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💃🏻 Karefulee 💃🏻 

JB trippin #moneyisntanissue // first time across the boarder with my floor mates! Chanced upon 2 thrift shops and I bought 2 cute caps + I feel super blessed for our exchange rate + had rlly good fresh banana cake 🧁

It’s amazing how life turned into so much color when the examiner said ‘ times up pens down ‘ !!! Vroom vroom We outta here bitchezzzz

Welp never lose that feeling 🥳

Wakes up feeling excited to wear some eyeshadow after watching make up tutorials last night* and excited to watch more tutorials after finals #krxblu

Super proud of my friend @jamjamie97!! Took my time off revision to learn from this amazing guy here. One year ago we were talking about he being able to teach in the future and who knew the time has come so quickly for you. Im so happy for your growth 💕😭 Im really just soaking in the glorious dancing I have seen tonight 😢🤯🤮👍🏻

Servin’ some fanny pack vibes 👌🏻

Far from perfect run, but this marks one year of exploring urban with @pineappleboogie ! It was my new year’s resolution to explore into urban in 2018 and looking back, dance has been becoming more and more fulfilling and liberating. Cheers to more baby steps towards productive mindfulness ! Excited for the following month ahead to learn from other amazing dancers taking his slot and to progress into 2019 ✨😎💕

🎃 sPo0Ky SzN 🎃

Today’s class taught me to let go, be vulnerable and breathe //@pineappleboogie thank you for this safe space, it’s my first time being able to dance so freely especially for my freestyle :’) I wish I could keep and relive this moment forever

tfw your dye fades in 2 weeks & you’ve resigned to the idea of being blonde for a long while and having dark hair is now a far cry from reality rip black healthy hair ! Here’s a photo to commentate my darker hair days :-) color is ash grey ontop of bleached hair btw

Captured on film- The 16th of September 2018: the day I turned 20, also the day when my entire family came to watch my performance for the first time in my life!!! Ft my favorite cake

One for the books, super thankful ✨mad props to EEC for bringing everything together, ammar the best partner , MR DBLOCK’17 @siddo_ for our block video &&&& @hoodiefoodiefoo for gracing the stage as our MC for our segment, @firdausfirlany KRMedia for capturing our best moments and finally @dblockers for the block love and support :’) ✨ @nus_makeupanddesign and @jericsalon for the make up and hair ✨

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