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About sums it up.
( unless we’re napping. 😉 )

Wednesday was a lot.

Tonight! ✨🎭✨

I love that coffee and coffee signs remind people of me.
That warms my heart. @joeugly is in Portugal 🇵🇹 #coffeeislife 👈🏼 even when you’re dead.

VICTORY!!! According to Politico Black Women led the charge. 97% voted for Jones and 92% of Black Men voted for Jones. Way to go! This is a huge message of inspiration. Predators, bullies and racists have no place in office. Trump-next

Letssss goooo Alabama!
TODAY is the day. #DougJones #NoMOOREpredators

Sending this beautiful, intelligent, loving boy so much love and respect. •Parents, this is a teachable moment. Right now we can use this video to create a dialogue with our kids about the damaging effects of bullying. This is an opportunity to enlist compassion. A call to action to encourage and invite our kids to be brave and stand up for others they witness being victimized. •
Life is hard at times. These lessons and difficulties can be character defining for us including Keaton.
To say, “kids are cruel” or “boys will be boys” is unacceptable. It’s a perfect time to stop the bullies now, while they’re young in hopes of creating a compassionate youth. It’s up to us, the parents, to guide and instruct. This will be my Sunday morning conversation w Donovan •
Thank you for sharing
@danawhite - I’d like to meet him too!
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Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone

The best political, social or spiritual work we can do is to withdrawal the projection of our shadow onto others -Carl Jung ( Yet, there I sit, casting shadows )

( CONTINUED ) •Evacuate immediately. Do not delay.
Why? This leaves the roads open for our brave firefighters to truck in equipment. All this allows firemen to secure perimeters, focus on containment which preserves life and property.
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The wind forecast for Southern California today hit an unprecedented high as firefighters battle the massive 96,000-acre Thomas fire. If you’re near one of the fires and not evacuating, stay inside and limit physical activity today. Health officers say all the smoke has resulted in unhealthy air quality in the area. 📷: @wallyskalij, @yamphoto, Michael Owen Baker / For the Times


As of today
115k acres burned
Over 500 structures consumed
Burned 9 miles in 12 hours at one point spurred by high winds and dry land.
We are looking at another couple of weeks of this according to approximations by authorities.

This is surreal. My son’s school has closed for the rest of the week. I am deeply concerned for people’s safety, their homes and defenseless domestic and wild animals. People are experiencing power outages and many had little notice to evacuate in the night.
How to help: (applicable Links in bio) •VENTURA COUNTY SHELTER NEEDS:
Clothes. All sizes, All ages
Personal &Feminine Hygiene products
Disinfectant wipes
Baby wipes
Baby Formula
Kids Toys and games
WATER •DONATED SUPPLIES can be ordered on Amazon
10 W. Harbor BLVD
Ventura, Ca. 93001 **********************************
•please considering fostering at this time if you are in the area and able. We need to make room for displaced animals and a warm home for some long term shelter animals would be a welcomed treat even if it is short term. (Just in time for the holidays)
Go to: www.laanimalservices.com or
@laanimalservices **********************************
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THREATENED AREAS: •It is suggested you bring your domestic animals in and let the wild ones pass through. Set out buckets of water for them as they are likely dehydrated and stressed. •prep for evacuation by PRE packing in daylight with things already in car or standing by to place in car. Consider legal documents, photos and other irreplaceable goods. •Top up your gas tank to your car
•Listen for updates and communicate with your neighbors.
•Check in on your elderly neighbors. Help them get organized and assist packing their belongings as they are especially vulnerable to poor air quality, are less mobile and likely very stressed as well. •Evacuate immediately. Do not delay.
Why? This leaves the roads open for our brave firefighters to truck in equipment. All this allows firemen to secure perimeters, (NEXT POST)

Annnnnd whoever said there are no good guys in LA. #Boom 🐰♥️ #Repost @cnn (@get_repost)
Watch this man brave the California wildfires to save a rabbit from the flames

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