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Karina  “we have the power to hurt one another but we are going to do everything in our power to make sure we don’t”

Summer is officially gone. 🙈 Thank God for HOT power yoga! 🔥🙌🏽 Also I’m teaching a chin stand workshop @soulyogastudio Oct 27th and Oct 28th! Check out our intsa or website for deets! #karibijou #yeahthatgreenville #soulyogagreenville #yogaworkshop #chinstand #myfirstworkshop #stayinginthework

Fell for Greenville... 12 years ago. ♥️ so excited for things to come 😏

🚨🚨The week is HERE! This Thursday Gina and I will be volunteering our time to co-teach a yoga class for the @julievalentinecenter ALL PROCEEDS will go the this cause! Cash donations welcome! Greenville, Hope is an action, let’s do this! #julievalentinecenter #yeahthatgreenville #soulyogagreenville #karibijou #biggerthanone #obsessedwithhappiness

These friends of mine. All the convos all the years. So thankful. ♥️

Hope is an action ✨

weekend full. heart full. thankful. ♥️ #iwasmadetoknowyou

TMRO @9am @Lululemon Greenville located DT in front of Falls Park. I will be giving away FREE CLASS PASSES TO @soulyogastudio IT DOESN’T GET BETTER! #freeyogaclassGreenvilleSC #yeahthatgreenville #sweatlife #joblove #community #lululemon #karibijou #tobealemon #oncealemonalwaysalemon

1. Love your body even the pizza belly🍕
2. Drink more water💦
3. Listen to @summer_buns 🍑
4. You’re already a Queen live it out 👑
5. Karate kick to celebrate 🎉
6. Come to @soulyogastudio 🎼 😁

YALL ITS THRS EVE! TMRO ILL BE TEACHING THE $5 CLASS! 6:30 PM💕💃🏽 VAMOS! #yeahthatgreenville #soulyogagreenville #karibijou #stayinthework #greenvilleyogi #crossfityogi

More hang time 🤸🏽‍♀️ #oneday
I haven’t put in as much time lately into my handstand practice as I would like to but thinking about where I was a few months ago and the fear I had to over kick and fall and hurt myself encourages me to keep going. Just like in my life what am I afraid of to over kick and hurt myself at. Sometimes you gotta take the risk. It may be a cliché thing to say but it resonates in my life and in my practice. @summer_buns 🍑😘

I have the habit of reacting instead of responding. With how I express how I am feeling without taking a few moments to see if that’s what’s really going on in me. And many more things out of habits that I’ve collected over the last almost 30 years. I am learning to take a step back breath and use the words, the verbiage that will plant a seed, show intention, care, and love. Our words carry weight. Call me out. Let’s keep calling each other up. #iwasmadetoknowyou

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