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KARINA ELLE⚡️  ✖️UF Alumna ✖️Gymshark + Golds ✖️IdealFit.com (discount code: karina) ✖️Snap me your #sweatyselfie: karinaelle ✖️My 6 week Fit Model Challenge! 💪🏼💕👇🏼


Higher intensity, less time, better ‘endorphingasm’. My formula for a good time with gym. 😂💙 💦#hiititandquitit (My 6 week Fit Model challenge link in bio). 💕💪🏼🌈 @gymshark @gymsharkwomen @gymsharktrain 195lb squat

Me dating me: 💁🏽‍♀️“let’s stay in this honeymoon phase forever” 😂🌴🌸✌🏼

AYYYY!!! We showed up today!! 😤💪🏼💦 Train like an athlete first, goofy gym shenanigans later. 🤪👊🏻 @f45_training @f45_training_culvercity @gymshark @gymsharktrain

90% dedication 10% angles. Lol! Shape shifting on a sundayyy @jey_ventura (peep the new @Gymshark bikini!!! 😍💕👙)

It matters much less what you’re doing, but rather HOW you do it. And also just that you go & do it. I try to keep my training fun, intense & interesting! 😉🌈💪🏼#movemore #playtime #flailing @goldsgym

A lot of people always comment about how happy I am. Lol!!! 😂 I’m usually high off endorphins. But also I haven’t always been this way. Rainy days make the sunny ones shine even brighter. I choose to project light and hope for others who may need it. ☀️Positivity isn’t a personality type. It’s a trained mindset, attitude, way of life... & just like anything, you have to practice it for it to be second nature. Choose to spin every obstacle into a beautiful opportunity. Sincerely compliment and encourage your friends. Put each other’s insecurities to rest. Smile at strangers. Give more hugs. You never know who’s day you’re uplifting just by showing up with positive energy. Do it for the environment, it’s contagious!!! And ain’t nothing sexier than good vibes and heartfelt connection. Happy Chinese New Year!!!⚡️💕#teamhuman

I’ve been hard at work & the @kali.swimwear Swimwear SPRING 2018 Collection is finally here! 🎉I’m doing a Bikini GIVEAWAY to celebrate the launch: 👙👙👙👙👙
You will receive a U$200 gift card to shop the new kinis! ⚠️GIVEAWAY ENTRY CLOSED⚠️
🎉The Kali girl winner is: @fitchickvic 👙☀️
Kaliswimwear.com to check out the full line. Every style is also customizable by color. Mix & match to fit what you love! ❤️🧡💛💚💙Shop link in bio 💕👏🏻

I always get a ton of questions about how I stay motivated. I’m on a plane back to LA now so here’s my little rant: For as long as I’m human (which I believe I will be for the rest of this lifetime lol) I will -feel emotions and -be flawed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again because this is my training mantra: Do it from the inside out. The greatest, healthiest outlet I learned was how to transfer my emotions into energy. Exercise will forever be my emotional release first and foremost. Then for performance/my natural competitiveness of getting stronger, faster, better. And lastly for ‘aesthetics.’ If you’re training for a particular one-time event or you look in the mirror and critique your physical appearance and wish you could change this that etc etc you’ll never quite be satisfied. We are always in a state of flux and there’s always something to ‘fix.’ That’s the fastest way to be discouraged. But when you train for how it makes you feel and the progressive satisfaction of what your body can do, I guarantee, you’ll never ever quit. Bonus: the body is a byproduct. Fight for yourself. #fromtheinsideout ❤️ What keeps you motivated? I wanna know!!! 💪🏼

Power flow. #PLAYTIME 🌈

What’s up TEXAS!!! 😍🙌🏻🤠 Fresh off the plane showing the @onnit boys how cali girls lift! I’m here for the weekend doing a kettlebell workshop by the homie @primal.swoledier @onnitacademy! Yes for continued education. ✅💕💪🏼 @gymshark #chickswhosquat 205lbs #getonnit

Morning workout @f45_training!!!! ❤️💪🏼 I think one of the tough things about exercise is that the immediate payoff seems so small. 😔 But the key to success is consistency.🙃💪🏼⚡️ My fave ways to make showing up fun: 👯‍♀️fraands! ✨focus on the feeling (endorphinzz!) 🎧fab music 💕cute workout outfits! @gymshark @gymsharkwomen #YAAAS! 😍#TeamTrainingLifeChanging @f45_training

Wow!❣️I woke up to a million followers today. This milestone is a tribute to all the people who light up my life!!!😍😍😍 Here is to being rich in health and relationships.
I knew when I was in the dark and starting over it was an opportunity to recreate my dream world. To build something new and better. To grow into a woman I was proud to be. And so I turned the light on for myself.
And as I did, everything happened symbiotically. Success, fulfillment, love, well-being.
It started off as a smile. A wave. A hello. A high five. A fist bump. A spot. A hug.

The love kept multiplying. And well here we are!!! 1 million strong. I learned strength in spirit and community. As I was building my body, I also built lifelong camaraderie. I am humbled and grateful for this platform to share my love with all of you!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍💪🏼
A very huge thank you to my sponsors @gymshark @gymsharkwomen @idealfit @goldsgym for giving me this opportunity, seeing my potential & believing in my purpose. 😭☀️💪🏼❤️

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