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Karina Metts | Photographer  Fine art photographer. 📷 Mom of two who homeschools📚 Coffee addict. ☕️ Fill your walls with beautiful prints from Mexico. 🌵

Finding rest in Michigan this weekend. 💙

It’s a busy week! We have the first day of our homeschool community on Thursday, woo! We’re photographing a wedding this weekend, and I’m working on a launching a new product line for @karinamora_prints next week.
So all hands on deck, all chocolate on deck, and all coffee on deck! Next week it will be all wine on deck. 🤣

I know I’ve been quieter on here. I’ve been giving more time to my @karinamora_prints page. But I’m still drowning myself with coffee and sweets. 🍩☕️😂 That chocolate donut is gluten free by the way. I’m not gluten free...but It does make me feel better about my indulgence. 🤣
BTW are you following my new adventure on @karinamora_prints cuz you shoooouuuulllld. It’s pretty fun over there. 😉

It was Elena’s first craft fair today selling her abstract paintings.
She’s been working hard all week creating. I’ve seen her work evolve and shift since the day she started painting. I feel like it’s the one place that she has no rules and can play some music and just paint whatever is in her mind.
Swipe to see a sample from two of my favorite pieces. The green one sold quickly to a little boy this morning. 💚

Excited to send this little package to our lovely couple M&A.
This was a dream wedding for sure! 😍

Hah. Elias can never be serious when I’m trying to take a picture. 😂
Also I love how excited these two get to visit cafes with me. ☕️ @brewpointcoffee made the best latte for me this morning. You should try their signature Bartolomé latte. The best.

I’d say it’s a good start to my Saturday. 😏☕️

So happy to have an awesome cafe to hangout at in Michigan. If only I could transport this to across the street from me back home...
Had a great time seeing @lunadulcephotography and meeting @stephgordonblog in real life.
Thanks for the cookie Jennifer! It’s definitely my favorite cookie ever. #puremichigan 😋

Wedding dessert leftovers and some tea. Perfect.
I think mini pop tarts are going to be my new thing....now how do I find some more??? Anyone know? Recipes??? Must. Have. More. 😋

My favs.
I give them my all. As a homeschool mom I’m with them most of the time. I make sacrifices, I agonize over the best options for them, and I pour into them every day. We live a privileged life. I know that. Just like my parents worked so hard to give us all the opportunities possible, I do the same for them.
Compassion, empathy and kindness are the foundation we stand on for our interactions with each other and with others. I am their role model. They watch my actions. And if I want a better future for them, I need to do my part in creating it.
If you don’t know, I’m a photographer who desires to show the beauty, vibrancy, and humanity of the Mexican culture by offering fine art ready to hang photographs for your home specifically from Mexico.
I’ve just launched a new collection of downloadable prints and phone wall papers where 100% of the sales will go to the organization @raicestexas. Im giving 15% of sales from any other collection as well. I’m also MATCHING all the sales made. My goal is $500 in sales so I can match it by next Saturday.
Click the link in profile to see the collections and let’s help unite children with their parents.
Change starts with you and me

We’re off to Elias’ first drum recital. He’s been counting down the days all week and now moments before we leave he’s having some major anxiety. So we’re bringing his shark for support...hope it helps. 😬🤞🏼😍

These two. 😍
It’s our third and last day of homeschool training for me and geography camp for them. They’ve been in different classrooms so they’ve missed hanging out together. Distance makes the heart grow fonder...sometimes...at least for these five minutes. 😂😍
Oh did I mention I’m officially a director for a new homeschool location in Berwyn. Yeah! Cuz I don’t have enough on my plate. 😑
I’m excited...but just a little bit nervous. 😳😅

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