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it just takes a little mindset check in to make sure your daily practices & habits aren’t feeling like a burden, chore, or like they are consuming your entire day. it’s also worthwhile to make sure you aren’t guilting yourself if you ever skip a step in the process because that will open the door to saying bye bye to all of it. how is your relationship with your daily practices? do they reflect accurately what you value as you choose to spend time, focus, and energy on them? are you committed, but not obsessive or controlled by your dedication? my daily practice has been kind of intense lately with lots of time in nature, in the sunshine, grounding, strengthening my nervous system, breath work, being in the ocean, and various healing and spontaneous rebounding sessions included! i’m learning the massive impact that testing my flexibility in all forms, agility in mind and body, and the dedication to my well-being is having on helping me be a quicker and more powerful creator and manifestor. please tell me you guys are as crazy about your daily routines as me. 🙋🏼‍♀️

good morning sunshines!!! i’m helping @leylasalvade of @standinglight / @hearttotable find the most aligned intern for her beautiful lightstyle company to begin working with her ASAP! this position would include a 3 month trial period and would turn into a full-time position after that time. the perfect fit would preferably be someone with a degree in communications/marketing, have events experience, and is NYC based. I have been so blessed to work with Leyla in the past and she is so inspiring and truly puts her whole heart and such intention in all she does and creates. you will have a BLAST learning from her, growing with Standing Light, and feel so deeply fulfilled helping Leyla on this journey, which she’s already gained so much clarity and wisdom on. if you are interested or know of anyone who would be a good fit, please send them my way! you can DM me for info or email me.

excerpt from newest morning pages (up on site) // who you are should not be malleable to any breeze. in due time, the world will turn and you will move without even having to try. does your effort hinder or hurt you? let it go. ease up. relax and trust with every fiber in your body and live out of love instead of fear. get to know the voice inside and listen to the whisper over all the world's shouting. close your mouth. do not speak. shut the ego's mind and eyes and open the eye that is unseen.

currently reading & working on // how to develop persistence according to Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” : 1) a definite purpose backed by burning desire for its fulfillment 2) a definite plan, expressed in continuous action 3) a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences - including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances 4) a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. yes, yes, and more yes please and thank you. ✨✨

In an interview today when asked the age old question “what is your weakness” i pondered for a second... do i give a polished answer akin to what i know my interviewer wants to hear orrrr channel truth?? my response (diverting the question in the vague way I speak/write sometimes when I don’t agree with the container i’ve been presented and need to make space) “I am wild. And instead of trying to box that up or pretend I’m perfect and deny that aspect of myself I’ve learned and am learning how to refine it in settings that call for more professionalism. It’s done in a way that feels authentic and truthful, while also maintaining the effectiveness of my work ethic.” Haha whoa, was not expecting that to come out of my mouth but hey 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s definitely the truth! How are you maintaining and refining your “wildness” in settings or circumstances that may feel compromising to your truth??? Do you know your own boundaries in this dance to guarantee you aren’t hiding parts of yourself or not properly respecting what they are and their presence??? Explore yourself in these ways!!! These are need to knows. Get in touch with yo selffff. 🔥🔥😜

newest morning pages posted. feeling ease and grace abound this morning and this month. there’s a lot of death and spotlight on recent shocking suicides serving as glaring reminders for why self-healing and work on filtering through your mind in whatever form that looks like for you are truly necessities at this point. our world has so much work to do in this time of shifting paradigms and awakenings of many kinds. it’s easy to get affected, overwhelmed, and pessimistic about the status of things but please remember to focus on connecting to yourself and healing yourself first. you cannot give to others and the world properly if you are imbalanced and off track. like a poem i recently read in @yung_pueblo’s inward expressed “two things are true: people who truly know and love themselves cannot be hateful toward other people; the same way we are anchored and grounded by the earth, the earth is healed and nurtured by our unconditional love.” let’s take a step towards love and good feels even if it’s the smallest effort. move to feel better and away from holding onto hurt and pain.

well, you’ve probably heard the news, buuuut we are sooo excited to announce that we have been blessed with a new @witmalive partner and director of marketing, @jennifersodini of @evolveandascend!!! still riding high off of finalizing our business agreement yesterday and we are all incredibly eager to proceed onward to creating the next WITMA and continuing the growth of this community/movement. our next event is scheduled for this Oct in NYC (you might wanna save the date for the 24th, just sayin’😆). what kind of topics are you most looking forward to for our future events??? ☺️✨ // photo by @realfunwow

daydreaming about fresh, locally-sourced meals at our ibiza home away from home this october with @sneakysputnik of @sputnikyoga. more details on the site or you can dm me with questions if you’d like to be a part of the magic. ✨😍

fulfilling a spontaneous call to share a new weekly post of writings called the ‘morning pages collections’ // a collection of my channeled morning pages - past and present - unfiltered and undeniably intimate. dreams, downloads, poems, random insights, stories, fact, fiction, opinion, truth. here it is. enjoy! you can find post 1 at link in bio. my morning pages aren’t dated and i’m just going to share them with no particular timeline or instructions or explanations. they are personal and they are general. i hope you take what resonates with you from them and leave what doesn’t. if they help you heal even a little as writing them has helped me, it’s worth sharing every time. ✌🏽

i know the universe provides endless abundance, but it’s taken work work work to clear the blockages keeping me from feeling truly worthy of it, speaking more directly - of money and financial success. people have so many preconceived notions about wealth, equating it to status and power, and like to keep financial talk on the highest confidentiality classification and i get it, totally do. it’s a sore, hurtful subject for so many and people get desperate, insecure, and angered by money in an extremely triggering way. that’s why personally and professionally i like to practice transparency and open, honest communication with as little shame and judgment towards myself or anyone else and it’s been such a breath of fresh air and super healing. i’ve historically been the girl who didn’t know what bill came out what day, didn’t look at my situation with clarity (scared to look at my bank account after many a weekend), and felt like money was a “situation” i had to resolve and conquer all by myself to prove i was an independent, capable being. since being in a collaborative business, starting my own company, working from a freelance perspective where i am setting my own rates and have to ask for what i feel my time and work is worth, and having to ask for help and assistance in times when ends were not meeting i’ve healed an incredible amount of money trauma and generations of interlaced, societally-imposed scarcity mindset. man, it’s been a journey and a half and the worst feeling is being creatively limited by finances. am ready for a new story - how about you?? 🙋🏼‍♀️

the elements pull
and i bend in response
the moon fills
and my breath deepens
it all just feels so right
this is the moment
in love with the flow
what has been meant
is coming this way
and i am fire

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