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Start your week with the right mindset. There is no 'right time' when rainbows magically appear and the planets are perfectly aligned for us to start something, as much as we might wish there was...

The only time is now. Right now. This moment right here. Everything we want for tomorrow, we have to be ready to start building the foundations for today, no matter how afraid or apprehensive we might initially feel...

The hardest part is starting - so don’t allow yourself to overthink it. Just jump in and BEGIN! No more hesitation, no more procrastination. That diet. That revision plan. That fitness regime. That girl/boy you've wanted to ask out. STOP WAITING. START DOING! Let's own this week! 💪🏽🙏🏽

Thought for the week ahead, inspired by one of my clients! When we set out to achieve LONG-TERM GOALS, it can be a bit daunting at first because of all the lifestyle changes we need to make...

For example, if you have a weight loss goal and you’re removing foods from your current diet; if you have a fitness goal and you’re training more often; if you have a studying goal and need to spend more time studying each day.

These changes can be quite demanding, so we need to make them as easy as possible to implement! Here are two quick ways.

1) DON’T MAKE ALL CHANGES AT ONCE. Make small changes, and add a new change every few days, or each week. This is far less straining, and being consistent also allows us to build momentum towards achieving our goal.

2) TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME. It can be overwhelming to think about how far away you are from your final goal, and all the tough changes you need to make to get there. It makes the goal seem impossible, and sometimes it makes us wonder if it’s worth it at all...

Instead, we need to focus on taking things one day at a time, which is much more manageable. Eventually, the small changes we make every day will become HABITS. They will require less mental effort to carry out, while taking us closer to achieving our goal every single day!

Whether you’re just setting out towards a new goal or coming to the end of your journey, I wish you strength, determination and luck! Have an awesome week! 😊🙏🏽

When it comes to our goals, our mind is an expert at thinking of every little thing that could go wrong. It makes us feel afraid, daunted and apprehensive, often causing 'paralysis by over-analysis'!

We can't let our mind stop us from taking steps in the forward direction and risk the future regret which comes from staying still. We need to teach our mind how to focus on what could go right, instead of ONLY considering what could go wrong!

It all comes down to balance. We should UNDERSTAND what could go wrong and the consequences it may have, in a rational manner. But we must not let that STOP us from taking action entirely. Focusing on what can go RIGHT will help us to take that first step by giving us the motivation to take action towards our goals.

And when all is said and done, we can either look back at the lessons we learned from an outcome that went 'wrong', or celebrate the achievement that came from things going 'right'. There is nothing to regret, but everything to gain. Either way, we win. 😊🙏🏽

FEELING UNWELL BEFORE EXAMS & INTERVIEWS. It’s happened to all of us. Big exam, important interview...and we start to come down with a cold a day or two before! It can be very frustrating...

Falling ill is often a signal from our body telling us that we need to rest and replenish - but exam dates and interviews can’t always be rearranged! So what do we do?

It’s not the physical symptoms we need to worry about (God bless Sudafed lol), but the PSYCHOLOGICAL impact of feeling unwell. We start to tell ourselves that we’re not feeling at our best, that we’re unlucky that we’ve fallen ill at such a crucial time, and we end up talking ourselves out of performing optimally.

Instead, on the morning of the exam/interview, no matter how badly we slept the night before or how terrible we feel, we need to get ourselves in a focused, high-energy state!

My method was to look in the mirror and reinforce that, for the next few hours until the exam/interview is done: ‘I AM AT MY BEST, nothing will stop me from doing my best, and I am focused, resourceful and ready to perform to the best of my ability.’

I would repeat this until every part of me believed it. Then I would turn up, give it my all, and leave with no excuses and no regrets...before returning home, collapsing on my bed and giving myself the chance to rest and recover! 😉🙏🏽

There is no smooth road to the heights of greatness. To reach the pinnacle of life, we must be willing to take the rougher road...

Rough roads teach us resilience as we blaze our trail, no matter how uncomfortable the journey might get, and how far away the peak seems.

They teach us persistence as we encounter obstacles, inspiring us to grit our teeth and keep going when it becomes tempting to stop and turn back.

And they teach us faith. Faith in ourselves to endure whatever the road throws at us. Faith in the lessons that the road teaches us along the way. Faith that the road will indeed lead us to the heights of greatness...

Because when we finally do reach the greatest of heights, and look down on the world from the peak of our mountain, we will realise that the purpose of the rough road was not to become master of the mountain; it was to become the master of OURSELVES.

To me, this is the true meaning of the heights of greatness. With true mastery over self, anything can be achieved. So face that rough road with faith and determination, and take your first step! 😊🙏🏽

MOTIVATIONAL MORNING ROUTINE. As we approach winter, the days get greyer, drearier and colder. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to let this sap our energy. One of the best ways to prevent this is to start our day in a high-energy state by creating an energising morning routine!

For example, I wake up and immediately listen to some upbeat, motivational music. I literally dance out of bed! Even as I’m brushing my teeth, I let the music energise me and get me pumped up for the day ahead.

Then I do a few minutes of yoga stretches, followed by a few minutes of high intensity bodyweight exercises. This gets the blood flowing, leaving me both physically and mentally ready for the day ahead.

