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James Christopher  I’m a sue chef

I cannot figure out this android phone but it has a food setting on the camera, so I guess that makes up for not being able to answer texts. I made a healthy version of the Rip Van Winkle Pie. Healthy because it has sweet potatoes instead of regular mashed potatoes. Which makes it healthy. Shut up.

#leftoverpie #pie #hoosiermama #cranberrypie #turkeypotpie #thanksgivingleftovers

They told her this was a great spot for snorkeling.

Like my good friend Beyoncé once said to me, “Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking.. you can’t be replaced by a chinela and a can of beer.” #husbandsofinstagram #sapporo #oahu

I put autumn in a pie pan. Sweet potato maple rye with candied pecans. I’m so basic I’m wearing lulu meyer lemon leggings. #sweetpotatopie

Janky ass torch got the job done. This is my first and maybe only pie with symbolism baked in. #passionfruitpie #myloveisanocean #larabar

I made a homemade Jibarito sandwich with spicy pickles and homemade mayonnaise, and I saved none for Jenn because it was that good. @perniciouspikls took it over the top like Sly Stallone. #spicypickles make everything better.

I forgot to post this Saturday. I’m in a thing. Because I’m what passes for an actor in this town. Shout out to larabar, whose delicious snacks would never ruin my face like this. But they might sponsor a theater in the park one day. American heroes. Truly. #museoffire #theaterinchicago #shakespeareinthepark #larabar

All unavoided is the doom of destiny. I’m just leaning the fuck in.

Didn’t get to see my favorite band, but I did get to see DJ Guido Sarducci ft. Feoncee

The lines are shorter here at #costco and there’s more free stuff, but other than that it’s like #29rooms!

Art about surveillance at an event designed for people to document and embellish their lives for public consumption. The joke is on everyone but me. #larabar

Who wore it best? #larabar

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