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Rose Of September  Mark ❤️ Kim

Maria Sky, the girl involved in the news that accuse Mark of going out shopping with her gave an interview today. She says she does not know Mark personally. She met him only once during the event and that is it. She never contact, talk, or see Mark outside that event at all. She says she feels annoyed as there ate a few harassing comments on her IG. She is also worried that this news will affect MK relationship and would like to convey her sincere message to Kim that Kim does not need to worry at all since this news is so untrue. She says she hope this news will fade out and her caretakers encourage her to stay cool.

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My most favorite moment of today event, 27 March 2018

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Summary of MK's interview after the SIS Grand Opening event at Central Mahachai on 18 March 2018.
The first topic is about their relationship and the break up rumor. The second is about Diana's IG drama. The third one is about the reunion of "Gang Lom". On the first topic, MK confirm that their relationship is good, the same as it has always been. They say it is normal for any two people in relationship to have some disagreements now and then, like tongue and teeth. As they have said, they stop paying attention to all those nonsense rumors and accusations. Kim says people exaggerate things. Their latest fuss was really nothing serious, just a slight thing. Mark says the cause of the fuss is their private matter and it was really a slight thing and cannot be told but he accepts that it was his fault. Anyhow, the most important thing is that they give their heart to each other and that shall conquer everything and keep this relationship healthy. Kim says they will just try to make everyday happy and that is what they are doing.
On the second topic, they say Diana did call Kim to get the permission to use Mark garden to shoot photos to advertise Diana' Thai traditional garments. Kim says she was with Mark at the time of the call and Mark had no objection since they are all friends and Diana lives in a condo so she does not have a garden of her own. They don't quite understand why people overly imagine thing out of context. Diana did call them to consult about the drama since this is the first time she faces such a harsh accusation, she is a little stressful. Kim told her that she does not need to delete the post since she has not done anything wrong. They both told Diana to let this slip by and ignore all those nonsense comments. On the third topic, MK confirm that the story is exactly what Boy said in the interview. Mark initiated the idea of having a group photo at the same spot they did three years ago. So Boy went to get Mint. Both MK say they are okay with Mint now, no harsh feeling toward each other. Mark did say hello to Mint and encouraged her on stage.
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Do you see the lovebirds on the right?

MK are not defined by boyfriend girlfriend status. That concept is too narrow for their relationship, which is defined as each other half + Best friends + Brother-Sister 😄😄😄 #mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
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Kimberley's interview after her event on 8 March 2018.

Summary only...for the full scripts, come back later late tonite. Kimberley said for a lover couple, having a few arguments now and then are normal. They have had these before and this one is no different. It is not anything serious, not about time difference when she was in Austria or about Mark went to the forest. It was just some misunderstanding between them that they have to learn to understand each other more as the relationship grows. She is clear to stress that her relationship with Mark remains the same. What she previosly posted in her IG story was not about Mark at all. It was about someone she had to work with but definitely not her manager team. She tried to deal with this by using Dhamma, doing good deeds to calm down.

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Mark's interview on 6 March 2018
Clip 4
Reporter: Have these anti-fans commented for so long?
Mark: Not long krub. Only when we are happy or when they start to think that there is a problem between us.
Reporter: Are you two still sulking at each other?
Mark: We are okay, right now. But before we were. It was just that NongKim went to film her drama while I went on a vacay with my family and continued to the forest so she complaint that we did not meet. There were some comments so I thought why? It was our business.. Reporter: You must have liked something on IG that triggered the issue.
Mark: I usually like so many posts, so many quotes so many beautiful photos. It is nothing, just something that I am impressed as life inspiration.
Reporter: When you two are sulking at each other, who is the one who has to make it up for the other?
Mark: It is always me krub. It is my duty but most of all, I am willing to do it.
Reporter: So Kim was sulking because you did not go to see her right away after she was back?
Mark: I stayed in the forest for too long, maybe. But I understand her… I understand how women are krab.
Reporter: What if this happen again?
Mark: I told you we stop, we stop paying attention. We are like what we used to be krub. We go dining together. We go shopping together as usual.
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Mark' interview in 6 March 2018
Clip 3

Mark: These anti fans keep changing their IG accounts but I can recognize their patterns. At first, I kept blocking them but later I stop paying attention or giving any interest. Just leave them be.
Reporter: How are their comments?
Mark: Just something like, why i do not tell everyone that we break up...i think what's?? Why do i have to tell anyone about us.? Actually i believe it is just one person.

Reporter: Is this kind of things eat up your mind and energy?

Mark: Yes, at the beginning but later as i told you we stop paying attention.
Reporter: What would you like to tell this anti fan?

Mark: I want to meet him/her in person and clear with that person face to face. Let come out and stop taliking giberrish.

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Mark' s interview on 6 March 2018
Clip 2

Reporter: About the rumor that you and Kimberley break up...
Mark: Yes krub, we break (making a serious face to fool everyone for a moment)...we break our attention to this stupid nonsense issue. We do not break up krub..we have been through many things...this little thing cannot break us...where did you get such info that we break up?
Reporter: How come people lead to this speculation?
Mark: This story teachs us all that we should not over imagine things. I read through all the comments and thought what the heck. Things might not be as they seem so stop imagine things you do not know.
Reporter: Is that because you two seem like sulking atveach other?
Mark: I accept we were sulking but we do not break up krub... Reporter: Did you private your IG?
Mark: Yes, i was annoyed with all those antis who just keep creating new accounts to annoy me. But i open my ig now and stop giving them any attention.. #mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
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Mark's interview for his award presentation today 6 March 2018
Clip 1

Reporter: About the award???
Mark: Today I come to receive the Best Actor Howe Award from my role in Kluencheewit aka Wave of Life krab. I am ver prod of this and I am glad that everyone enjoys my drama and my acting. This will be my inspiration to improve myself and I hope all other actors will also give out their best performance too krab.

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~"The loneliness caused me to learn how much I love you. The distance apart caused me to miss you.". @mark_prin would like to give this song to his special one @kimmy_kimberley at his Slim Concept event today 4/3/2018.
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❤❤❤ This is what I have faith in. I have always known from the bottom of my heart exactly what I believe in these two. They love each other the way they are. People who cannot withstand such love and positivity should at least leave them be. Over imagine things with one's self pessimistic, narrow-minded prejudged perception is an act of uneducated, uncivilized people. Please kindly spread only good vibes and positivity. The world has already had enough unavoidable negativity such as wars, diseases, golbal warming, disasters, etc. ❤❤❤ #mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley

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