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KANE VATO  📸 Supermodel fiancé of @piamuehlenbeck 🎥 Photographer and filmmaker 🗺 Currently in Thailand 🇦🇺 🖥 Vlogs and #lightroom Presets👇

When your iPhone takes photos this good you know you’ve found a good spot to stay. @katarocksphuket

New adventures begin tomorrow ✈️The drone is fully charged, the memory cards are empty, and I’m ready to get the cinematic vlogs happening! 👌 Pia is packing 25 million hats I assume.

Been a computer whizzkid since I only had 64kb of memory to play with.

DOUBLE TAP IF YOU DIG THIS CAROUSEL: Found my ultimate cafe this morning. ☕️ Super cool interior design.. 👌 ALSO: Trying a new style of post. 👉 Swipe right to check it out, and tap for tags. 🏷

Pia just told me we are going overseas again on Sunday. So some epic cinematic Asia travel vlogs will be with you from next week! 🙌

New vlog live! We took a ‘are we ready to get married?’ test... 😂

Gonna be back in LA for Vidcon next month... 🙌

I need to take more photos of us. 🌵

This photo is cute, but I was in a hurry and chose the wrong f stop on the camera. I think this was f16 or something and as a result EVERYTHING is in focus which has meant the image is too distracting. If I used a far lower f stop, I would have been able to draw your eye to the portion of the photo with us in it and not had the distracting leaves throughout the front and the back of photo so in focus. Still a cute pic though. 😊

Ok, I’ll be honest, I FORGOT to pick a winner from my last post until this morning! 😂 anyway, congrats to @bridgettebadger, DM me and I’ll get the headphones out to you ASAP! 👌 Also if you like photography, go check out her page and give her a follow. She’s shooting some great stuff with her Canon 750D 🙌 Comment below if you enjoy these little tech giveaways, I get sent a lot of stuff and if I have doubles, I’d much rather share it with you lot! 👏👏👏

Beats X headphones giveaway. 🎧 If you saw my Insta stories today, you’ll know I’m giving away some Beats headphones. 📷 Leave a comment below and let me know what camera you shoot with and I’ll pick a random winner in the morning and mail the Beats straight out to you. 🎁 (Ps. Yes I’m well aware that this photo was taken last year back when I had big muscles, don’t worry, I’m pumping it real good at the gym, Muscleman Vato will be make a reappearance in 2025!) 😂

No vlog today, was messing around with some @gopro Fusion footage I took on the @super73 and got carried away exploring what i could do with it. 🤪 One interesting thing about this whole clip: the camera was facing forward the entire time. 🤔 All the pans, rolls, tilts and zooms were done after whilst editing. 🎥 Not once did we move the camera to ‘face the action’ as it went past, every angle was set as I edited it afterwards. Part of me thinks I’d probably use the Fusion for this more than ‘vr style’ videos, because I can still (as the director) show you (the viewer) the bits I think are important, rather than you getting lost in the 360 experience and potentially missing the good bits. 🙌 Let me know what you think, I’d be keen to know your thoughts on 360 vs regular videos. 👇 w/ @sebamecha

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