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KARINA🦄IRBY  Real unicorns have curves🌈🦏 Owner | Designer @MOANA_BIKINI👙 CO @BIKINI.BODY.BURN🍑

Blah blah blah everyone has an opinion.
Why do people think surgery is an easy option?
Seriously though!
If you’re one of those people that are consistently commenting INJECTIONS and IMPLANTS on my photos please comment below and let me know.
Don’t go shy on me now that I’m asking 🤪
Ps - how awesome is my newwwwww kini! Launching soon @MOANA_BIKINI

I love roping @ryanjonestown into our @MOANA_BIKINI projects🤪
Here we find ourselves on one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Surfers Paradise (it’s anything but a surfers’s paradise mind you) shooting something quite out-there and developing a large crowd.
We think they figured we were an entertainment group for tourists... ah. Just another day in the office!
Can’t wait to show you guys... 🎥👙


And now I spend more time here than at home.

Welcome to @moana_bikini!

I just want to personally give that ex-boss a shout-out for lighting the fire inside me to start with NOTHING and build SOMETHING.

Ok, yes, I post a lot of bikini photos but, the truth is, I might be lucky to get in a bikini for 20 mins each week, if at all!

But that’s because I don’t do it for the lifestyle. I don’t do it for the image. I’ve never done this for the profits. I don’t do it because someone told me to. I don’t do it just because I don’t like working for someone else.

I do it for the pure joy of shipping a bikini, that my team and I have designed and produced from scratch, to a girl in Finland or Gibraltar or Guadeloupe or Israel or Alaska.

Moana Bikini has evolved into something much more than just an ordinary swimwear label, something that I was never expecting.

People have come and gone from mine and Moana’s life over the years; taking and not giving, bringing negativity and not positivity, and not being able to see the magic in something so special.

And it can be hard not to take it personally… but having an Army of Moana Babes from around the world supporting, loving and empowering each other, and me, speaks volumes for what my team and I have created.

Throw dirt on me, and grow a wild flower 🌷

Four years of the purest and most enjoyable love I’ve ever experienced.
You’re my best friend and I love you oh so much.
Thank you for letting me get away with loads of naughty things other men wouldn’t stand for...
Such as -
Watching Dance Moms with me, Kardashians, Vanderpumper Pump Rules and loads more.
Giving me tickles EVERY night.
Folding my clean laundry.
Letting me cook Indian 9 times a week.
Listening to me sing loudly and badly.
Putting up with my hypochondriac ways.
Taking the puppies for midnight poops in the cold.
Oh amazing one. What did I do to deserve you?
Now come up stairs and smooch me ASAP🤤

Hello and welcome to Karina’s sunday night hot tip 🔥
Topic - Booty dimple and cellulite
The less you care, the happier you’ll be.
Hope this makes you smile ladies😉🤪🦄❤️

It’s just eczema, calm down.
Firstly *takes deep breath* I can not believe I wanted to post a photo of myself looking this way🤯
The reason I wanted to show you guys this photo is because of the endless amount of messages I receive daily from people suffering mentally and physically from eczema and other skin conditions.
This is a post for you.
You’re not alone! 👩🏽‍🏫👨🏼‍🌾👷🏻‍♀️👰🏿👨🏻‍💼🧝🏾‍♀️
People just don’t like to talk about it or show it off. That’s fine, but this doesn’t make our situation abnormal.
I have many years worth of scar damage to my legs along with eczema flare ups.
This is what I look like at my worst (this photo is not doing it justice) Spotty central!
But that’s ok, because it’s still me and haters gonna hate, right?
The fact that I’m even acknowledging my skin publicly is a big deal for me. I never thought in a million years I’d be showing off my eczema and scar ridden legs. But here I’am🤪
From the absolute bottom on my heart, I truly hope anyone suffering can feel less alone and learn to love and accept themselves just the way they are!
Never let bullies or uneducated people make you feel little of yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sending all my fellow unicorn friends love🦄❤️

The truth about my body...
For anybody waiting to see what surgeries I’ve had done to achieve this look, keep on scrolling... OR leave your crazy comment below for my future entertainment 🍿
Welcome to Karina Vs Karina 2.0
My mindset when the left image was taken is SO insanely different when compared to now.
I thought that if I was skinnier I’d have more friends, look nicer in clothes, boys would like me blah blah blah.
So I ate little and went on daily long distance runs (however, I did just want to listen to my new Fallout Boy playlist🤪).
The photo on the right was only taken two days ago, and seeing these images side by side is a little confronting.
I haven’t just transformed physically but also mentally. During this time period I have experienced and learnt so much about myself, my business, my friends, and of course, my health, fitness and nutrition.
My mindset getting into fitness wasn’t to look a certain way, it was to live a longer life.
I wanted to be fitter and healthier because at the time I was not healthy. I was sickly skinny and always getting ill. I’d pretty much shot down my immune system by not eating the right foods and pushing myself with cardio.
I hope everyone can find their 2.0 version. It doesn’t have to be in fitness, it could be work, lifestyle, relationships, family, personally. Whatever!
Keep improving yourself daily, no one wants to be a sitting duck in their own life.

Introducing @MOANA_BIKINI’s new work uniform!
Myself and team have been working on producing something new, fresh, bold and uniquely MOANA!
PS - Accessories are included 😉

Tighten up those ponytails because we’re about to go back to the future... 💾

A different kind of transformation💫
Let’s go back seven years. This is me sitting on my bedroom floor in a little apartment on the Gold Coast.
I launched @MOANA_BIKINI in 2011 purely as a hobby and wanting to share my love for body confidence and smaller swimsuits.
I was so stressed when this first photo was taken. I had no room for my stock, I worked a full time job, had to plan our next MOANA photo shoot and I was so uneducated in running a business! I had no idea what I was doing!
The only thing that kept me pushing forward was my passion for making other people happy. Honestly, that’s all I wanted to do!
And these swimsuits and the MOANA message was doing just that, so I knew I could never stop.
I had so many personal insecurities at the time and helping other girls with theirs made me feel so happy. It was like an addiction 💉
Moving forward seven years...
Wow! It’s been a wild ride and looking back I still feel like I have to pinch myself.
I’ve made mistakes, taken chances, made friends, lost friends, moved buildings, travelled the world, worked 18hr days, reached goals, made new goals, failed, succeeded and everything in between.
With all this being said I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.
Im self taught, self experienced and excited for what’s around the next corner.
My drive and passion still remains the same...
To bring women together to love and support one another as well as feeling confident within themselves.
If you love something enough and water it every day you’re going to grow one god damn beautiful flower.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check @MOANA_BIKINI’s private FB group and Instagram story and photo tags.
Without fail I’m deeply humbled, inspired and motivated every morning 💫
Your support for another women literally on the other side of the world whether it be bikini feedback or personal support is so beautiful!
Seeing all these inspiring women wearing @MOANA_BIKINI and doing it with pride is simply the BEST thing in the world.
I love each and everyone of you.
Keep supporting one another and flaunting that carefree lifestyle. Life’s too short.
I hope to meet more of our #MOANAARMY in the near future 🦄

LIKE this photo if you LOVE puppies...
I’m expecting the highest amount of likes in the whole of Instagram history 🤪
My babies are everything!
I’m currently in Sydney and can’t wait to get home this afternoon and see their cute little faces! 😍😍

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