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Karen Aileen D'Arcangelo  Living off music in my trainers. I want to see my creative people grow so I always get involved. It's easy when you're a natural chatterbox. 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇦🇪


My third day here in Leros, Greece volunteering with refugees, a term I'm finding less and less fair for people exactly like us but had to escape their war torn country or tragic situations. There is much to say even after just a few days, that an Instagram post is not even worthy of representing. This was the sunset just before we started teaching our second fitness class and the energy that was shared, the teamwork and unity were beyond rewording.. 🙏 I'd love to document everything and share but 1. Social media is not on my priority list at the moment 2. Taking pictures here is a very delicate process. 3. I thought this was a good example of how a beautiful instagramable sunset can be so deceiving if you think that this deck is shared by a navy base confining with a mental health asylum, where in between a camp of Isoboxes has been set up for refugees arriving in Leros.
This has to be one of the best decisions I made in a while, I'm blessed and inspired ❤️ #noborders #nodifference #weareallone #humanity #love

Won't you look at her! This little annoying munchkin @esophie96 joined my life when I was 5 and from day 1 I thought she was the most exciting thing that could happen to my family. She could (and CAN) be a pain but then she's also my daily inspiration, someone I look up to, who I learn from (yeah it should be the opposite way round I know.. aaaanyway) We are opposite, no one believes we're even related. I also like to embarrass her by always being in trainers or chunky black boots even on a heels day 😂 I'm the confused messy disorganised one, she's the organised pragmatic preplanned punctual one ( 🙄) but somehow my messy self has also managed to pick her up in her very few low moments, and nothing makes me happier to know that I can always support her and that she tells me every detail about her life. And now she just graduated from one of the most prestigious Unis in the world and I mean I couldn't be prouder, hence the cheesy sobby cap but hey 🤷🏼‍♀️. Even though you've currently invaded every inch of my personal space with your stuff, I still love you to bits and I'll be here next to you (probably literally) for your next adventure and you know even if it's going to be a bit messy like my life, it could be a good option for once in a while. 🤗 Big sister cheesy post over, I love ya. 👩‍🎓❤️💁🏻💁🏼🐣🦁🐨🦄 • #proudsister #proud #family #love #graduation #lse #clevercookie #thatsmysister #london #londonlife #puma #unconditionallove #blondieandbrownie #perfectopposites #lookather #mygirl #sister #siblings

Talk to me gelato🍦🖤🍦

Filipino ice cream with an Italian touch🍦Thank you @mamasonsdirtyicecream & @illumelation for overdosing me with incredible ice-cream! I had flavour flashbacks of my trip to the Philippines and my home country's ice-cream 😍 My favourite flavours being Calamansi (holding it in this pic) which also reminded me of Italian mandarancio, activated charcoal flavour and the bilog bun! More info to come but check it out yourself on such a sunny day! Congrats to Omar on pulling together such a beautiful spot and serving incredible delicacies. I shall be back soon 🇸🇽🍦🇮🇹❤️

There's more to pretty cars and pastel colours, these streets are raw, beaming music, culture and struggle. The realness of these streets is what I loved the most. 🇨🇺

🎶Hasta Que Se Seque el Malecón🎶 #jacobforever #Malecon

They might be hot and crammed but at least there's great music and people smile and have a chat! #TubeLifeStruggle

The art of chilling. All we want to do during this heatwave 😅

Throwing back to a wonderful weekend ✨🏰
• 📸 @ninoscofield

It's always a beautiful concoction of old and new that works in some impressive harmony. Hemingway created his signature daiquiri in La Floridita on the left, on the right @_havanaclub and just a random old derelict building on the back that somehow fits so well, and a statue which I am shameful enough to not have gathered the name of..

As simple and romantic as it can get. Unbeatable sunsets En La Habana ❤️

Brittany escape this weekend! Pic taken just before @ninoscofield and I were about to drawn when the tidal caught us by surprise and those photogenic rocks went under the sea in 5 minutes 😂😳 we wouldn't have drowned really but it was a couple of stressful minutes carrying my camera on my head out of water 😂 apart from that what a beautiful day 🤗

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