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Well, in typical ship-life fashion, the internet completely crapped out on us this week AND I was port manning (aka unable to get off the ship all week), so it's been a hot minute since I've been on here! Just wanted to say Happy Sunday ☀️ I hope everyone has a great week!


If lifting weights makes me a man, then maybe I should start going by Bruce... because I'm not changing a damn thing.
I've never been a small person. Since I was a teenager, I've been tall with an athletic build. Sure, there were times when I wanted to have a thinner physique because I thought that was what was "in," but I danced, rode horses, and played volleyball, all of which require strong legs and glutes... that along with my genetics meant I've always been thicker. It didn't take me long to realize I'd never be built like a model lol.
A few years ago I decided to try something new, because I wasn't as active as I'd been when I was younger and wanted to feel strong, as well as build the muscles in my upper body to potentially help with my slight scoliosis. So I starting lifting. Seeing the changes in my body and literally watching my muscles grow was addicting - not only could I see the results happening before my eyes, but the satisfaction of knowing that it was solely MY work and efforts that were making it happen was so gratifying. I was doing it for me, and I fell in love with getting strong.
Some people don't get it - they don't understand a woman who likes to test her strength and pick up heavy things and make her body grow, as opposed to shrink. And that's ok, it's not my job to make them understand. Because I do it for myself.


#BackAttack! Back day is probably my favorite day ❤️ I usually break it up with 1 or two bicep exercises, but I don't do a lot of bicep work as they get enough use for my liking with the back exercises... Workout below! (📹: @jw.aus93 aka Cinema Extraordinaire 😘 lol) •Lat Pulldowns - 4x12
•Dumbbell Rows - 3x10 (HEAVY)
•Bicep 21's - 3 sets
•Straight-Arm Pulldowns - 4x10
•Face Pulls SS Upright Rows - 4x8 (heavy)
•Hammer Curls (not shown) - 3x12


"O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!" #tbt to 4th of July because I didn't have time to post anything 😂 But I did get to sing the Anthem for the #CarnivalBreeze's deck party so that was kinda dope 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @carnivalentertainment (shoutout to Phil on the right for being my hype man ✊🏼😂) #4thofJuly2017

Currently sitting at my heaviest weight ever (162lbs at 5'8") and I'm about as thick as I'd like to get without having to buy a new wardrobe lol. Ship food is incredibly difficult to maintain a steady/healthy diet on, between the lack of quality and the irregularity of my meals in general, so I've been gradually adding in more cardio instead. But I'm really missing fresh fruit and veggies at the moment... #thicc

No one can say I don't do cardio, since I actually do it on the daily... #sweat

Reason number 463 why I love working in the Caribbean: seafood. 🐟🌮 #grandcayman

Get after it. Push yourself to your limit, and then do 2 more just because you can. Do it for yourself, so that when you walk out those doors (or crawl, if necessary), you can say "I fucking DID that." Prove it to yourself, forget everyone else. It's the best feeling.


It wasn't me, that was the whiskey! 🥃🤠🇺🇸
A little snippet of one of my songs from our country show here on the Carnival Breeze! I know, my guitar skills are impressive 😏 @carnivalentertainment

The caption for this photo was going to be your #basic "Sun's out, Buns out," but a thunderstorm rolled in about .2 seconds after I took it... sooo there's that.


Sunday Morning + Breakfast = Perfection. Minus needing to be rolled out of the restaurant, but it's the price I'll pay.


Yesterday's leg day left me with a full-body pump... which had me reallyyy glad that last night's show was mostly just standing and singing for me, since I could barely walk the rest of the night 😳 Workout ➡️ •3x12 Straight-legged deadlifts SS 3x15 (per leg) Jumping lunges
•3x12 Pulse goblet squats
•3x12 Weighted single-leg hip thrusts (supporting foot elevated)
•3x12 Leg extensions (increase weight per set)
•5x15 Jump squats (only 30 sec rest between sets)
•3x15 Glute kickback variations (5 per variation)


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