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Rose Of September  Mark ❤️ Kim

ช่วยกันรายงานสแปมติ่งเผือก อยากเป็นเจ้าชีวิตน้องคิมกันอีกสักตั้งค่ะ นางไม่หยุดสักที
Let's spam this crazy fan who thinks that she is Kim's mom or her senior relative trying to govern her life.

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Kimmy's interview about Margie and Pok
Reporter: What do you feel about Margie being proposed? Have you congratulate her?
Kim: In fact, I almost leaked out the proposal secret.
Reporter: So you knew about the plan?
Kim: Yep, everyone knew.
Reporter: Did you know because Margie or Pok?
Kim: P'Pok told me. Gie did not know. We all had to keep it as the secret from Gie.
Reporter: How did you feel when Pokkie told you?
Kim: In fact, I would like to join them but I could not clear my work schedule. We will wait for her to come back to Thailand and we will definitely celebrate.
Reporter: So you guys set up an appointment for celebration already?
Kim: Yes. Definitely, we have to celebrate. I am so glad that my friend is sold out. P'Pok is a nice guy. He is a good man. They have always taken good care of each other from the beginning. We knew that they are meant for each other.
Reporter: How about your couple?
Kim: Let them pass over.
Reporter: Do you want any surprise?
Kim: (Ask back at the reporter) do you want any surprise? I don't know at this point. It is up to the future. We do not focus on this now.
Reporter: Have you talked to Margie after her proposal day?
Kim: Yes, I congratulated her. How is she? I think she is happy, very happy. She says thank you to everybody. We have to wait for her coming back to Thailand.
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Credit: Kimmy

Kimberley's interview after her event "Fit in 60 days with Pfizer" on 22 June 2017
Clip 5/5 ************************************** Reporter: Are you afraid that people will think that this trip is to cover up the news?
Kim: No, that is definitely not our intention.
Reporter: So it means this trip was planned.
Kim: Yes, this trip has been planned for a long time.
Reporter: Could you please clear the issue about not giving the interview last Wednesday after Komchadluek Award?
Kim: I was actually sick. I did not have enough energy to give any interview on that day. I also think that it was not an appropriate place to give any interview because I was walking to go home.
Reporter: Some said you did not give any interview because you were upset that you did not get the award.
Kim: That was not the case at all. It does not involve with that at all because even in the past, I faced many worse situations and I could give interviews in those. I have nothing to run away from.
Reporter: Did you talk to Mark on about what to say since Mark had to give an interview first?
Kim: No, kha. We both just have to speak the truth, tell you guys the fact.
Reporter: We heard that you finished your study. When will you have your commencement?
Kim: Next year, in June kha.
END of the 5 Clips
Below is after the fifth clip but I do not have any edited clips.
Reporter: Are you relaxed now that you finish your education?
Kim: Yes. I was a little bit stressful before.
Reporter: Now, will you dedicate your time for filming more dramas?
Kim: Definitely, I will dedicate myself fully.
Reporter: Have Mark given you any graduation present?
Kim: Not yet kha. We only went out for a dinner to celebrate.
Reporter: Do you want any special gift from P'Mark? Have you ever told him what you would like to get?
Kim: No, I don't want anything special.
Reporter: Whatever he gives you, you will be okay with it?
Kim: Okay kha, I am okay with everything he gives me.
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Credit: @winner54_mk 🙏

Kimberley's interview after her event "Fit in 60 days with Pfizer" on 22 June 2017
Clip 4/5 ************************************** Reporter: Some people say that Mark's mom is not pleased with you.
Kim: I don't think so. There really is nothing going on between us.
Reporter: Are you worried?
Kim: Nope, I am not worried.
Reporter: There have been no sweet photos of you two posted at all recently.
Kim: We both have been quite busy recently. As you can see, I have been working almost everyday. Sometime, I have to look after myself and I also have to earn money for my living.
Reporter: About the news about going to Japan with Mark.
Kim: Yes, there will be a Japan trip next month.
Reporter: Will you go with Mark, just the two of you?
Kim: No,kha. There will be other people joining us. It will be a food tasting trip. We will be going for foods.
Reporter: Are your friends in the entertainment business or outside friends?
Kim: Ouside, kha.
Reporter: So many people will be in your group. How long will you visit Japan?
Kim: Yes, we will be there for just a few days. We go for foods, if we go for too long, we will be exploding.
#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Credit: @winner54_mk 🙏

