next to you!

Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often😆

When all you want is for the skin on your legs to match the skin on the rest of your body🤷🏼‍♀️😆
Shout out to all my dry skin sufferers, try a product called Dew Drops from @suppleskinco!
This product is meant for the face, however I also use it all over my legs.
I squeeze a few drops into my moisturiser tub and use it over my entire body when I have a break out. Which is now!
I find this product seriously helps with my dryness and as you all know. No dry skin means no itching! Which means less breakouts!
Hope this can help you like it does me❤️

I’ve been typecast, left out, told I wasn’t good enough, called names, bullied and alienated.

To all those girls who have experienced, or are experiencing these issues, you need to remember you are good enough and you are special.

To me, you are absolutely PERFECT.

Need extra love and girl support?
Tap the link in my bio and join in our private FB group.
It truly is the most empowering and understand group of women.
Please make sure you answer the three questions to be accepted. We don’t just let anyone in😉

No photoshop. All natural. Buy some skinny tea. It works.

Weeeeharrrrr! Today I have so much to smile about!
My beautiful Mum is recovering after her second heart surgery and is doing well.
And my amazing Dad stood up confidently for the first time in 14 months today!
Im so proud of both my mum and dad. They continue to inspire me ever day!

To my dearest Mum,
Right this very second you are in my thoughts. Moreso now than ever.
You may not read this any time soon but I just wanted to remind you that you’re such a strong, inspiring and amazing woman.
You have battled more battles than 99% of other women and you have always overcome them stronger than ever.
As we have learnt in the past, sometimes certain things may seem impossible to overcome, but as history shows you can and you will come through the other side stronger and more powerful than ever.
I love you, Mumma Bear.
@kim.irby ❤️

Dear Moana Army,
Please tag yourself below so I can put more faces to the name.
You ladies have helped me become the person I’am today.
The endless support and complete openness is something so special and something I’m not used to.
I’m an only child and I don’t have a large friend circle, so being able to connect and relate to other women all around the world is so meaning to me.
I truly hope I can continue to meet you ladies and give you all a big hug!
Thank you for making me confident.
Thank you for making others feel confident.
We truly are making a difference.
If you’re reading this and you’re not in our private @moana_bikini group I’ll put the link in my bio for 48hrs.
Add yourself in and answer the three questions to be accepted.

What do you do when doctors say you’ll never walk again?
My bestest buddy continues to motivate me everyday 💫
5 years ago he had freak accident and become a quadriplegic, but that has never stopped him!
He’s proven that yes, life can be tough, but you never, ever need to let it get the best of you.
Dad is currently learning to walk and move again after breaking is leg a year ago. Because he is a quadriplegic it’s taken him double the amount of time to heal.
Currently under going some extremely intense rehab and never complaining once... yet here I’am whingeing about doing 20 burpees!
Sorry Dad!
Thank you for being the motivation for me and so many other people.
Everyone loves you and you’re truly the BEST Dad a girl could ask for.

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