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Karen Lao  Full-time software developer and freelance photographer photography • travel • fitness • interiors 📍Dallas, TX

“I don’t even care for photos anymore,” I say as I hover back and forth between my table and the bar, waiting for a customer to leave so I can get an unobstructed shot of the coffee shop menu


Shooting for @mybenebone, and @mikathejindo was being a patient girl, as usual. It's so easy to shoot her because she listens so well! She didn't even start chewing until I handed her the toy 😭♥️ Swipe for the photoshoot!
I remember when she was featured on @dogsofinstagram balancing a plate of pancakes on her head! So many people commented, saying she was a poor abused animal 😂 Obviously I whip her into submission for the photos

Stopped by a new coffee shop today and was so excited to see my favorite color 🖤

I remember being excited but sad about moving to the suburbs north of Dallas... But so many great places have finally opened. Coffee shops, Asian plazas... That's about it, but that's all I really need 😁

We were piling up credit cards and miscellaneous items here, so I had to get a catch-all. Love thinking of new ways to organize corners of our home! Now if only I could put my laundry away when I'm done washing it... Maybe in another lifetime.

Throwback! Has it really been 2 years since I first became an ambassador for @michelobultra? Did it come as a surprise to people when I did? At the time, my love for fitness and photography created a perfect opportunity. I have always been a photographer who accidentally became an "influencer." I feel like I've evolved since then, so here's to new beginnings... Being an influencer was fun, but it also brought headaches and turned Instagram, the one platform that was my creative outlet and stress reliever... into another full-time job. It became something I did for money instead of just for fun. I'm over it ✌🏼I've turned down all sponsorships for 2019 and will continue to be very picky with who I partner with if I do say yes. I just want to focus on my happiness and what I want to share!

When we were in Austin, I used my @wellsfargo Propel® Card for EVERYTHING! Restaurants, gas stations, hotels and more restaurants.😋 All those categories earn 3X points! It was so easy to earn points just by living life the way that we do! #LifeWithPropel #ad

Casual 💐
Thanks to @rosecouturenailbar for hosting us tonight! Loved the salon, decor, and my nails!! Great event put on by @dallasites101 as usual! ♥️
📷: @gingermarieblog

1 month into using my @wellsfargo Propel® Card, and I still can't believe how easy it is to earn points! When B and I went on a road trip to Austin, almost everything we did earned me 3X points - starting with creating a playlist for the ride! From popular streaming services to gas stations to hotels, this card is rewarding me! #LifeWithPropel #Ad

It's been a week, and I still think about this dress! @renttherunway never lets me down

A peek into @cafenoseatx from the @southcongresshotel lobby 😍

My throat has been half closed all day. Is this allergies or am I dying? Help me, WebMD, you're my only hope

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