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Karen C  👻karenandcj👻 🇺🇸 A girl and her dog 🐶 . @puppiesmakemehappy code karenandcj for a special discount!

Happy Father's day to CJs dad. He is the best dog daddy we could ask for. He doesn't like being on social media so there arent a ton of pictures we have together.

He doesn't understand the hole in the middle of these beds. We will be back in our bed in a couple days.

Sometimes we take selfies 😜

For someone who doesnt like being in the rain usually he sure is having fun this morning.

About 30 days ago we closed on our house, I've collectively spent 10 nights there. This is what the room I'm hoping to run my business out of currently looks like. In those 10 night I've been there its to clean, rip down wallpaper, take delivery of new appliances, meet repair men, etc. If I forget to text you back or ask you to remind me what you just said this is why. No complaints here just letting you know why my posts have been a little lame lately! #imtired #findcj

We're at grammy's and mama pushed the beds together so we could sleep next to each other and i keep falling in the middle.

Its only Thursday.

You know what day it is

He can be so serious sometimes.

CJ had quite the morning. We went to three different locations for a walk. Three very different, public areas. It wasn't until the last one that we were finally able to relax a bit. You see, CJ is a reactive dog. That doesn't make him a bad dog just a little more to manage when out and about. Now there is a leash law but no one seems to care. I would love for CJ to be able to run free wherever we go but in public places you have to leash your dog. I don't care that your dog is great with all other dogs and is "friendly" My dog isn't when meeting strange dogs for the first time. It really stinks driving to places with your dog only to arrive to see someone who doesn't care about who else might like to use that park.

Hopping into Saturday night.

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