A short morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it so simple that you can do it everyday, no matter what time you wake up! It’s been working for me for years - give it a go and let me know how it works for you! 💪🏽🙏🏽

We hold on to grudges, bad memories and past experiences. We hold on to anger, sadness and fear. We think that the burden we carry defines us, that it reveals our strength to carry such a heavy weight every day...

And yet, if only we knew that the real strength was not in holding on, but in letting go! Holding on to our attachments and baggage is easy. Letting go of them is hard...

Our ego wants us to hold on to our burdens. It wants to be defined by its struggle. It wants others to feel sorry for its plight. It wants an excuse if it fails. Denying our ego this requires true strength!

We need to let go, no matter how hard it is. We need to accept and then release our anger, sadness and fear. We need to let go of our grudges, bad memories and experiences - forgiving others, but more importantly, forgiving ourselves.

It's not easy. It takes true strength to let go...which is why so few people do it! Being strong is difficult - but you owe it to yourself to embrace the challenge, summon your strength from deep within, and LET GO! 😊🙏🏽

ENTITLEMENT. Our generation is often referred to as acting ‘entitled’, behaving as if the world revolves around us, or that we deserve the privileges we have. It’s a horrible trait, one that I feel reflects a lack of gratitude and humility, and as individuals we should make sure not to come across as being ‘entitled’...

Personally, I believe that we’re entitled to nothing in this life apart from death! Everything else we have, we should appreciate with grace - the privileges we’ve been given, in terms of our genetic blueprint or the environment we’ve been born in; the lucky breaks we’ve been blessed with; the suffering we’ve overcome; the adversities we’ve learned lessons from; the friends and family that love us...and so on.

We’re not entitled to ANY of these, and we should never take them for granted. So when we’re fortunate enough to receive them, let’s make a choice to accept these blessings with GRATITUDE, and do our utmost to HONOUR them as best we can in the time that we have! Always grateful, never entitled! 😊🙏🏽

EXCITED TO SHARE MY NEW PROJECT WITH YOU ALL! I’ll be running ‘Exam Domination Workshops’ for A-Level and University students, specifically focusing on time-management and mindset-management in the context of exam performance!

We’ve ALL struggled with stress, anxiety, low motivation, procrastination (etc.) when it comes to studying. Exam performance aside, their impact on our mental health can be very negative!

These workshops aim to provide students with tools and techniques to overcome these challenges, ultimately helping them to achieve their ideal grades with minimal stress - but more importantly, giving them the tools manage their mental health more effectively, both throughout and beyond their formal education.

I was fortunate to run these workshops multiple times last year, most notably at QE Boys, Barnet, one of the top grammar schools in the UK. I’m grateful that they were positively received by students, teachers and parents. Now, I’m hoping to scale them up and give more students access to these resources. We’re going to start with London and Cambridge, and see where it goes from there...!

I’d really appreciate your support as I begin this project! So please do like the FB Page (link in bio), share our events and spread the word! And if any of you amazing people have any questions or want to get involved, I’m just a DM away! Thanks again! ❤️🙏🏽

Don’t let LONELINESS lower your standards when it comes to friendships and relationships! There are so many of us who end up with people in our lives who do us more harm than good, just because we don’t want to be alone...

We deserve better! We shouldn’t settle for someone that harms us out of a desire to avoid loneliness. Instead, we may need to learn to embrace that solitude, to CHOOSE to be alone...

Why? Because during that time, we can focus on OUR personal growth. As we begin to better ourselves, our ‘energetic state’ elevates - we give off a better vibe to the people around us. And we begin to attract people of that same energetic state into our lives, people who will naturally elevate us and help us to flourish.

So don’t be afraid of solitude. If you find yourself alone, resist the temptation to settle. Take the time to focus on yourself and your personal growth, and notice how the right people begin to enter your life. 😊🙏🏽

Thought for the weekend. If we want to have a positive influence on others, we need to LIVE our message, not PREACH it. Actions will always speak louder than words.

Whether it’s with our siblings, friends, parents, children or colleagues, it is our actions that have the most influence on them. You can tell your parents hundreds of times that you’re studying - but if they catch you in the act just once, they’re far more likely to ‘hear’ your message.

Congruency is the most important thing - our words and actions need to be ALIGNED for maximum impact. If we’re saying one thing and doing another (e.g. parents telling kids not to lie, but kids seeing their parents lie), it becomes harder to have any influence. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is not a good enough justification for most of us!

So whoever you’re trying to inspire, whatever the message you’re hoping to convey - let your life be that message. Align your words with your actions, and let your authenticity, passion and commitment speak for itself. 😊🙏🏽

Too many people will spend time FINDING the flaws in YOUR life instead of FIXING the flaws in THEIR lives. It’s often an outlet for their own dissatisfaction, and how powerless they feel to change their own situation. But we shouldn’t let ourselves worry about what they think, or what they’re saying about us behind our backs...

The truth is that we can’t control their behaviour - but we can control our response to it. We need to focus on OURSELVES. We need to block out their voices, and focus on what we need to do to achieve our goals.

They say that the person who is too busy commenting on their neighbour’s garden is often neglecting their own plants. So don’t neglect your own garden like your neighbours. Don’t play their petty games. Ignore what they might or might not say.

Focus on your garden - nourish your state of mind, feed your personal growth, and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 😊🙏🏽

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