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Kevin Apgar  Was vaccinated with a phonograph needle one summer break.


No, he does not need glasses. He just likes them. And looks pretty darn cute in them. #nathanchronicles

@ktkat216 is back, folks! Thank you, @instagram!

Nathan's first experience with a #Transformer. Vintage #Beachcomber. #autobots

Hey @instagram, someone hacked my wife's account. These are her photos, followers, and following but they changed her username from @ktkat216 to whatever that monstrosity is. She submitted a help ticket and confirmed with the code-holding selfie. Help!

The key to this #MacroMonday lies in the pattern.

Amanda Hall on Facebook nailed this #MacroMonday

Nathan and Zoey on an M1 Abrams

The mansion (side view)

M5 Stuart

M41A3 Walker Bulldog

M60 Patton @cantignypark

68 degrees. Hüsker Dü jacked up on the stereo. Let's go!