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Self-growth has always been my number one mission. Even as a kid. Push me, teach me, better me.

Despite years of practicing yoga, meditation, journaling, crystals, self-care, service & study, I still felt like I had more that was much deeper to uncover, tap into & heal.

Enter @mysoulsanity, a fellow @unplugmeditation trainee and teacher. I trusted her immediately & began working with her on a weekly basis to move through obstacles, release & grow through breathwork—her mastery.

Stephanie is the most nurturing, safe-space-keeping, welcoming, transparent, no-nonsense teacher, guide, healer & friend. Not to mention, she is dead on about LITERALLY everything.

Please do yourself a favor & see her (in class or during a private session, like I do). I have never experienced more metamorphosis in my life than during this time. I trust you with my actual soul, Stephanie. 🙌🏼 #changeyourlife #holidaygiftideas #justsaying

Someone recently told me that positive affirmations are a band-aid. That real trauma is too deep for thoughts & words. “But they helped me,” I said with confused eyes.

This simple statement spun me through a whirlwind of second-guessing so much of my healing, my becoming, my teaching. What’s right? What’s wrong?

Then I realized neither is wrong, but neither is whole.
I missed a step: acceptance.

1. Inhale: into your hurt, into your fears, into your darkest emotions
2. Hold: accept, acknowledge
3. Exhale: every last ounce of heaviness out of your system, knowing these emotions may come in cycles, but your awareness & acceptance are key to your healing.
4. On your next inhale, use your positive affirmation. On your next inhale, begin your renewal.

The second step I called “hold” not just because you hold your breath, but hold yourself. Love yourself, accept yourself before you release. This is the step I missed.


Love you, girls 😘
Happy anniversary ♥️

From the @unplugmeditation teacher training to finding my voice to subbing at @unplugmeditation to leading the first-ever @outdoorvoices WeHo meditation event & for the amazing @visionarywomen, I am now offering private meditation + healing sessions.
I was put on this planet to help, to heal & to inspire happiness 💛🧘🏼‍♀️✨ Find out more at www.kamahagar.com

Two simple tips:

1. Meditate 30 minutes first thing in the morning & 30 minutes in the evening
2. Walk more. If your destination is a mile or less away, walk.
Best part? You can do both anywhere. ♥️ #mentalhealthawarenessday

How cute are you 🍊🌴


Swamps + Voodoo 🖤

Wanna come to Maui with me & @futureself.now ?

Join us for 5 nights, 6 days at @lumeriamaui for our @mauiimmersionretreat Aug 28 - Sept 2, 2018!

Experience this beautiful island as we balance, harmonize, heal & become the most evolved versions of ourselves through daily meditation, self-care rituals inspired by ancient Hawaiian healing, farm-to-table meals, mindful movement, excursions to sacred sites & island-luxury accommodations. 🌺 www.mauiimmersion.com

Earlier this year, I lost something dear to me. My biggest challenge. People laugh when I tell them that this loss eclipsed every other loss or hardship in my life.
But this home was my biggest inspiration, the host of my fondest memories, my rock, my escape. This Hawaiian jungle paradise wrapped me up in love & solace through all of my life’s most difficult moments.
Despite drafts of business plans to turn it into something worth my family’s while, devotional prayers and emotional protests, the house was sold.

Everyday I learn a new lesson pertaining to why this place was so important to me & why it was a part of my life. Here I learned the meaning of devotion, how to surrender, how to nurture myself, & how to heal.

As I return to Maui in October to host @mauiimmersionretreat with @futureself.now, I’m honoring this place. This muse, this teacher. I’m teaching what this place taught me—the most sacred lessons I know.
Join us on this powerful, powerful journey @mauiimmersionretreat

Happy birthday to little @kamabotanicals. I’m a proud mom & so happy to support #sustainablebeauty #organicskincare #naturalproducts & @_asyousow_ while doing it ♥️
Thank you to everyone for your support & generosity along the way. I am so lucky.
📷 @annabellenoelle

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We are so excited to announce the first-ever Maui Immersion Retreat @mauiimmersion hosted by @futureself.now & @kamahagar at @lumeriamaui. Each day you’ll experience inspiring meditations, healthy meals, self-care rituals, Hawaiian culture, & adventurous excursions to sacred sites on this beautiful island.
As we come together as one, we will individually learn to embrace all sides of ourselves, heal our pasts, share our gifts, nurture our minds, bodies, spirits & live in Lokahi (unity, community, harmony).
Pre-register now at www.mauiimmersion.com & stay tuned for updates.
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