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Rose Of September  Mark ❀️ Kim

Dear MK lovers,

Let's support our beloved couple to get through the ongoing media fuss that seems to disturb their privacy and irrationally harrass them by posting MK heart(s) and tag them.
They both are well. They shared with us their lovely activities yesterday, starting the day spent together by creating their new diary1922 IG to share with us their memories of times being spent together, later in the early afternoon, they went to the ordination of a close friend, and in the evening, dining a fabulous meal together and kind enigh to share with us all their delicious dishes.
Let's spread out only positive vibes. Let the bad ones subside. The sun will always shine after every storm.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin

Dear international fans who love our MK,

If you would like to witness and share the memory of this lovely couple, please follow this IG. It has been created on 28 May 2017 to record the memories of their journey together. Let's witness their beautiful love and their sharing moments together..❀ #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, clip 7/7

Reporter: Now we can refer to you Kimberley as Mark's girlfriend and Mark as Kimberley's girlfriend... Kim: You guys have called us like that for a long time. It's up to you.
Reporter: Mark said his part...we would like to hear it from you... Kim: Umm don't pressure me. Our relationship is obvious in its own way.

Reporters...Kim..your brush-on looks real reddish on your cheek now... #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you for the editted clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, clip 6/7

Reporter: We would like to ask about the sweet scence on the concert stage..how did you feel when Mark made that announcement?

Kim: I felt so surprised. I did not know before.. Reporter: Did he not tell you he ginna do that?

Kim: Nope.

Reporter: Did you guys clear with each other back stage?

Kim: Nope..but our friends teased us..him that he actually used THAT WORD... Reporter: So now you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend, right? He did make that announcement.. Kim: Maybe it was just a little bit if acting, I don't know...anyhow the image if our relationship is quite clear within itself... Reporter: You acted very well yourself when you walked toward him (after he said sisters can still flirt with him). Kim: It was just an acting ..a little bit acting.
.It was such an improvised scenario so ...i could not control myself... Reporter: Did you guys have any rehearsal backstage before the show on this part?

Kim: Nope, the interview part was all spontaneous, no preparation...everyone improvised... #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you for the editted clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview in 22 May 2917, clip 5/7

Reporter: Are the photos selected according to you or Marj?

Kim: P'Mark chose most photos because he is the one who edits most of them. But i asked him to deselect a few.

Reporter: Which photos you asks him to deselect?

Kim: The ones in which i did not wear any makeup and my hair was too messy.

Reporter: Who shot most photos?

Kim: P'Mark and other pee pee who took care of this trip for us.

Reporter: Will you print more if there are requests?

Kim: Let's see if we can sell out this lot first... Reporter: Will you have a preorder?

Kim: I don't know yet.. Reporter: Can you update us on your work?

Kim: Now I am filming Komfak. It will take a while.

Reporter: No new drama line-up this year.. Kim: Not yet..No suitable role for me...i will definitely let you know if I accept any new drama project.

#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you for the edited clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, Clip 4/7

Reporter: Could you update us about your MK photo book?

Kim: We finish choosing all photos and also the paper. It has taken so long since we have quite high spec. We like impirted paper so it did take time. However, it is getting close.
Reporter: Place of the photobook?

Kim: Just one place..Phuket.

Reporter: Are all photos gonna be sweet?

Kim: Umm..let you see for yourselves later. Otherwise, you guys won't be surprised.

Reporter: Whose photos will there be more?

Kim: There will be both mine and P'Mark and couple, alternatively.. Reporter: Heard that the number will be limited.

Kim: Yep, we would like to make it special. P'Mark already said the number right? At 1000.. Reporter: About the foundation you two plan to donate the profit to?

Kim: It will be an foundation that works to protect our sea.

Reporter: Heard that Mark has found one.

Kim: Yes, p'Mark is still talking with that foundation.. #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you for the editted clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, Clip 3/7

Reporter: It looks like the new automobile Mark plans to buy is to support you to go with him. To facilitate you?

Kim: Maybe it is to facilitate p'Mark himself..(smile). Haha, just to facilitate everything, i guess.

Reporter: Do you approve of his plan to get this new automobile?

Kim: I am ok, no objection. This makes him happy, so i am okay with it.

