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Kamal Mouzawak  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_lgeteJ9KmU&feature=youtu.be

A wonderful new project in istanbul wz @arzueats #Repost @arzueats
Repost @gastereamag: ‘Gastronomiden bahsettiğimiz zaman, aslında istisnalar hakkında konuşuyoruz.
Her gün ‘gastronomi’ yemiyorsunuz. Gerçekten çok özel bir an için gastronomik bir restorana gidiyorsunuz.
Her gün yediğimiz ise gerçekten otantik olan, bize hitap eden, düzenli, günlük, basit ev mutfağı.’
Lübnan’ın gıda konusunda önde gelen sosyal girişimcisi ve Tawlet’nin kurucusu Kamal Mouzawak İstanbul’a son gelişinde üç gün içerisinde yaklaşık 20 ayrı lokantayı gezdi ve Gasterea’ya konuştu.
Röportajın tamamı altyazılı olarak Gasterea Mag’de.
Röportaj: Arzu Sak Seyhun
Kamera: İbrahim Karadeniz

Lunch prep ... syrian camp in z bekaa

Beirut urban jungle! Ahlan ... Beit El Tawlet

Join us tomorrow 7 pm for a brief talk about modernist tapestry ... under our own tapestry at the new extension of beit el tawlet ... wz jessica Gerschultz. The new extension of BEIT EL TAWLET was built around a 60's modernist tapestry … in fact 2!

The bigger, in z salon "Astree" by JEAN-CLAUDE BISSERY (Tapisserie en laine, atelier Le Mur du Nomade, Robert Four - 112 x 202 cm. Signée JC Bissery en bas au centre, portant une étiquette de la manufacture au revers et numérotée)

And another one in the hallway!

Bissery was very productive in the 60's creating tapestry for private orders and public spaces … and worked even a lot in Tunisia creating tapestry for Bourguiba's summer palace in Monastir, known as Musée Habib Bourguiba since 2013, that were woven by the Office National de l'Artisanat in Tunisia in 1966-67.

In the same era, artists and intellectuals circulated across the Arab world, Africa, Europe, and North America sharing tapestry techniques and ideas about weaving. They promoted their work through exhibitions; established studios and art schools; and exchanged philosophies, tools, and materials.

Sites of tapestry production and display in Lebanon played a critical role in this constellation.

Starting with the two tapestries on view at the new Beit El Tawlet, Jessica Gerschultz, a specialist in modern tapestry, will speak about artworks and artists in Lebanon and their significance in a wider fiber art movement.

Jessica Gerschultz is a Hans-Robert Roemer Fellow at the German Research Institute in Beirut for the writing of a book on modernist tapestry. She is an Assistant Professor and teaches classes in Art History for the department of African and African-American Studies at the University of Kansas in the US.

Sa majesté ... la montage!


We r building a green wall ... above tawlet and beit el tawlet entrance ... wz superman @ziad_abichaker ... lovvvv this guy! Environmental engineer. Solutions finder ... alchemist who transform zbeleh to beauty! His green walls r built of “eco boards” a technology he invented to use z non recyclable plastics (as not to dump those). Filled wz organic compost made from z organic waste ! ALL ZBELLEH! Tk u for a waw green wall. Tk u @ghada_chalhoub. Landlord. Friend. And partner. for wanting to make things better

When business is more important than truth ... or life ... u just use threats! ... shameful ... @nytimes “A resolution to encourage breast-feeding was expected to be approved quickly by delegates at the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Based on decades of research, the resolution says that mother’s milk is healthiest and that countries should strive to limit misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.

Then the United States delegation, embracing the interests of infant formula manufacturers, upended the deliberations.”

Mornin sobhyieh in z new beit el tawlet wz @gerschultzj and @rawadisaiah ... jessica s a wonderful researcher on modernist tapestry - interested in z lebanese tapestry production (since z 50’s) ! ... honored to host jessica on wed july 18. 7 pm sharp. For a talk about modernist tapestry ... and our own tapestry!

Sneak peek ... beit el tawlet’s extension ... 4 more rooms ... a living ... and a waw terrace ...

Teffeh sekkari!

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