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#Soulection x #AppleMusic
Jamaica x Louisiana

Me : Is that my phone?
Mariah : Yea! I was showing her how good your camera is! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Aww yiss #ThrowbackThursday. I was 19 in this picture. Back when I used to keep the weave fresh and texturizer on deck. Back when I was more concerned with pleasing a "man" and not paying attention to my own mental and emotional health. The pinnacle of low self-esteem and psychological instability. I was somewhere in between trying to find myself and trying to be the object of perfection for someone else; giving my all and everything and not being given the same in return. Seeing the best in people and being the object other people's gaslighting. I was accepting other's for who they were, shortcomings and all, but being told what I had to offer and my potential would never be enough. SHE KNOWS BETTER NOW and she thanks you because she learned what it means to be resilient and forgiving. snap.


snapchat was more important.

cousin love.


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