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Rose Of September  Mark ❤️ Kim

Transcript 2/2
Q: Have there been any contacts?
Kim: There were some but I refused.
Q: Do you have limit for swimsuit shooting?
Kim: I have never shot any swimsuit except at Maldive with p' Mark.
Q: Do you have to get permission from P'Mark?
Kim: That one, it was p'Mark who took the shots.
Q: Or does it have to be Mark who can shoot you only?
Kim: No kha. It is just that I am still young. Let me wait until I get a little bit older and we shall see. Besides my tights are still too big. I want to lose a few more kilograms.
Q: How many kilogram you want to lose?
Kim: 3 kilos kha.
Q: Mark went to Chiangmai but you did not go with him. Why?
Kim: Yes, p' Mark went for his mom's birthday. I wanted to go with him but I had to shoot for commercial. This work has been delayed a few times for several months already and could no longer delayed kha.
Q: Are you disappointed that you could not go?
Kim: Yep. I did want to go. This is the second year in the roll that I cannot go to our annual charity event. Last year, it was because my dad got sick. This year is because of work. Anyhow, there will be more charity events like this coming often that we will go to help children in secluded mountainous areas.
Q: About you new dramas?
Kim: The one that has been revealed will have the fitting around the end of the year. The other one, I cannot reveal until things are settled.
Q: The leading actor, will he be the one you used to work with?
Kim: I never play in any dramas with him kha.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Credit @kimi_kimiii

Transcript 1/2
The famous actress "Kimberley" reveals in her interview today that she has been working hard to lose her weight and get her body fit. However, she has refused for any sexy shootings and accepted that there have been some initiatives for such shooting but she thinks she is too young not because that P'Mark forbids her from showing of her sexiness. Mark understands if it comes to work.
Recently, Kimberley has shown her fit body shape on her IG so people are watching if she plans for any sexy shootings. After the event to introduce the new fragrance "CALVIN KLINE OBSESSED" today. She give an interview today:
Q: Have you been exercising a lot recently?
Kim: Yeps after gaining 2 to 3 kg after my Hokkaido trip. I have shredded some but not to the point where I used to be. I am trying, will do exercise whenever I have time.
Q: Have you taken a heavy training course to lose you weight.
Kim: Yes, I have to work hard since there have been a lot of works wating for me. Many shootings for commercials for new products. Some are still photos. I want to look good and don't disappoint my customers. I was afraid that I could not get rid of my weight on time but so far not too bad.
Q: Are you addicted to exercising?
Kim: Let's say my motivation is bases on nescessity. Due to my profession, coupled with the fact that I like to eat, especially, desserts and sweets, and all kinds of food, I have to exercise to maintain my body to be always in shape because of my eating habit.
Q: Do you plan to show off your body seriously?
Kim: Nope kha. Not yet.
Q: Are you reluctant because of someone?
Kim: No, it is not because of that. I am still too young, besides I don't think there is much to show.
Continue on next post.
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Credit @kimi_kimiii

หมาก-คิม ลงไปบริจาคเงินที่ได้จากการจำหน่ายโฟโต้บุ๊ค เพื่อสนับสนุนโครงการอนุรักษ์พะยูนและสิ่งแวดล้อมทางทะเลที่กระบี่ค่ะ
MK go to donate money from the selling of their photobooks to the project "Save the Dugongs" in Krabi.
Doing good deeds is the best way to remember our greatest King ๙💛🙏 His physical body may no longer exist but his legacy shall always last forever. 💛💛💛💛 Thank you @fha_nadiar
#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley

Have a safe flight back kha ☺
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you the lucky twitter.

Have a safe flight back home kha 🛫✈🛫😊
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Thank you the lucky twitter.

Krabi is well-known for being a large sea grassland in Thailand which is also an important food source for dugongs. If we would like to save dugongs from extinction, we have to preserve and protect their inhabitat. @eecthailand has initiated a project to educate local young generation to learn how to survey and investigate to find ways to best protect the dugongs’ home and prevent any treats that may lead to their extinction. These processes will be a principle assurance for dugongs’ conservation in Thailand for a long future. Not only you get to see our beautiful photos, those who bought #mark_prin and #kimmy_kimberley ‘s photo book will also contribute to this project for conserving our dugongs. We would like to thank all of you on behalf of the dugongs we will help saving. We also would like to thank #alexrendell for coordinating everything.
Repost from MK.

Today at 19.00 hr, a lucky twitter twitted that she spoted Mark and Kim at Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. This is confirmed by Mark's story.
Later at 20.00 hr, another twitter spolted them sweeting at Siam Discovery Shopping Mall.
Slide for the clip from a lucky fan who recorded them walking hand-in-hand.😍😍😍
#mark_prin #kimmy_kimberley
Thank you the two twitters and the lucky fan who share this happiness to us all.

Let's have a peek at the preview of the musical play "Thewa Pha Koophun (Dream of Love, Dream of You)". Music by his Majesty King Bhumiphol.
Performed by #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin .
The full show will be shown on Thai TV 3 on 13 October 2017.
Credit: #1ssbtch3

The anniversary of the saddest day of our lives is coming next Friday. We lost the greatest king of all time on 13 October 2016. Wish to serve him in all lives.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Credit #sanddysandee

MK's Interview in To Khao Ban Therng on 28 September 2017, Clip 2/2
MC: Mark and Kim has a new charity project. They are selling their photobook from their Songkran Phuket trip. The profit from this project will go to support funding for research to preserve our ocean environment and ecology system including sea lives.
Mark: Finally, our Photobook has been born. After, being in pregnant state for so long since April when we went for our Songkran vacation.
Kim: Yes. We have chosen the best for everyone.
Mark: Actually, all photos are the ones that we have not shown on our IG or anywhere else.
Kim: Yes. It was fun.
Mark: There will be photos from the sea, on the boat, in the amusement park. And since we went to the sea, we would like to donate the profit from this project to support ocean and sea preservation. I think we still have some remaining. You can order from our fan pages. The price is 1200 THB + 80 THB for shipping in Thailand. For further information, please contact our fan pages.
Kim: Only limited number.
Mark: All beautiful photos are waiting.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Credit: @iloveu_mk 🙏🙏🙏

MK's Interview in To Khao Ban Therng on 28 September 2017, Clip 1/2
MC: Mark and Kim celebrated their anniversary entering their fourth year recently. In this occasion, they exchanged gifts as normal. However, the gifts are quite interesting. The man gave his woman a ring and the woman gave her man a watch. Do they have special meaning, like spending time with each other?
Reporter: Are you pleased with the gift Mark gave you on your anniversary?
Kim: Yes. It is a ring.
Reporter: What did you give to him?
Kim: A watch. It is a surprise since I know that it is what he wanted and I remembered that he wanted this watch.
Reporter: What impression do you have on P’Mark?
Kim: I think he is a straight forward and very sincere man. Whatever he thinks or feels, I can perceive right away.
Reporter: Are you guys having a good news anytime soon?
Kim: No, not yet.
Reporter: Have you ever talked about this?
Kim: We have not really talked seriously (I assume they have talked some but not seriously yet.) We both know that I would like to get married when I turns 30 and P’Mark when he is 30. But I don’t think it will happen soon since P’Mark will turn 30 soon (he will turn 30 in March 2020). #kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin
Credit: @meebeatlr 🙏🙏🙏

Today Komfak filming. 27 Sep 2017
All are so tough, producer, director, actors, actress and crews, for quality work. 😁 very close to finish..wait a little.
#kimmy_kimberley #mark_prin #komfak2017
Credit #pp_patsri

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