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The Karen Hunter Show  Tune in @SXMUrbanView (126), 3-6 p.m. ET M-F. Karen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, professor, publisher. www.theglobalmajority.com

Please share this with everyone you know. My cousin, Jane Elliott is freaking brilliant! Master teacher.

Sidney Poitier turns 92 today. Icon. Another somebody I would love to sit with. Happy Birthday, sir!

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest literary giants of all time. Toni Morrison is 88 today. I pray that one day I get to interview her.

So Fergi wasn’t invited back to sing the National Anthem at @nba #AllStarGame. @anthonyhamiltonofficial did the damn thing.

So...there is this. I know it’s comedy but there is truth in comedy. #steveharvey

Someone did this on Twitter and I couldn’t resist. Mixing church and state (and I know this is dead wrong).

Reminder: we’ve been loving each a long time...any other narrative is a lie. No coincidence that Valentine’s Day falls during #BHM. Love y’all!

Not just “they aren’t that smart...” but what’s implied here is that you are...more than you think and they know it, which is why there are so many shenanigans to destroy our character and keep us distracted. But we know better. So let’s keep doing better.

Ran out of memory!!! But Sinclair Skinner (@bitmari) started breaking down how the notion of slavery shifted completely under European rule. So, what we know about slavery from this evil system isn’t what the Africans practiced nor even could conceive.

And then she delivers this...@mariannewilliamson. Why does she understand and other white folks don’t. Do they simply NOT want to know the truth?

I don’t know if @mariannewilliamson has a shot to be president, but I’m listening to what she has to say. And I’m glad she’s in the race so that these issues are addressed. #reparations

We should never have to worry about outside validation. We validate ourselves. We own ourselves. We built this!

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