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K A R A G O Z A L I  MNL • JKT ✎ cmkgozali@gmail.com ♡ twitter x snapchat- KARAGOZALI ☆ UST Medical Student | PMAP #Perfect2Me link

Tandems are always better than one ⚡️

NuEssence Collagen and Glutathione work together for that #ClearWhite and #ClearYouthful Skin. Looking forward to trying these new products to see their effect. Can’t say that knowing @vernenciso as the endorser didn’t help convince me to try it out 😝 Proud of you, girl!

Buy @nuessenceph at any Watsons store nationwide or on Lazada. Soon to be available in Southstar drugstores!
#NuEssence #ClearWhiteSkin #ClearYouthfulSkin

It’s the time and the effort put into things that make them worthwhile. Have a great week everyone ❤️

I told you I was going to start on something new and I wasn’t joking one bit. Took my #FearlessFirstStep the day after I uploaded my video. Architecture / Interior Design truly holds a place close to my heart. Remember what I said in the video I’ve previously posted? It doesn’t mean you’ve made a choice of what you want to be for the rest of your life, you have to give up your other passions. I feared not being good at it or even having sufficient time to focus on things other than Medicine. Nothing like feeling I’m able to do the things I want and need at the same time. Makes me feel— well, a new and improved me. You’ll surely see me in your nearest bookstore reading up on the basics on structural design or even scanning through books for inspiration. If you have any suggestions for books or online sites, do leave me a comment or slide me a DM 😉 @olayphilippines

I want to know what you’ve done to achieve your #FearlessFirstStep towards that other passion you could never get your mind off of. Need advice? Need a boost? Comment here and I’ll reply to you ❤️

Hi from me and @miladayjewels to you

These siomais deserve to be on my feed because Mark dropped them off for me before an early OR just so I don’t go hungry. And I think that’s beautiful

When one of your best friends just happens to be one of the best stylists / designers in town. Thank you for sketching this number up for me, @biancayignacio ⚡️ / photographed by my numero uno @markagasmd

💥 WHO WANTS FREEBIES? GIFT CERTIFICATES ANYONE? (just in time for your Christmas gift shopping. I know– it’s like we read your mind. Everyone needs a little extra dough hehe) 💥

Interested? Continue reading!

You guys always ask me what’s in my bag? Well, here you go. I have my essentials on me all the time— my lip and cheek tint, lipgloss, concealer, Cutasept (I have one for the hospital and one for outside the hospital hehe) and my Robinsons Mastercard! Having this card with me at all times is my security blanket. Remember, you get to redeem all the rewards when you purchase from Robinsons Department store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Store as well as in their affiliated stores such as Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, True Value, Warehouse, Benefit, Shiseido and more!

YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO GET THIS DONE. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY! You’ll be getting gift certificates from Robinsons. The mechanics are a piece of cake. What are you even waiting for?

1. Follow the @metrobankcardph account
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4. Don’t forget to tag @metrobankcardph and to include the hashtags #ExperinceRobinsons #Metrobank card

Promo ends on TUESDAY! 3 winners will be awarded. You heard it right- T H R E E.


Thank you for being my bestfriend before everything else :)

The most chunky cookies I have ever seen— ever. If you’re looking for a number of choco chips in each bite you take, you can count on @moodbake to not let you down 💛

Local and sustainable put together make @munistudios ⚡️/ Trivia about the brand —They’re sustainable in 2 ways. One, they practice ethical manufacturing with a local designer who pays her staff higher wages and gives them free board and lodging. Two, their fabrics are the more eco-friendly ones. They say no to the more common materials like polyester that are harmful to the environment. Check out their page for their other designs! I’m already picking out my next piece 😝

New phone cases from @paragon.pieces. Extra love for this “Wrap” design because it covers all angles — literally

Don’t tell me you have only one passion in life. Don’t tell me you’ve never dreamt of something other than what you’re doing now. Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what it was like to be doing something else. Also, never tell me you can’t do two things you love at the same time.

Watch this video to know what my other passion is and what I’ve decided to do about it. I’ve never told anyone before and I always had second thoughts about taking my #FearlessFirstStep. I guess it’s about time I stop being scared. I believe that I can strike the best balance between Medicine and design. No more second thoughts. No more excuses. It’s time to begin. 28 days here we go!Click this and see what I’m talking about 💛

I want to know what your other passions in life are and how you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle which is fearing you’re just not capable enough. Know that if there is someone who should believe in what you can do first, that’d be your very own self. Share to me in a post and don’t forget to tag #FearlessFirstStep. Time to encourage each other to go out of the box and reach greater heights ⚡️ @olayphilippines

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