Kimberley's interview after her event "Fit in 60 days with Pfizer" on 22 June 2017
Clip 3/5 *************************************
Reporter: Many people focus on the couple IG you guys created. They think that it was created in retaliation to this news.
Kim: No, it was not like that. Maybe it was a bad timing that it was opened about the same time with the news and many people tried to relate the two together. I don't know why.
Reporter: Was it created to be a sarcastic IG?
Kim: No, we did not intend for it to offend anyone at all. We created this IG to post photos that we did not post on our IG. We have a lot of photos that we cannot post on our own IG due to agreements with our sponsors. So we created this IG to post those photos. At first, we would like to make it a private IG but when our fans saw that both of us follow this IG, so many people followed.
Reporter: When you said you talked to Mom, did you have a dinner and talked with her?
Kim: We did talk including P'Mark.
Reporter: Did you talk to her directly?
Kim: Yes, as normal. Recently, she did ask me to join her to back some sweets. There is no problem at all between us.
Reporter: Did you talk on phone?
Kim: Yes, kha.
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Credit: @winner54_mk 🙏

Kimberley's interview after her event "Fit in 60 days with Pfizer" on 22 June 2017
Clip 2/5 ************************************** Reporter: So all Mark's family members keep their IG private now because of this including P'Miang.
Kim: Oh, P'Maing, she does not follow anybody. She prefers to have her own privacy. Sometimes she opens her IG as public and sometimes she sets it as private.
Reporter: Are you worried?
Kim: No, I am not worried at all because we hold on to the truth. The fact is there really is nothing, no problems at all between us. Somebody might consider that unfollowing IG is a big deal, but we do not think so since there is really nothing.
Reporter: So you and Mark's mom have made up with each other?
Kim: We talk normally, like usual.
Reporter: Did you ask her about this?
Kim: Yes, we have talked.
Reporter: So did Mom say there was nothing?
Kim: She said there was nothing, no issue. Just like P'Mark told you in his interview.
#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Credit: @winner54_mk 🙏

Kimberley's interview after her event "Fit in 60 days with Pfizer" on 22 June 2017
Clip 1/5 ************************************** Reporter:What would you like to say about the issue that has been on the news lately?
Kim: What issue? There seem to be many issues going on (laughing). Reporter: About Mark's mom unfollowing your IG.
Kim: Kha. I knew just about the same time as you guys did because I did not look at the IG to see who follow or unfollow me. As P'Mark told you guys in the interview, we have talked with MomMew. At first, I was also shocked to learn about that and since we are living in Bangkok while they are living in another province, so we asked Mom what was going on. But it turned out that there was nothing.
Reporter: So you did talk to Mark's mom.
Kim: yep, definitely, I have talked to her. I usually talk to her, everything is normal. We have no problem or issue with each other what so ever. Mom likes to have her privacy so she doesn't play with IG anymore. When the news spread out, Mom was a little bit worried since she is a sensitive person.
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Credit: @winner54_mk 🙏

Tu, Piyawadee's caption: It was not easy to get #CoupleSuperstars #BehindtheSceneNeedsWadeeArrangement
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Credit: #tu_piyawadee

Tu, Piyawadee's caption: Urr, Mark, you should have yielded to Kimmy like you had always used to kha. #CoupleSuperstars #WhattheInner
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Credit #tu_piyawadee

Mark's caption: Yesterday, I went to Wachirayan waterfall so today I look for another one to visit. On my way to Wachirayan waterfall, I passed through Maeya waterfall. I glanced at a sign to this waterfall but did not have enough time to stop by. Therefore, today, I visited this waterfall to see it with my own eyes. The way to this waterfall was quite smooth. I could finish listening to the whole album of Jason Marz. After I parked my car, there were a few Chinese tourists walking toward me. At first, i thought they would like to take a photograph with me, so i was so excitingly glad that they knew and could recognize me. But, the truth was revealed when they said "i need your help.". It turned out that they got lost from their tour guide and would like me to help calling their guide. I was about to call their guide using my broken English mixed with some Thai, together with my hand-sign language, when the guide came down to us, so that was it. Have a nice day, bye.
Kimmy's comment: That is because you never paid attention (when i taught you English) #mark_prin
Mark's comment: #kimmy_kimberley I am excelled at other things krub, teacher.

Credit: @kimi_kimiii 🙏

Fan's question: Why didn't you bring Kim?
Mark: She has to film Komfak (on Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mark's Caption: Finally, i am here at #Blackitch on Nimman Soi 7, the restaurant that serves only course sets. Today, we take 9! So bloody full. What so special about this pkace is that all ingredients used are natural. No monosodiumglutamate or any other chemical substances. All sauces and seasonings are homemade from local raw ingredients, fermented within the restaurant, like none others and no others can imitate. You need to call first if you want to try. The chef will come in and out of kitchen to talk with you while cooking at the same time to describe to you about each dish being served, so full of knowledge. Who want innovative, creative fusion food that just taste so favourful, i would recommend this place at the must on Nimman Soi 7.
@blackitchcnx God of sauces.😎 P.S. Too bad that Ms. Prang (Mark's sister) and Ms. Kim (Mark's girlfriend) cannot come with us this time. Next time, we will take you guys on tour naja. 😘 #YouCanTrustMeWhenItIsAboutFoods

#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Credit: @kimi_kimiii

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