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Karena Thomson (Valentine)  Mummy to Jack and Daisy 💙💖 Masters student 🤓✌🏼 💍 Ricky 😻 Lola 😻 Thor. Scotland ✈️ Australia ✈️ Qatar karenavalentina@gmail.com

Daisy girl 🌸

Daisy clearly doesn’t care which little piggy went to market and which little piggy stayed at home ✌🏼🐷...

I shared this on stories the other day but I want it on my feed because I’m all about moments like these (and I like to use Instagram like a diary)! So here we are in all our glory, house is a tip, I’m in my pyjamas, I’ve got “Mum bruises” all over my pale legs, we’re feeding (SHOCK!), it’s past noon, I’ve attempted and ended up chucking out 2 coffees BUT best of all Jack decided that hats were mandatory in this situation (including letting Daisy wear his favourite one that mummy and daddy never get), he had also just pointed at my boob and screamed “BALL” 😂! If I could give new mums one piece of advice it would be to absolutely accept the chaos and never apologise for it, if anything cherish and take plenty of pictures like this... in 20 years you’ll never look back and wish you’d had a cleaner home, you may look back and wish you’d hugged your babies more! 👶🏼 motherhood is so beautiful... chaotic, messy and bloody hard but beautiful all at the same time! 👵🏼 (emoji of how I look these days) #nofilter

A few things I’m learning as a Mum of two... I will never get anywhere fast. I will never travel light. There WILL be tantrums (Mum included). The milk bar is always open and I’m cool with that. Putting 2 kids into a car is like trying to get out of the hunger games alive. My arms will soon look like those of Tom Hardy. If Jack wants to push the pram, let Jack push the pram. You will change 17365373922 nappies daily. You will receive 27377382 kisses and cuddles daily, even whilst you’re trying to do the toilet! You grow a new set of eyes and develop lightening speed. A backpack will be your new best friend (this one is from @pacapod). Even if you don’t believe in screen time, there will be times when where the TV is a necessity 😂! And most of all... when in doubt just peace and pout and laugh at yourself because these are the days I know I’ll look back on and cherish more than anything! 😍

Those Monday vibes!! 💖 this little girl has started feeding non stop from 4am onwards every night and I’m not going to lie... I’m secretly enjoying it - as the room grows light in the morning I get to look at her beautiful little face and I feel like it’s our special time! 😊 Can’t believe she will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday! 😱

My dreams have come true by becoming their mummy 💫... happy UK Mother’s Day to all the special mamas out there, especially my own who has been the biggest help ever over the past few weeks and I’m missing her like crazy (she even took this pic for me 😍)! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 💖

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” Happy International Woman’s Day to all the women out there... Let’s acknowledge, support and lift each other up! Let’s also not forget our little boys too... let’s raise them to understand and support women as their equal! 😍

Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this 😍

It’s your due date pretty girl but you’ve been with us for nearly 2 weeks now meaning that I am now “2 weeks post partum”. Let’s talk post partum though... there is always so much talk about “bouncing back” or still having a “pouch” but no one really seems to address what’s truly going on! Post partum is wayyyyyy more than just your weight or appearance... it’s truly one huge contradiction to itself. It’s a time where you can feel self conscious but more confident than ever. It’s a time where your body is weak but shows more strength than ever before. It’s a time where your baby needs you and at times you just can’t deal with that because you’re dealing with your own recovery. Its a mad, vulnerable time and although you try to explain your feelings, only you can understand your own journey. I have been so fortunate to have experienced a much quicker recovery than last time... although my body looks a lot different and isn’t quite back to being fighting fit. I wish more people took time to talk about post partum because for parents this is a time that can be extremely scary and can also be an extremely painful time for the mother! Sending love to anyone struggling out there 🙌🏼💖

Jack has a horrible tummy bug and has had a bit of a rough few days... we kept him off nursery today and this morning he was just so miserable and needed cuddles in bed... I put Daisy in her cot beside us and cradled Jack until he fell asleep. Daisy woke up and cried for a feed and Jack rolled off of me, sat up and pointed to the cot... he then let me feed Daisy and lay next to me for over an hour. I just can’t believe that at only 17 months old he can show this kind of concern, compassion and maturity. I’ll be forever great full for these moments 💙💖 Pretty sure Daisy feels the love for her brother too, look at her happy face!

Those post feed snuggles are the best!!! 😍 I’m lucky that Ricky and my mum aren’t offended by nudity because I’ve literally spent 90% of the last 10 days topless 😂... off to the beach today - now to find some sort of swimwear that fits my gigantic chest and accommodates breast pads... all so glam 🙈

It’s hard to believe that just over a week ago we hadn’t met our girl 🤰🏼... It feels like she was meant for us and we are LOVING getting to know her. Of course there have been all the hard parts such as recovery, establishing feeding (hello sore 🍈🍈), ricky having to go back to work (boo we miss him), me sobbing into my pre pregnancy wardrobe looking for anything that will fit (and that’s breastfeeding friendly) and just generally adjusting to life with a new family member! Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen jack cry because I couldn’t pick him up and give him a cuddle (I was feeding) and that was probably the hardest thing I have had to face so far, my heart was breaking! But all in all the transition to 4 has been so much smoother than I anticipated (I think I had expected the worst)! 2 under 2 will be crazy and I know that but at the moment I’m trying to focus on on the amazingly beautiful parts and soaking in every single moment because I know how quickly it goes by! My mum has been great and is slowly stepping back so that I can get used to doing everything myself for when she heads home...
So far so good but I’ll expect to be toned and model-esque in no time because it’s an absolute work out having 2! 😂

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