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Kamryn Logsdon  Corinthians 13:7❣️ Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll still be among the stars✨ Rescue Mom🐶 Sophomore📓 @thatnewryry🔒02/04/17 #CancerSucks‪🎗‬

A big piece of my heart right here... 💙

After a long day of work, they come pick me up and congratulate your girl for getting into her nursing program!!! Love them!😍🙌❤

this good boy knows he's a stud❤🐶

i always knew he wanted me dead. 🔥



Our first home game is tomorrow at 6:00 PM!! Come out and support your Lady Trojan Volleyball team!🏐❤

'Tis the season to play Volley. Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-La-La! 🏐 #DynamicDuo

Glad I got the chance to have a softball back in my hand again... 🙌❤⚾️

Making the most of a rainy day at the beach 🌊

Maybe this is just me, but I feel like what Ryan and I have is so old school and true compared to how society has made relationships out to be. It's not posting pictures on social media to cover up the fact that we have both ups and downs. It's not being worried about what other people think about us... It's the moments behind closed doors. The worries, the stress of life, the moment you realize you're no longer kids, but adults entering the big world. It's trusting your significant other to hang out with friends and go out without you knowing that there is nothing to worry about and no one will get upset. It's TRUST. It's finding out that the person you love has cancer... And being by their side and not wanting to leave them because you feel what they're going through. (PS Ry, I'd do anything for you.) It's EMPATHY. It's looks at someone while they're watching an episode of Friends and starting to tear up because you're so madly in love with them. It's EMOTION. It's meeting their family and feeing as if they're your own. It's WELCOMING. It's jealousy when you see someone else looking at them, but realizing that they have no clue because they're so in awe of you and no one else. It's ADORATION. It's going on walks with your first child, AKA Chuck, and laughing at him attempting to jump on a biker flying by. Its singing in the car to Will Smith's old school hits and trying not to laugh and piss yourself. It's HUMOR. It's laying your head on their chest and listening to their heart knowing that this person, a gift from God, was made just for you. It's a BLESSING. I'm blessed to know what true love is. And it just happened. Ryan magically came into my life. And I love him more than life itself. It's LOVE. Happy 6 Months Ry... ❤

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