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The first time I ever set foot in an amphitheater, I opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd & the Allman Brothers. I'll always be grateful for that moment and the wealth of musical influence. RIP Gregg Allman

This is the first song by Gregg Allman that I remember asking my Brother, "Who is this????" I loved it! And, for whatever reason, I really love the way Gregg sings that part, " I got one more silver dollar.." The Allman brothers remind me of my big brother, Troy. He loved southern rock and taught me to appreciate it too. Troy used to let me ride along in his Ford Mustang which had this (weird) custom "accelerator pedal" my Dad bought him for added "flare". ( It was the shape of a very large metal foot. -Toes and all. 🤷🏻‍♀️) We'd be cruising down Tropicana and Flamingo Blvd in my home town of Las Vegas. It was summer time, hotter than hell but the feeling was oh-so-cool to me because I was riding shot gun with my Big Bro. And he was the COOLEST. Troy knew all the words to every song on the radio, had the best feathered hair, prettiest girlfriend. He just took me along because, I don't know, he was good to me like that.
Troy has always been passionate about his music too. I think he's been my biggest musical influence and possibly the reason I feel the way I do about music today.
Troy would sing his heart out not giving two s**ts about who was watching or if he was in/ out of tune. He was in the moment. It came from his heart. I loved that about him. -Still love that about him.
This sounds more like a tribute to my brother but the point is, if it wasn't for him, I would never have understood what quality musicians sound like. What an effect great story has on a listener. I never would have understood how effecting the sounds of a bass line or guitar solo can have on a person. How it can set you free. How it can express your inner angst by getting lost in the rhythm of it all. Music is transformative. It's pretty special.
I am so thankful to Gregg Allman / The Allman Brothers for these cherished moments encapsulated in their music. Those memories are priceless.
His music lives on.
Laid Back and Searching For Simplicity are on repeat. RIP
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Would you? ✈️🎧🎶

#tbt Doing some off-camera work on Veronica Mars.
If my Mom had been nearby she would have whispered in my ear to stand up straight. -Sorry Mom.
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I love my little Moon Flower, @stef_ny 🌻🌙🌻
Loved this post, thought I'd share.
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The coming new moon is an opportunity to think about how well you are communicating with yourself and the world about what you really want and who you really BE! In expressive and dualistic Gemini, this new moon is so full of curiosity and energy, ready to make a leap into new declarations. The position of Virgo (like Gemini also ruled by communicative Mercury) wants us to take in all of the information to make the best decisions. There is an invitation for balance happening. When we tap into both the inner Teacher and Student simultaneously we find enlightenment. While trigger happy Venus and Uranus pulls us towards taking grand actions, it is well advised to stop, plan and prepare and not act too impulsively this week. Surround yourself with trust worthy people and stabilizing activities. Write down what you want! Talk, read, meditate and think about some actions you'd like to take towards reaching goals. Face your duality, ego or any masks you've been hiding behind.
This a great time to ask the universe for your desires and to elevate your perspective by way of meditation, research, sharing and socializing. Set your best vibrations into motion, with focused intention, not impulses. Practice patience and the dark mysteries of the new moon will soon lift and reveal the real light of informed and fully realized options for you to wisely act upon. Your disciplined intentions now are bringing opportunities for more powerful and targeted manifestations in coming weeks... pause, breathe and ASK to be shown the way 🌑✨

Echoing these sentiments:
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As a parent, I'm having a real tough time with the attack at the Manchester concert. So much pain and suffering that we could not possible fathom. So horrific. And then to wake up and see Trump turning our country into something we are not. It's just too much.

Last summer I made a promise to myself. I promised to do ( more ) things that make me happy.
Live music makes me very happy!
Last night I went to U2, a band I have loved since High School. I have never seen them ( or hardly any of my favorite bands live for that matter.) So it was AMAZING to finally be there. "Living" to me is the act of being in the moment.
Nothing makes me feel more alive and present than music. Maybe because I trust the journey of the song. Contrarily, it can be nostalgic; taking me back to the first time I heard a certain song. Almost like a time stamp to a specific person, place or time in my life. It can make me feel vulnerable, more connected to my deeper emotions. It can also fire me up for a hard work out. Sometimes I will make a playlist for a character I am developing or auditioning for....
Music is just this beautiful visceral thing. And, well, I love it.
I am grateful I got to go last night. It was perfect.



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