Reporter: Has he consult you about the one he plans to buy? Did he ask you to help choosing?

Kim: Not really.. I knew after he already went to take a look. Anyhow. I am okay.

Reporter: Has you guys bought it yet?

Kim: Not yet.. We are still trying to convince its current owner to sell it to us.

Reporter: So it must be a special automobile that is not available in a market, right?

Kim: Yeps.

Reporter: Do you guys change your preference from sea and sand trips to mountain and forest trips?

Kim: We will have to try and see.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you the editted clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, Clip 2/7

Reporter: Is this that you would like to make it up to Mark?

Kim: Umm, mostly I stay inside the city so it ganna be fun to get out.

Reporter: Will the trip be up to Mark?

Kim: I see that he is very happy with this type of trip so I would like to go along with him. I would like to see if i can do it or not. I gonna try.

Reporter: Will you be afraid to venture into a jungle?

Kim: I gotta try..let's see.

Reporter: Will you be afraid to face unforseen things?

Kim: Umm, actually as an actress, i have had many adventures. Any time i had to film in rural areas. So i think it would be alright.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you the edited clip from @winner54_mk πŸ™

Kimmy's interview on 22 May 2017, Clip 1/7
Reporter: How about Mark's treking trip?

Kim: He was so excited with his recent treking trip. So excited that he plans to buy a new automobile that a homemobile that can be used as a camping tent and can climb a mountain.

Reporter: Will you be able to go on a treking trip like this with him?

Kim: I don't know. I am gonna have to try.

Reporter: Mark has told you to prepare for the next trip, hasn't he?

Kim: Yes..it would be a good experience for me. Maybe I don't have to walk 3 km like him.

Reporter: Do you have any specific place in mind?

KIM: Not really, but P' Mark always talks about this but he says it is the rainy season right now so we cannot see the mountains clearly..we might have to wait until after the rainy season.

Reporter: You would like to join him on this kind of trip, right?

Kim: Yep..i would like to dress in a cool treking style suit. It will be cool.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you edited clip from @winner54_mk .πŸ™

Kimmy lived today during her dinner with Bow after they finished candle light circle in a Buddhist temple. She updated the status of MK photo book; she said they are selecting type of paper and title. They are allso choosing where to donate the money. When asked about the whereabout of Mark, she said Mark went back to his hometown in Lampang. They always update us, MK fans , about each other, don't they? When asked about her short movie, she said maybe she will show it to public next month. She said do not expect too much. The film is quite indy...(independent style, artistic mood). A fan asked Kim and Bow to gossip about Boy Pakorn. Bow told us that she met Boy in his first lakorn. Kimmy said Boy always teased her about her chubbiness everywhere. Kim said p'Boy is quite senior and his belly begins to show out 555. About her schedule, Kim told us that she will be shooting something tomorrow. Kim and Bow will go to a movie after dinner.
Caption and post taken from @poodmagmag thanks kha.

#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin

A behind-the-stage story of the nan named Mark Prin by @theeratham_ifnt
This corner might not be the best to shoot a photo but it allows us to see that he has only little time to concentrate his focus and prepare himself before stepping out on stage. An impressive character of this man is that he is always humble, a very easy-to-reach person, and not arrogrant at all. Normally, some celebreties, when they are at backstage, are very difficult to reach. I have almost had to crawl in. But this man is willing to do whatever others ask him to, he always smile when people request to shoot photos with him, even though he has no time to sit down and take some rest. I cannot imagine how impressive he will be to his die-hard fans, since he is ver impressive to me who is just an amatture fan.
Reposted from @kimi_kimiii

Mark liked this post earlier today.
The post was about natrated story from the Ch3 concert regarding Mom Mew (Mark's mother)

First Chat: It was when MK sang the song "True Love above Time" in their black dresses.
Second Chat: Mark said hi to his mom and so did Kimmy but i could not catch the moment on the clip.

Third Chat: Whenever Kim came on this side of stage, Mom Mew always recorded clips and waved her hands to Kim.

This is to assure that they are family ☺ . They will always support each other.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Repost from @kimi_kimiii . Please refer to the original credits on her caption. Thank you kha ❀ .

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