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Grand Prismatic Spring.. the spring was noted by geologist working in the Hayden geological survey of 1871 and named by them for it's striking coloration. It's colors match the rainbow dispersion of white light by an optical prism: red orange yellow green and blue.. they had the road blocked off and the bridge blocked so we were not able to climb the mountain for more of an aerial view, but it looks like they are building a lookout platform which will be nice to get the beautiful shots from above..

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Multnomah Falls

Yellowstone National Park..please read the post under this photograph.. thank you !

at one of my favorite National Parks..the sun always seems to set so quickly here, with the walls of the canyon being so tall shielding out the light, it can get dark fast..

Convict Lake

the living desert

The Old Water Mill At Red Rock Crossing

the canyons are located on territory belonging to the Navajo tribe of Native Americans..the Navajos explained that entering the canyon for Navajos is like entering a cathedral..when the torrential rain starts it seems the water is soaking into the ground, but it is not.. there is not enough soil to absorb the water. Instead the water disappears into deep cracks in the ground: "a slot" during storms the canyon immediately fills with a swift roaring stream from which there is no way out..the Navajos take all possible precautions monitoring weather forecast for the area constantly..in this image you can see some of the many different colors and textures..we were told if you are there during summer months it can be very hot, and I can testify that if you go during the winter months it can be freezing down there..when we first entered the canyons I stood there trying to take in all it's beauty.. it's hard to start shooting when you first enter, you're in awe and feel very small with so much beauty surrounding you..it truly is a magical place..

we were able to explore these canyons on our own without a guide, so we spent 4 1/2 hours wondering around these beautiful canyons..when the sun was setting my hands were so cold, we were laughing because it was getting hard to use the shutter release..the canyons can be very cold this time of year, but still just as beautiful..you just need to go prepared..I hated to leave..but, we'll be back!

Cathedral Rock

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