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Kameron Smith  Husband to @nikolesankarismith. Father to @mackenzietheweim. Born and raised PNW. Likes whiskey, food, drink, cars, planes and mid-century things.

Another shot of the @afthunderbirds from Skyfest a few weeks back, it's kinda amazing that I've never tried taking photos at an air show before this seeing how much I like photography and planes. I'll definitely try it again.

I like to call wildfire season "I'm in the sensitive group" season. #spokane #upperleftusa #spokanewx @kxlycrocker

Look close and you can see the afterburners. How amazing would this show be at dusk?

This and the the crazy lens flare shot have to be two of my favorites from last weekend.

The Thunderbirds flew last weekend. Here's another shot from their performance in Sunday.

I absolutely love the looks of the F-16. You can tell that the engineers designed it to be fast and maneuverable, then let the form follow function. That and the @afthunderbirds livery is gorgeous on these aircraft.

One more black and white shot of the @afthunderbirds these guys put on an awesome show. It was incredible to see the performance from a different perspective than normal.

One last shot for now. I wanted to try monochrome on some of these because you rarely see it in aviation photography. I feel that here, particularly, it adds a little extra tension and drama. It really drives home the physics at play here.

Another great shot from today of the @afthunderbirds it was a gorgeous but hot day. These guys made it worth broiling in it waiting for the show.

Went back to @teamfairchild today to take photos of @afthunderbirds with my Canon and the results were incredible. I'll put out a few of these at a time for the next few days. This is one of my favorites.

Met up today with @cjbarton_ at @teamfairchild for Skyfest. It was a pretty fun time despite the two hours it took to get into the installation. The @afthunderbirds ended up flying a bit late so we left the show early to watch them from the departure end of the runway with our buddy @pugmaster76. This turned out being a great choice as we got overflown by the T-Birds repeatedly including once by Thunderbird 4, who turned hard right over the top of us under full afterburner (didn't get video of that). Good day.

Thank you to @justsayyesh for this gorgeous picture of my wife and I. She is my #wce my best friend and my whole world. I am so fortunate to have married such an amazing, strong, smart and lovely human being.

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