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Kari Leete  There is always something new to discover & beauty to be found all around. You just have to take notice! πŸŒžπŸšπŸŒΌβ™ŒοΈ

It was a challenge to post a bare-belly photo and I almost didn't, but I'm working hard on embracing my pregnant body! I honestly never knew if I'd even have another baby after Mya and the struggles I had while pregnant with her! The all day sickness, hip & back pain, headaches, stretch marks, 65 pound weight gain and worst of all...the postpartum depression I experienced! My life changed forever in an amazing way when our sweet girl was born almost 7 years ago, but my mental health took a turn for the worst! I not only struggled with depression & anxiety, but turned to my eating disorder behaviors over time to lose the baby weight (and then some) and inevitably ended up in treatment for this on multiple occasions. When I found out I was pregnant this time around, I can honestly say I was scared...even more than my first pregnancy, as I was aware of the changes my mind and body would/could be going through. When I found out I was pregnant, I was at a healthy weight, but not being the healthiest and still restricting food at times. I scheduled an emergency appointment with my therapist and we discussed my fears and worries and I vowed that I'd do my best not to focus so much on weight and comparing my pregnant and/or post-pregnancy body to others'. This is my journey...our family's journey and most likely the last time I will be pregnant, so I am choosing to embrace it as best as I can...all of it! I've allowed myself to eat again and pay more attention to my hunger cues, as I would not ever starve my baby, even though I had no problem doing it to myself in the past! Of course, the weight started coming on faster than expected, but I've been continually reminding myself that I'm nurturing my baby and doing what's best for him/her (as well as myself). I know I'm not even halfway there, so my body is going to continue growing and changing and that IS scary, as I feel that sense of losing (perceived) control, but my focus shall remain on health and happiness throughout the rest of this pregnancy! Our family is blessed to be growing and Mya is going to be the best big sister! This body doesn't define me, but it truly can do some amazing things!

The beloved cheetah filter! πŸ† #selfie #cheetahfilter #memyselfandi #curls #sunshine

Silly faces and snuggles in bed πŸ’• #daughter #doggy #snuggles #puppylove #dachshund #mysillygirl

Starting to get used to looking down and seeing a #bump now! Getting closer to the half-way point! πŸ’œπŸ€°πŸ»#bumpwatch #expecting #16weekspregnant #babyontheway #mybump #pregnant #livinginleggingslately

Us in the morning πŸ’• #selfie #us #wife #husband

Sweet new family member, Mabel. My sister & her husband got a new puppy! ❀🐢❀ #puppylove #peagle #pekingese #beagle #puppy #dog #babygirl

In the past week, this belly has really popped out! I guess it's true that you show sooner with your second child! πŸ¦„ #selfie #babyontheway #bumpwatch #15weeks #pregnant #expecting #LisaFrank #unicorn

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