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Rose Of September  Mark ❤️ Kim

Here is the clip version.
Mark's slogan: When are you going to take off? I am so missing my Kimberley. Then he went to hug her. What's a real man!

Boy: Is this a prewedding or what? So annoyed ..want to unfollow thrm everyday... #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin

Mark's slogan in the evening round: "When are we going to take off? Becase i am so missing my Kimberley.
Then he went to hug her. Mark is the real man, isn't he?

Boy Pakorn responded by saying that he is so annoyed by these two lovebird. Is this a prewedding or what?

#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Cretdit: Twitter earrnJ

Kimmy: Kimberley nakha. My beauty might be so so but my sexiness will surely blow up the mercury thermometer.

MC: Where did you go? Then point to Mark and said "look look look at him...he seems to be too happy, too excited....555

#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Credit: Thank you the video clip from @pj_pattama

Mark: Sawaddee krab. I am Mark Prin. My slogan is "Even though I have my girlfriend..."
The concert hall erupted with loud cheering noise from fans and a surprising look by Kimmy...
Mark: Let me continue..."Even though I have my girlfriend, you, all sisters can still flirt with me."
Audiences cheered up with loud noise and Kim gave him a fierce look and kind of asked, what did you say?.. Mark quickly responded with "I am kidding." Boy said "Let them clear the issue with each other back stage." #mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Thank you clip from @innie_inyarat kha.🙏❤

BFF #kimmy_kimberley and #urassayas sang a duet together today in #loveisintheairch3charityconcert
The song name is "Mairak Maitong". Credit: Twitter @Yayalovely5.

สองหนุ่มถ้าจะเหนื่อย สาว ๆ อยู่ไหนน้า

#mark_prin #Nadech

Credit: Story venis_venice

Behind the scenes of today's touching MK moments.

Thank you for the beautiful captures by Kimmy's diehard fan and an excellent photographer @spycool_tukta 🙏

Today photos of the lovely MK at the start of their sweet work trip to Maldives.

#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Thank you credits from @banmarkpantip @kimmy_kimberleyofp @mkpantip 🙏🙏🙏

#kimmy_kimberley and #mark_prin arrived at Maldives safely. They went there with the team for the Travelling Companion Magazine shooting. Mark said it is so damn hot but very beautiful.
Thank you for the clip from @iloveu_mk which she took from Kimmy's IG story.

Profit from selling the photobooks will be donated to sea environmental protection groups in Phuket. It will be a good deed that we want to do. It should take about one or two more months since it will take time for preparation and there might be pre-orders. If possible, I want to have this kind of project every year but depending on our fans, if they are not too bored or fed up.

#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Thank you for the edited clip by @winner54_mk 🙏

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