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Karamea ☼☾∇  Be kind, but be fierce.

Our Easter gift. 🐣🐰 #1990

Sadie by the sea.

Here's this. Because being an 🐜(y) is by far my favourite thing. 🐒 @carlycollisi

Pēpe reads a book. 🏄🏼#surfinganimals

With the endless amount of reusable carry options, there is seriously no need for this. And for those of you who post photos of your single-use coffee cup because you went to a certain café, you are a part of the problem. It is much cooler to support this Earthly home of ours rather than the cup you'll be using once and throwing 'away'. ..Because sometimes away means straight into the sea. // Plastic Free July is coming, what will you be giving up for the Earth? 🌏💙♻️ #cleanearth #plasticfreeforthesea #2minutebeachclean #take3forthesea #keepcup #coffee #plasticfreejuly #nope

Our Momma is in the Northern Hemisphere, so Sadie and I have been spending a lot more time together. She's getting accustomed to being an office dog and she loves greeting everyone that walks up the stairs. ...But I think we both like our after work moments the best. We wait until the bridge is clear then race across to the other side and jump into the sand. I probably won't beat her anytime soon, but that's okay. 💛🏁

The end of a golden hour.

When you're an adult you can eat a chocolate cupcake for breakfast and drizzle as much chocolate sauce on the top as you want. However these are made with heaps of shredded zucchini, cacao nibs, applesauce and almond flour, so they're gluten and diary free. So I don't feel that guilty. I love being an adult sometimes... I also sometimes love baking. 🎂🍪🍫

Those kisses tho. ...😻😽 @carlycollisi

Morena ātaahua. 🌻☀️💛

Pēpe reads the paper. 📰

Did you know that food waste is a major contributor to methane production in landfills? 🍌And when mixed with metals, food waste produces a toxic leachate [liquid] which pollutes the ground, groundwater and surrounding lakes, rivers and streams. Although there are precautions taken to try and keep this from happening, it still does, especially in the older landfills. And it will continue to happen for generations to come. // One great way to avoid further contributing to the harmful practice of throwing your leftover food and scraps out is composting. 🍌♻️🌱 // I eat a lot of fruits and veggies while I’m at work and the peels and cores of everything I eat are usually tossed straight into the bin. I noticed the build up of peels was getting a bit ridiculous each week, so I’ve started bringing a jar to work with me so I can take my scraps home and add them to my compost instead. I’ve started learning more about composting lately, and while it may not be as easy if you’re living in the middle of a city… there are lots of work arounds and solutions out there for any living situation! // I’m far from living that so-called ‘zero waste’ lifestyle and I imagine ‘zero waste’ is something I’ll be working towards for quite some time. But that’s not the point. The point is to share what works and encourage each other to think more slowly when we are making our purchases and decide what you really do ‘need’, how you will use it and hopefully continue to reuse. And if it is a single-use product, considering how you will throw it ‘away’ before you even walk out of the store with it. Together we really can make a difference. Just some…food, for thought. 💚🌏#foodforthought #composting #reuse #cleanearth

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