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We're screening A Plastic Ocean tomorrow (@solscape.nz) ...a documentary that highlights the ever growing plastic problem on both the land and sea. Earlier today, a stranger told me that he never sees any plastic on the beach or at the wharf and we shouldn't worry about banning plastic bags or any of it because it's not a problem here. ...Now, I'm not one for confrontation, but I will prove my point when I know my point is valid. So I went for a short walk at the beach tonight and this is what I found. All of this. I filled up that little plastic container with other plastic pieces then found the bag and started filling that. ...Not pictured are two more plastic bags I found walking down the hill to the beach. We're far past the point of being ignorant about this. Ignorance is not bliss. No matter where you live, if you can't see that our unconscious consumerism is responsible for the rapid decline of the world, you need to stop and reevaluate all of the stuff in your life. Open your eyes and look around. There is no undoing what we've done, but the least we can do is find ways to keep it from getting any worse. Buy less. Reuse more. Shop slower and smarter. We all need to take responsibility for the space we occupy and the ground we walk on. Together we really can make a difference. 💙 #aplasticocean #plasticbeach #beachclean #2minutebeachclean #take3forthesea #newzealand

Think before you speak. Think before you think.

Grateful for this adventurous and incredibly relaxing weekend. Not only did Roxy let me commandeer her room, but she showed up with the dreamiest collection of lip stains. Of course Vampira was the first one I reached for. Thanks for bringing this smile to my face @msroxan. I absolutely adore you. 💛🥂💃🏽

Take yourself to dinner every now and then. Not just a little takeout, but a sit down dinner, preferably in a place where you get to sit and watch the world go by. There's something movie script like when you get to say "table for one". There's just something extra special about treating yourself right.

Got lucky with this babe. ☘️💚

Hey we're in the middle of a revolution
Because I see the face of things to come
Oh your Constitution
Well my friends, its gonna have to bend
I'm here to tell you about destruction
Of all the evil it will have to end

Some folks are gonna get the notion
I know they'll say I'm preachin' hate
Hey but if I have to swim the ocean
Well I, will just to communicate
It's not as simple as talkin' jive
The daily struggle just to stay alive

I'm talkin' about a revolution
Because I'm talkin' about a change
Its more than just air pollution
Well you know, we all got to clean our brains

The only way that we can stand in fact
Is when they get that foot off our back

It's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

Do your thing
Take a stand

Everything's gonna be alright

#internationalwomensday #adaywithoutawoman #ninasimone #revolution #womensmarch #wemoon #women #woman #nastywoman #indigenouswomen #indigenousrights #equality #racialequality #girlpower

It's International Women's Day today, at least in the Southern Hemisphere it is. So this morning, inspired by @_c_h_y_l_d_, I took a few moments to sit with myself. I braided my hair and took the time to reflect on being a woman, and to reflect on being me. And then I put on the only red I have, which just so happens to be handcrafted by the one and only @trishasalt ...In honour of the worldwide solidarity of (and with) women happening this week... remember to also stand in solidarity with yourself. Remember that your self-worth is just as important as the women standing next to you and your value is worth more than the system we stand against. Trust me, I have to remind myself almost daily that I do not need the validation of anyone else, but myself. Being a woman is hard... being human is hard. But in the moments when you allow yourself to accept who you are on the inside and the out, you will feel the most at peace. And you will be able to face the world head on no matter what it throws in your way. #internationalwomensday

That Beehive State of mind.

My knees have carpet burn but my heart is bursting. @carlycollisi

Word of the Day: Lief (adj.) \lēf\. Dear or beloved. As an adverb: willing or glad.

This guy though.

Hamilton is on his way back to the states today. I'm still trying to accept the fact that he's 18 and now an adult and can do and go wherever he wants. He's already more responsible and much smarter than I was at 18...really than I am now even. I'm so proud but also slightly just a little bit sad. So if you're in Utah and you happen to bump into him please tell him hi and remind him that his sister loves him. It will be incredibly embarrassing for him and that's exactly why I'm here.

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